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Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy77 Talks About Beta and Ninjas EXCLUSIVE!

Dood! Check it out! My Super Secret friend was on Club Penguin the other day and bumped into the one and only Happy77!

Here you can see her player card:

And, check out her Pins:

When confronted about the Shadow Ninja outfit she wore in the Music Jam video, she said:


She said there would be a video about the Puffle Hats and Shadow Ninja: (Saweet!)

She did however want everyone to know about the Beta Team:

Cool huh? I can't wait for the sneak peeks, you?

Have you ever found Happy77?

Play Crazy Topy!

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President

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Anonymous said...

Just lettin' ya know. That was well over a month ago, not recently..
I know because I was there, she helped us receive the Ninja Meeting stamp. xD

Dropthebird said...

Cool! And wow! I came on 3 minutes after you posted this!

Anonymous said...

I wish that she would come on cp more so that people can meet her! i have never met her before but it would be awsome!!! if i did!!!!!! I LOVE YOU HAPPY77!!!!

Anonymous said...

81 Pins? I have more then that!
I can wait for shadow ninja but puffle hats? YEAH PUFFLE HATS!!!

Anonymous said...

Puffle hats come in December FYI. ~Pups2003

kimosabe550 said...

Coolness! But wearing spectacles when being a ninja is.... weird. xD

Anonymous said...

I actually am friends with her on her other account :) I've met her before just on her test penguin :)

Anonymous said...

i have 7 more pins than her

mab2000 said...

I meet her at the Herbert atack at the EPF. it was cool!!!

Anonymous said...

wow... i expected her to have so many more pins than that. im not even 700 days old and im four pins away from her

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