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Thursday, September 22, 2011

2011 Club Penguin The Fair Sweet Cheats & Rockhopper Free Item!

The 2011 Club Penguin Fair is here! And, it is FAIR-ly awesome... again! This is one of my favorite parties of the year and it has the best cheats! You know that right?!

Here is how it works. There are a bunches of sweet items, but you have to buy them with The Fair tickets! You get tickets by playing the new fair games around the Club Penguin island.


The Prize Booth is in the Forest:

Here are the items you can buy with your tickets:

Balloon Pin: 75 tickets
Trapeze Hat: 250 tickets
Jingle Jangle Hat: 200 tickets
Background: 75 tickets

More items coming next week! Saweet!

Everything takes more tickets this year! Bummer!

There is a MEMBER prize booth outside of the Great Puffle Circus (get there through the Forest):

Here are all the MEMBERS items you can buy:

Mime Beret: 200 tickets
Mime Face Paint: 150 tickets
Mime Costume: 350 tickets
Squid Hug: 300 tickets
Red Racer Car: 500 tickets

AND, there are two hidden cheats at the MEMBER Prize Booth:

Click the white flag:

And you get the Cherry Balloon: 75 tickets

Click the red flag:

You get the Turtle: 200 tickets

While you are here, check out the NEW Brown Puffle Act at the Great Puffle Circus:

Rockhopper is here for the Fair, too! Woot, woot! Check out the super sweetness he brought:

Here is Rockhoppers To Do List:

Hmm, "Show off me Migrator costume" ey? I'm gonna have to get one of those! ;-)

There is also a FREE Background at the Ski Village!

Go up to the camera and click it to take a picture:

And, voila, you get the Step Right Up Background cheat:

Oh yeah, don't forget to tryout the NEW Bumper Cars at the Stadium!

Lots-o-phun even without a car costume!

If you are looking for certain game, here is where they are located:

Memory Card Game: Forest
Puffle Paddle: Forest
Puffle Shuffle: Dock
Feed A Puffle: Dock
Ring the Bell: Dock
Spin to Win: Dock
Puffle Soaker: Bonus Game Room in the Snow Forts
Balloon Pop: Bonus Game Room in the Snow Forts

Super saweet party and cheats, huh? Let me know about all the other coolness you find around the island, k?

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President

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Anonymous said...

When i tried to get the free item it said it was members only same with the ticket hat.

Boing5445 said...

If you are a member you can do a mime act when you buy everything for the mime costume and dance (with only the mime costume on)

Anonymous said...

Their giving wigs to nonmembers..... great now they ruined nonmembers

Josh26088 said...

hey Mimo yesterday i met Billybob and i asked him about a CP movie and he said Happy was talking about it! so they might make a co movie!!!!

Anonymous said...

"Feed a Puffle" is at the cove

the dude said...

This is awesome i love the fair!!!!

pinkiepuff15 said...

Welcome back Mimo!!
thnks for the pin..Actually i just wnt to asking u some question Hve u been meet rockhopper??
I found him at the Marshmallow in the Town!!
It is really cool fun to meet with him but,It is crowded most of penguin like to see him..
and i hope i will meet him again next time!!

smallpengi12 said...

Anonymous said:

Their giving wigs to nonmembers..... great now they ruined nonmembers


This is what they should be doing more of! More free items for non members!!!!!

Kyle said...

Theres Also A GAme a t the Cove, Puffle Feeder.

Anonymous said...

Ummmmm... Feed a puffle is at the cove, not the dock ;)

Anonymous said...

the nonmember prize booth's background image shows the wrong background prize D:

Anonymous said...

where is the rockhopper's to do list? and the rockhoper's items?

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