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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tootal War Coming!

Are you ready for... WAR?! Battle your friends and foes for tootal control of the Tootiverse! The classic game of War comes to this fall!

Check out this vid:

Looks like a Tootally tastic time, huh?

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Cool Tastic said...

Hey Mimo, did you notice now that if you try to save your penguin's password, a message pops up? Please give me credit.

Aqib11 said...

Hi mimo, that game is so copyied from Club penguin: Card Jitsu. I mean just look at it. You use cards. it looks like they are trying to be like club penguin.

P.S. the panda game called panfu is a COMPLEATE copy of Club penguin.

P.S.S. i just got a 6 month CP membger ship! woot woot!

Oh and last thing, Card jitsu Water is coming out tomoro :)

()()Aqib11()() Keep eatin dat fish!

Swim Rocket said...

Mimo, Car Jitsu water comes out ater today, but the Celebration of Water party was totally lame unlike other parties this year. I guess they were trying to set the bar low for the Holiday Party 2010

Anonymous said...

Someone already commented on that Cool Tastic

Anonymous said...

That is just stupid who would want to play that its like Card-Jitsu only worse are you guys with me tootsville is a rip off! :P

Anonymous said...

Sorry for double commenting, but Club Penguin ALWAYS releases there stuff a day early, for example Card Jitsu Fire, and also every Thursday. That stuff is really supposed to come out on Friday but Club Penguin always releases it a day early. They are gonna releaae it at 4:00 though so Two hours, Thirty One Minutes, and 30 Seconds!

sam0900 said...

hey mimo did you know that there is a new screen on clubpenguin when you try to save your password?

Buddytoe said...

Card Jitsu Water Here! I was at the Water Dojo, I went to the Hideout, came back and it was there!

Swim Rocket said...

Club penguin card jitsu out right now
1:30 nov 24
Swim Rocket

Anonymous said...

I SOOOOOOO dont agree!!!!! Tootsville is always one step ahead of CP!!!! This game is nothing like card jitsu it is more like the cool card game war.

Anonymous said...

i agree with anonymous!!!! Plus CP didnt invent card games they have been out forever!!!!

Anonymous said...

oh yeah there copying club penguin because they use cards. I guess yu gi oh and pokemon copied club penguin too! in fact according to you everyone who owns a card must be copying club penguin!!!


Gategirl87 said...

Wow, I hope there aren't any wars on Club Penguin. I'm definitely NOT prepared! ☻ ☺ ☻

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