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Sunday, September 18, 2011

What's Your Puffle's Name?

Everyone loves Club Penguin puffles, right? Well, that got me thinking! How does everyone come up with the names for their puffles?

If you didn't already know, I only have 3 puffles.  They are:

So, yo, I wanna know! Does anyone have a puffle named Moe? 

Please tell me, do you have a puffle named Lee? 

Hey, hey, what do you say, anyone have a puffle named Kay?

Wow, give me a shout, do you have a puffle named Scout? 

Tell me your puffle's name in a comment, but I sure hope it's name's not Vomit!! ;-)

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President

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Sharkz6000 said...

Brown Puffle- Mudball.
Orange Puffle- Dummy.
White Puflle- Snowflake.
Red puffle- Fire Ball.
Black Puffle- Flame Thrower.
Pink Puffle- Cupcake.
Green puffle- Lime.
Blue Puffle- Bubbles.
Purple Puffle- Barney.

I just relise that I have tons of puffles.

Unknown said...

My one and only puffle named "Rare" : BROWN.

He left.


Anonymous said...

My puffle names are Grape, Flier, Orangey, Dale, Snow White, Co co brownie, and Firestar.

I know there kinda lame but I hope you guys like them!!! :)

by cooldude 7 27

Dylnsprse said...

My brown puffle's name is scientist.

espaƱol tipo (Spanish Boy) said...

White puffle - Blanco.
Yellow puffle - Amarillo
Orange puffle - Anaranjado
Green puffle - Verde
Black puffle - Negro
Blue puffle - Azul
Purple puffle - Morado
Red puffle - Rojo
Pink puffle - Rosado
Brown puffle - Cafe (the ' is not aloud)
Their names are their colors in spanish

Anonymous said...

I also have a puffle named Blueberry.

By cooldude7 27

Anonymous said...

Hey Mimo I know that I have already posted some but I wanted to let you know that in the puffle quiz the puffles have been switched around!!!lol :)

By cooldude7 27

Anonymous said...


LoR said...

Eva Nine
and Muthr
i bet no one knows why i called them that :)

daphnie58245 (CPG mod (i hope)) said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I have a puffle named after my girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

hey mimo777 i got two puffels
pink and a white
dont think that im a girl
the r wony and pink

Anonymous said...

My puffles name is Stickybuns for some reason

Anonymous said...

Oi! I have one of every puffle and their names are:Flame(black) Superhero(yellow) Stacey(Pink) Snowflake(white) Daniel(red) Rocky(blue) Faboulous(purple) Danny(orange) Tilly(green) Knowah(brown) get it?:P Those r all meh puffles names.:) ~Pups2003

Anonymous said...

they names are pufi and dufi

Anonymous said...

my puffles are called squash, joe,moe, bob, billy bob, mimo, and paul

Wwerocks88 said...

xD Batista and Randy Orton! :P

Anonymous said...

Blue: Snowball
Red: Rockhopper
Green: HiChew
Yellow: Chirp
Brown: Poopie
Brown: Brownie
White: Chill
Orange: Orange Juice
Tht's it XD -10000Cookies

e said...

I name my puffles after hurricane names. Another reason I'm a little off. I even have a list of backup puffle names just in case one runs away.

Anonymous said...

Red Puffle: Blast
Blue Puffle: Loyal Royal
Green Puffle: Funny
Black Puffle: Worst
Pink Puffle: Splash
Purple Puffle: Bubbles
Yellow Puffle: Cool
White Puflle: Poxu
Orange Puffle: Zany
Brown Puffle: Chocolate

Note: I hate black puffle. That's why I called him 'Worst'.

Anonymous said...

lol rebbecawhite

Anonymous said...

I was walking with my new puffle ,THE FLAME, to the night club and the music called bamboo forest came up!
How random!!!

Anonymous said...

Black- Flame
Brown- Mudball
Orange- Sherbert
Red- Yarr
Blue- Bluebell
Pink- Sparkles (Soo lame XD)
Purple- Disco
Green- Clover
Yellow- Firefly

Wow. . . I have too many puffles. . .

Jubjub123 said...

