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Friday, January 18, 2008

New January Furniture Catalog Sweet Cheats!

Awesome hidden cheats in the new Better Igloo's furniture catalog. Same as last months? Check it out.

To find the first hidden item in the new Better Igloos Catalog do this.

Step 1. Click on your "Home icon in the lower right of the chat bar.
Step 2. Click on the "Edit Room" icon in the lower right.
Step 3. Click on the "Buy Items" icon.
Step 4. Click on page 4.
Step 5. Click on the Cash Register.

Now you have found the Moosehead!

To find the next hidden item.

Step 6. Click to page 5 in the catalog.
Step 7. Click on the piano.

Now you have found the Pipe Organ!

To find the next item do this.

Step 8. Click to the 8th page.
Step 9. Click on the Home Stereo.

Now you have found the Concert Lights!

To find the next item do this.

Step 8. Click to the 10th page.
Step 7. Click on the stem of the Ficus Plant.

Now you have found the Mullet!

Did I miss anything?

Now let's party Fiesta-Val style!

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Gang President


Anonymous said...

Yo mimo
my names dogdude9717
i go on clubpenguin in any severes
ur web site rocks!!!!!!

the man

ps 1st comment oh yeah

Anonymous said...

YAY 1st comment!
Mimo you are the best!
Dont you think that the moosehead is sick?

Anonymous said...

wooh first comment i think...


i love the new catalog. it rocks~!

Anonymous said...

1st comment!
The new furnature catalog is awesome!

Unknown said...

FINALLY!!! i've been waiting for this catalog FOREVER! lol..i wanted the green rugs..the pinata and the poster are so cool..thanks for the cheats..


Anonymous said...

I redecorated my WHOLE iggi to make it Feasta theamed - Floppy009

Anonymous said...

first commet
the websites mint mimo
ma penguin name is eatchips4tea

Anonymous said...

3 commet hey mimo TPSgoalieho here got everthing

i will leave another commet later

Anonymous said...

9th comment its not tht bad...
tht reali hlped...


Owen_Oj pengy said...

yey I got into the top first 20 comments a new record!!! (for me) and thanks for the cheats mimo ur great

p.s Mimo are you a boy or a girl i think ur a boy are u?

Anonymous said...

ok this is way awesome. oh yeah and mimo I am dogtoy247 and it would be cool if you could meet me at blizzard at my igloo at 4 cptz

Anonymous said...

Clicking the blue backpack will give you the hidden "coffee apron" 100 coins

Anonymous said...

Heyy was up this newly old theme is great!!

P.s. 9th comment

doggi said...

hey mimo
go to the beach and clik on the front of the taco stand ansd it changes the picture with salt to tacos and in the forrest u can open the lid of the contaner of churros by putting ur mouse ova it

Anonymous said...

awesome party but I like the holiday parties best.

Anonymous said...

Yes Mimo, you found everything :)

Anonymous said...

Hey mimo at the play there are special effects.You can make it night or day,the purple light thingy majig and the blue light thingy majig,car explodin,sign saying sp and puffle.Did ya know these it is so cool!! :D

Anonymous said...

hi mimo~
i really like the new catalouge my name is razle daz
why is the new catalouge so short tho??

Anonymous said...

you no you are so nice. I can like never find the pin or the free stuff or notice there is a new catolog because I AM NEW.So your site is really , how can I say this in a not wierd way. Well put it this way Your website is awesome. and THANKS!!!!!!
P.S. my club penguin user is colleen510

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

for these furni cheats do u need a membership?

Anonymous said...

Hi mimo your website rox. my penguins called pokeash 515 if u see me make sure 2 add me 2 your buddy list

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