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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Club Penguin Pufflescape Construction!

Woot! Club Penguin has begun construction on the Pufflescape game in the Pet Shop!

The game will be available on November 3rd!

Saweet! Are you looking forward to this new game?

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President

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ethan80561 said...


Jul112 said...

Wow! The new friends experience thing is here!
When someone asks to be your friend a pop-up similar to when your puffle needs you comes up! And when you get an accepted friend request it pops up. And when your friend is online it pops up AND says where they are. When you want to have a look at your friends it shows all the player cards in mini size!! Plus you can now find players! You don't have to meet someone at the same time on CP to be their friend! When you search their name it shows a mini player card pic!

Jul112 said...

Lolz you can add Rockhopper (plus other CP characters) as a friend... or so it says "Rockhopper be sailin' the high seas! To add him as a friend, you must meet him on the island." And Jet Pack Guy + Rookie + Dot are cp characters which you can 'meet'. They have the same ‘to add him/her as a friend’ message as Rockhopper! Lolz, check out Klutzy's and Herbert P Bear's (make sure to type in ‘Herbert P Bear’) descriptions!

Jul112 said...

Hey Mimo!
I can search you as a friend!!!
You can search billybob too!! But you can't add Billybob! :(

Jul112 said...

The settings button has been updated and the 'ignore' penguins are now in the settings! Just open the settings, click on the skull on the bottom and voila, the ignore people in an old-type list.

Philip said...

Hey Mimo,

Type "pumpkin1" into code unlock to get a free all user surprise, this code can be found on Disney Channel.

Anonymous said...

HI mimo I don't know if anyone else has this glitch but when I try to buy elite gear it sais would you like to obtain this item to things I already have if it works please give me credit, if it doesn't work for you sorry
penguin: JAMES 26

Thif Row said...

I sure hope the Fluffy the fish game is coming soon too.
-Thif Row

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