Red - Kurda Smahlt
Orange - Vancha
Yellow - Destiny
Green - Harkat
Blue - Paris Skye
Purple - Debbie
Pink - Evanna
Brown - Hibernius
Black - Crepsley
White - Darren

I just realised that I named all my puffles after characters in Darren Shan :P

M@rio said...

Red- Mario
Blue- Marcos
Yellow- Reina
White- Mario L (dad)
ORANGE- Mario!!!
Brown- Super Mario
Black - stunt mario
Pink- Evelyn

Anonymous said...

I have zero. The new ones look ugly.Thats what i think, so i sent all of them away to burn! lol jk. but i still have zero.

ClubPenguinRockz said...

My Club Penguin Puffles - Snowy34074

Goofy - Orange
Muscles - Black
Squeaks - Brown
Einstein - Yellow
Flame - Red
Pop - Blue
Unipuffle - Green
Snowy - White


Anonymous said...

Black puffle is Midnight Black Red puffle is Laser Brown puffle is Gadget Blue puffle is H2o Water Yellow puffle is Painter Pink puffle is Bubblegum Purple is Dancer Orange puffle is Crazy Green puffle is Airplane White puffle is Oreo

Braceface27 said...

I only have a Brown. His name is Einstein! :D


Anonymous said...

Yellow:Da Vinci

Citrus Peal said...

Mine are:
CottonCandy - pink
WavyDavy - turquoise
Cantaloupe - orange
BellePepper - green
PurpleDancer - purple

Anonymous said...

my puffles are called inky blinky pinky agent x agent b snowball flit sleepy bubbles artist-im not sure though and i think thats all the colours and all my puffles :)

filipa1926 said...

I have a red puffle called Iarr as the Rockhpper.

mario30206 said...

im a non member so i only have a red puffle and a blue puffle.

red puffle:Mario

blue puffle:Luigi

as you can see i like the mario video games. (i used to have a red puffle named mario jr but he ran away)

mario30206 said...

oh and why is your black puffle named shawn black and your white puffle named rebecca white?

Anonymous said...

Red Puffle- Levi2
Blue Puffle- Icy
Pink Puffle- Bubbles
Purple Puffle- Cookie
Green Puffle- Flash
Yellow Puffle- Splash
Black Puffle- Flame
White Puffle- Snow
Orange Puffle- Citrus

Unfortunately, I don't have a Brown Puffle... But, I name my Puffles whenever comes to mind or looking at their colors and find a name that suits them. :)

Anonymous said...

I have 3 Puffles.

My Yellow Puffle's Name Is Puffy
My White Puffle's Name Is Snow
My Red Puffle's Name Is Yarr


Anonymous said...

brown- mud cake
brown- chocolate
orange- buster
orange- fuzz
yellow- gumba
yellow- paintbomb
white- mist
white- snowcone
red- flame
black- shaddow
pink- strawberry
green- dew
blue- jimmy
purple- pluff pluff

not finished with my puffles yet!

Anonymous said...

Hey, check it out, revers the black and whit puffle's names and you get: Shaun White and Rebecca black 2 famous and semi famous people

Anonymous said...

pink: Nessy
blue: sneeze

Frostina 18 said...

I have four puffles, my green is Disco, white is Puff, brown is Trigg and orange is Zingo.

angielion786 said...

puccle and puffer XD so creative

Anonymous said...

Lol I have a brown a black and white puffles only three one Of each  so they are brownie flare and snow

LISA673 said...

Green-Aiden,my boyfriends name
Brown-POO,me brothers idea

P.S my borthers green and yellow puffle are called vomit 1 and vomit 2

Anonymous said...

My red puffle is called Moggle and my blue one is called Pansie. Lol..

Anonymous said...

Brown: (Willy) Wonka
Pink: Rose

Stickers303 said...

Hmm well, I used to have a black puffle called 'Frabkenstein' becuase I got it on halloween last year.


Anonymous said...

Black- Ash
Blue- Bubbles
White- Snowman
Yellow- Popcorn
Green- Guacamole

Anonymous said...

