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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Top 3 Club Penguin Games? And Puffle Launch make #39!

Did you see that Club Penguin's Puffle Launch iPhone App is number 39 on iTunes Top Paid Apps!

WOOT! Congrats Club Penguin!

Do you think it will hit the top 10 again? (It reached #6 the week it came out!)

I think it will be pretty hard to beat Angry Birds...

What are the top 3 Club Penguin game you would like to see as iPhone or iPad or Android Apps?

Do you think Club Penguin made a good choice by choosing Puffle Launch as their first iPhone game?


- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President

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Anonymous said...

1:Where You Can Play CP Mobile

2:Games Where you Earn Points, There on You But Membership withs The points You Earned

3:CP Designer Game, Were you design stuff and CP will Put it Some time

Anonymous said...

it was already number 1...

Pottingmix said...

Well, I think that they just really need an app which allows you to log into your via your iPod/iPhone/iPad and play all of the games which you would normally be able to play... but... with an secret app-only game.

Matthew30658 said...

It made #2 the day after it came out in Canada!

mario30206 said...

i think there should be an app where you could play club penguin on the go, and a system defender app.

Anonymous said...

1.System Defender would be AWESOME! But not all penguins are Agents....

2.ASTRO BARRIER! Very easy and can appeal to ALL people

3.DJ3K! On this app it would be cool to make music and actually SAVE it to your device to listen to it!

All these games would also transfer coins! :D

Anonymous said...

here puffle launch is not that... well amazing but i kinda like it

The dude said...

They should so make these for android!!

Anonymous said...

Card jitsu
system defender
astro barrier

Unknown said...

Card - Jitsu

Bean Counters

Jet Pack Adventure



Puffle launch should have WAY more extra levels!! You shouldn't have to pay $0.99 just for 24 -or so- levels.


Braceface27 said...

1. Card Jitsu
2. System Defender
3. Bean Counters


P.S. TO everyone who wants a CP app to play on the go, its not going to appen any time soon. We just don't have the technology.

pengi05721 said...

1. DJ3K

2. Astro Barrier

3. sled racing

No I don`t think it was a good choice using puffle launch for there first app, mainly because its hard and if you completed puffle launch (PC) U have to to do it again at least a transfer memory onto IOS device option and use your own puffles.

Also i think club penguin/ disney should make a NEW cp game as an app not just a copy of a hard game.

I do have puffle launch on my ipod touch

cp master said...

1. card jitsu
2. epf missions
3. curf and cart surf

Josen said...

I wish I could get any apps from the apple appstore, I have a Cruz tablet equipped with Android 2.0

My apps would be

1. Winning games to earn points to earn membership

2. Jetpack adventure

3. Cp, you can log on and play.

Anonymous said...

It'll be cool if you have puffle paddle and you move the i touch to paddle. just an idea.

- pandaiscool

Dukster said...

1 System Defender
2 Card Jitsu
3 Jetpack

Anonymous said...

it will never beat angry bids club penguin is going to far

Braceface27 said...

Anonymous said...
It'll be cool if you have puffle paddle and you move the i touch to paddle. just an idea.

- pandaiscool
Awesome idea! I never thought about the fair games.

~Bracefqce27 (CPG Mod)

Gary3008 said...

1.System Defender
2.Playing CP as Famous Penguins!
3,Puffle Launch meets Angry Birds!!!

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