Thursday, January 10, 2008

Featured Penguin - "Solsito2"

What do you think of "Solsito2?"

Rate this penguin now by doing the following:

Step 1. Go to
Step 2. Click on the "Penguin" category.
Step 3. Find "Solsito2." He is on the 4th page.
Step 4. Click on the picture.
Step 5. Now, right above the picture, click on the word, "Rate."
Step 6. Next to the sentence, "Rate this image," select one of the following"
Step 7. Finally, click "Submit Rating."

Would you like your penguin to be featured on Then do the following:

Step 1. Screen capture the Player Card of your penguin on Club Penguin.
Step 2. Go to
Step 3. On the right side of the page, click "Submit CP Image."
Step 4. Enter the name of your penguin where it says, "Title."
Step 5. If you would like to enter a description of your penguin, do that were it says, "Description."
Step 6. Now you need to upload your Player Card by clicking, "Browse."
Step 7. Now locate your screen capture and click, "Open."
Step 8. Click, "Attach."
Step 9. You can submit your email adress if you would like updates sent to you.
Step 10. Click "Submit Link."
Step 11. Leave a comment here that you would like to be a Featured Penguin.

Upload your Club Penguin parties, igloos, Penguins and funny pictures now!

Don't forget to send all your penguin buddies to rate your penguin!

Mimo777, Club Penguin Gang President


ccnenee(cp name) said...

first comment i think hes cool


lolipops123 said...

yay second comment!!!
i think hes awesum!!

Floppy009 said...

2nd comment WEEEEEEEE! lol i like him hes cool he has a million coins!!!

Christian said...

his cool he has lots of mone... w8 thats

popiy87894 said...

Pretty cool! I like the board!

Club Penguin bringing back the love!
I read on the Club Penguin official blog that they are bringing back the heart sign! I am soooo excited.
Please post that i Figured it out!

Queengaga said...

MImo guess what there is a brand new mission coming to club penguin and it continues with the crab story if you go to and click on whats new it has a pic that relates to the new mission and there is a lot of interseting stuff its also where I first heard about the heart emote coming back.

Ray257 said...

I would like to be a featured penguin thanks.

None Of Them said...

Hello! I want my penguin to be featured. My penguin name is None Of Them and it still needs to be approved by the admin. Please feature mine!

Redslash321 said...

What is the Club Penguin Gang Email?

Nick said...

I voted 1! (sorry sol)
Man, i can get a cooler non member outfit,

dibz said...

he looks cool
but he used cp trainer for cheating
like look at his coins its99999999 and only in cp trainer you can get that kind of coins .
and if u see him some where without this clothes sont shock cause he only can see them not any one else .

Anonymous said...

the new plays here mimo

i didnt find a cataloug cheat

the yellow puffle doesnt apepear but its sooooo cool

piratekitty7 said...

The heart is back guys!! isnt that cool?

Anonymous said...

the heart is back and a glitch in the new play:


write it down

Icysnap said...

Mimo777 how do you do a screen capture?
I thought that Solsito2 was Mediocre.

me_whiz said...

this is cool
he is so awesome

Anonymous said...

i would like my penguin to be on here like that! i think i put my penguin on the thing...its icecube553

Anonymous said...

15th comment sigh hes awsome!

Anonymous said...

Hi MiMo, I tInK U rOcK!!!!! ClUb PeNgUiN hAs BrOuGhT bAcK ThE lOvE. YiPpEe!!=)lol
FrOm: SoMeOnE

clubpenguinclubhouse said...

i bet he hacked

Anonymous said...

How did he get the silver surf board?

deheygirl123 said...

i want to be a feature penguin.

Eggser said...


Although, mabye it's edited.

Eggser said...

I know how u get silver srf board. click on the brd the pnguin s hldng so the brd turns pink, thn clck n the strfsh nd the shell n the ctalog. The slvr srfbrd wll show.

cg7mv7 said...

Hey thanks for putting my igloo on ratemypenguin!!


Kleens said...

i wold like to be a featured penguin

curly said...


Anonymous said...

You can't get that much!
It's FAKE!!

Diffy said...

I want to put my penguin up but i dont know how. How???

** ** ** ** )) said...

He EDITED the 999999999999999 coins.

Tyler said...

please post my penguin. his name is 123meganium6.

Anonymous said...

Mimo I cant screen capture my player card.How can I do it?
Can you send me a e-mail?Then you can tell me how to screen capture my player card.My
My Penguin name:Mr Bean FUN

I hope you send me a e-mail.

Anonymous said...

I think hes kewl

Agent Chill said...

Can u post my penguin Mimo my name is Agent Chill.

Stekada56 said...

This guy is obviously gonna be banned cause he hacked. Look at hes coin!!!9999999999!!! Can u get that many coins without usin CP trainer? No way. So when u get banned dont blame me. And he looks okay.

Deodamp said...

Id like to be a feutured penguin on club penguin gang my penguin name is deodamp

Anonymous said...

hey... how come it shows the two player card buttons and how many coins....? mimo, are you putting on a show? is this YOUR penguin?

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