I Have A Yellow One Named Butter Scout!

bball722 said...

i named my brown puffle joe. like coffee :)

Anonymous said...

got a purple one named Groovy!

daphnie58245 (CPG mod (i hope)) said...

red: Bowling Ball
yellow: Blue Tongue
green: Lucky
blue: Pom Pom
purple: Pupple Puff (know i spelled this wrong)
black: Burned Marsh
white: Snowy
brown: Chocolate
pink: Bubble Gum
red: Melaney
yellow: Caitlin
green: Amina
blue: Daphne
purple: Claire
pink: Paige
black: Tali

kimosabe550 said...

Red - Mario
Blue - Peter
Brown - Browny
Black - Flame
Purple - Dancer

(Mimo, your white puffle is rebbeca white?! LOL)

Anonymous said...

Hey Mimo, you know the new wand in the clothing catalogue. Well when you hover over it with your mouse in inventory some sparkling stars come above it. I think that's pretty cool.

Splash Man 1 said...

Haha I have the same exact colors too.

Brown: Coco
White: Frosty
Black: Scene Kid

Anonymous said...

I have 20 Puffles! Their names are:
Blue- Bubbles, Aqua
Red- Flames, Ranga
Orange- Fuzzy, Fanta
Green- Apple, Leafie
Yellow- Sunnie, Sandie
Purple- Miley, Lilac
White- Snowy, Shivers
Black- Shadow, Jet
Brown- Cola, Moo
Pink- Pinky, Candy
It's such a pain to feed them all!

Anonymous said...

I have a green puffle named "Vom" and a brown puffle named "mit".

Anonymous said...

Mee mow! I have a puffle named Abagil after my GF.

Anonymous said...



Cooldude995 said...

Hey, check it out, revers the black and whit puffle's names and you get: Shaun White and Rebecca black 2 famous and semi famous people.
oops forgot to put my name :)

guzepp2000 said...

i was very sad because i had 20 puffles but THEY ALL LEFT now i ll buy new ones for te circus

64penguin2 said...

Brown puffle:Snappysnaps
Orange Puffle:Dozzy
Green puffle:SatNav
Purple puffle:Michael Jackson
Red puffle:Awesomeness

mimired12 (CPG MOD) said...

Red Puffle - AGENT DARE!!! (without
the exclamation marks!)
Blue Puffle - Bouncy

robbi2013 said...

my puffle red name is MEOW

postopialucy said...

Blue Puffle -- Fargo
Red Puffle -- Sarh
Purple Puffle -- Sammy

Pengi05721 said...

Blue- Bloo (Obvious Reason)

Red- Kick (As in Kick Buttowski)

Pink- Pinky (Obvious Reason)

Black- Shadow (My fave puffle)

Yellow- Mellow (Yellow mellow!)

Green- Billy (Silly Billy)

White- Snowflake (Obvious Reason)

Purple- Sharpei (xD)

Orange- Garfield (Cos it acts JUST like Garfield cat)

Brown- Smarty (cos its smart :P)

Anonymous said...

A purple one,
"Madonna" :)
I wish other penguins can see the names of our puffles.

Hop777 said...

Yellow Puffle-Singer
Yellow Puffle-Artisty
Black Puffle-Cool
Green Puffle-SillyBilly
Purple Puffle-Pop
My fave puffle is Singer
___________________________________ Hop777

Swim Rocket said...

Mine are named moe lee kay and vomit, i just bought them after reading the article.

Ashley5063 said...

Black- Flare
Blue- Amy
Brown- Spark
Red- Wave
Pink- Massie
Green- Patrick
Purple- Disco
White- Cutie Pie
Orange- Happy
Yellow- Buttercup

Anonymous said...


Lol sonic names.


cristie cool said...

red - blast
blue - bubble
brown - chocolate
black - smokey
pink - fluffly
green - greeny (how original:D)

waddle on
cristie cool

Anonymous said...

yeah but isn't it Shaun not Shawn?

Eugenia said...

Black:Harry Potter
White:Taylor Swift
Blue:Sky ( She is my oldest puffle i have XD )
Purple:Kesha ( the '$' was not aloud)
pink:Phoebe ( i named it after my friend XD )

Reywas1 said...

Yellow- Yeller
Black- Blako
Purple- Purpler
Green- Green Bean
Orange- Orangey
Blue- Mini
Red- Red Hot
Brown- Brownie
Pink- Pinky
White- Snowball

Wave Jones said...

