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Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Club Penguin September Clothing Catalog Sweet Cheats!

The new September hidden Club Penguin Cheats in the Clothing Catalog are here. Do this to find the cheats.

Step 1. Click on the Map icon in the lower left.
Step 2. Click on "Town."
Step 3. Go to the "Gift Shop."
Step 4. Click on the Clothing Catalog in the lower right.

Here's how you find the RED Viking Helmet.

Step 5. Click on the 1st page of the catalog.
Step 6. Click on the yellow Puffle.

To find the BLUE Viking Helmet click on and off the the Red Viking Helmet 4 times.

Here's how you find the Mixed Braceletes.

Step 7. Click on the 5th page of the catalog.
Step 8. Click on the yellow penguins beak.

Here's how you find the Jade Necklace.

Step 9. Click on the 7th page of the catalog.
Step 10. Click on the guitar.

Wha?! Is that all?

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Gang Cheats President

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Luckylarry(Survivor91) said...

Omg Mimo! They brought back the blue duffel coat!

Anonymous said...

you beat me to it I found all of them half an hour ago and tried to e-mail you them when I had the chance but alas I was busy and forgot to e-mail you

Ye11 (CPG Moderator) said...

IS THAT ALL AGAIN?! sigh... oh well... anyways... BYE

ya biggest fan

Ye11 :D

Anonymous said...

aww is that it i wa hoping for more it seems like all of a sudden cp doesnt put that much hidden items :( oh well i LOVE the new items especially the pink hoodie!

Stickers303 said...

thanks alot mimo ;)


Agent Lc(CPG Mod) said...

Nice, shame I am not a member but ohwell, NON MEMBERS RULE!

Agent Lc

Anonymous said...

:( I wanted more

Anonymous said...

boo ya finally ne paper probily

Anonymous said...

The items were not the greatest :\

Anonymous said...

Why do they keep brining rare items?Also why did they only put those?

Anonymous said...

gosh is dat all
again the blue duffel coat

scaryspidey rox
so do mimo


Anonymous said...

wow thats penguin are a bit low on the cheats now.....maybe ill e-mail them asking them too add more.

Anonymous said...

Yay the pink hoodie came back!!
It was my favorite item ages ago, but it disappeared just as I became a member for the first time.
I'd been badgering CP about it for AGES, asking for them to bring it back! Maybe they finally listened, or just loads of penguins asked so they gave in to demand!
They didn't bring back the pink duffle coat (hee hee that item is still rare and I have it!!) but the blue one is nice.
It's a shame about the amount of cheats, but c'est la vie.
Carysimoimo x

Agent Lc(CPG Mod) said...

anonymous says:Why do they keep brining rare items?Also why did they only put those?


They bring them back for the penguins that don't have rare items, Like beginners. They also only have them cause they don't want to give to much rare stuff because Its supposed to be hard to get and you rarely get stuff like that!

Agent Lc

Anonymous said...

OMG! How could they bring back SUCH rare items! At least they didn't bring back the purple hoodie and the pink coat! ;-] they're my favourite!

Anonymous said...

I want them to bring back the white glasses! I only have the brown ones!

Anonymous said...

I was hoping for a black hoodie, but oh well! I just got my membership! And, I was looking the mixed bracelets! They, finally, came back! :] Thanks Mimo <3

Anonymous said...

Mimo can i join the cpg moderators I really would like to
So please tell me penguin name jeffh6

Anonymous said...

jeffh6 said...
Mimo can i join the cpg moderators I really would like to
So please tell me penguin name jeffh6
Dear jeffh6,
Yes! Of course you can be a cpg moderater! just look for questions in the comments and answer them as best as you can!
Don't be mean
Be positive!
Be friendly...
don't answer something if you're not sure
good luck
~*~bubble4800 luvs you~*~

Anonymous said...

CP is being so mean now days. They are giving so little items that are hidden! And that is not fair!

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