Rhyming comment you know so,
I always love to rhyme told y'so!

I just feed my cow and chick,
My puffles' name is Flick and Nick!

I love your mimogames dot com, yeah!,
Well, wanna meet on Herotopia?

Did i said my name is in place?,
Or i'll use my Nickname, Wave jones!

Did that makes sense?

Cooldude995 said...

Anonymous said
yeah but isn't it Shaun not Shawn?
Yeah it is but it's almost the same thing, I wonder if he did it on purpose...

Anonymous said...

i thought you had a black puffle named Simon Cowell?
so, all the puffles i have ever had that i can remember.
blue: Snowflake
red: Joe
green: Fred, George
white: tribble
black: Onyx, Harry
brown: Doc, Scotty
pink: Pinkie Pie, Sir Pink
orange: Bugs
(i dont remember what yellow was)

Anonymous said...

brown puffle=chocalate
black puffle=dager
red puffle=feir

Anonymous said...

except he ran away

Turk Ois said...

I have 5 puffles now. More than that and it's a chore, not fun, to take care of them.
Crystal - white,
Red Flame- red,
Cocoa Puff - brown,
Pepper Two - green
Ashe - black.

Anonymous said...

I have two puffles: Alexandra and Ellena (from vamp. diaries) :D

Anonymous said...

I have 10 puffles one of each colour their Names are:
I know Bob is kinda boring compared with the others but I couldn't think of a creative name for my green puffle.

-Bibbapippa (know u know where the names for my blue & red puffles came from)

Anonymous said...

i have a brown puffle and because he is so clever i named him Einstein after the famous scientist :)


My Puffles:
Brown: Chocolate
Black: Smokey
Orange: Carrot
Green: Grassfang
Pink: Rose
Blue: Skye
Red: Tomato
Yellow: Sunshine
Orange #2: Bob
White: Snowy
Green #2: Jade


Anonymous said...

red- queen
orange- sleepy
yellow- painter
green- clowny
blue- princess
purple- dancer
pink- jumper
white- breezy
brown- brownie
black- skater

Anonymous said...

My Puffles are:

Blue Puffle: Boomer
Red Puffle: Canonball
White Puffle: Snowy
Black Puffle: NinjaB
Orange Puffle: Orange
Green Puffle: Gemstone
Purple Puffle: Purplet
Pink Puffle: Swish
Brown Puffle: Brainz


Elephants Ac said...

My yellow puffle is called Banana.

Halfschool said...

one red puffle called KTC [dont know why i called him that just randomly typed letters on the keyboard]

Anonymous said...

Hey Mimo! My puffle is named Scout :D He's red!


Anonymous said...

I have one puffle it's blue and is named Lee befriend krazykendall!

Ez said...

I have 1 of EVERY puffle, lucky me :)
Red: Katy
Orange: DannyDude
Yellow: CoolChloe
Green: QuickFlash
Blue: BabyBart
Purple: Tina
Pink: LittleLily
Brown: Bella
Black: Tommy
White: Roxy

And they are all my puffles:)

Anonymous said...

i love my puffles!

purple- unique
white- blizzard
green- flyer
red- blaze
orange- goofy
brown- gadget

my username on club penguin is
4purpleheart so friend me :D

xCandyx said...

I'm getting a green puffle and I can't decide between these names:
Please help me!

Anonymous said...

My puffles names are :-

Red - Puffin
White - Shivers
Black - Flint
Yellow - Rufus
Blue - Skye
Brown - Sci

Anonymous said...

I used to have puffles with these names:
Black- Anonymous, BlackDiamond
White: Pearl, June
Blue: Ocean
Purple: Victoria II (Don't ask)
Pink: Anastasia

Anonymous said...

My puffles names are:
Red: Jellybean
Orange: Pumpkin
Yellow: Popcorn
Green: Green Bean
Blue: Blue Bubblegum
Purple: Baby Butterfly
Pink: Rose Petal
White: Snowflake (How original)
Black: Fire Ball (Also original)
Brown: Truffles
Rainbow: Sprinkles
I Luvs My Puffles!

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