Sunday, December 23, 2007

Finally! Maykate is the New Winner of the 6 Month Club Penguin Membership!

Sheesh. That took awhile, but Maykate now has a 6 month membership, free! Thank you to everyone for playing. Wasn't that fun?!

Hey, we might even do it again next month. Anyone in favor of giving away a free membership every month?

Now, I can get back to finding cheats!

Congratulations, Maykate!

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Gang President


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Anonymous said...

*smiles* good times good times - maykate

Anonymous said...

Blogger shruti.mahendar said...

I checked my mail immediately and found that I'm not the winner.Anyway I'm not at all upset this time for myselves but I feel really sorry for Maykate.My whole-hearted CONGRATULATIONS to the winner! MERRY CHRISTMAS AGAIN TO CLUB PENGUIN GANG AND ITS VIEWERS

maykate says.. aww thanks thats really sweet of you!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Lady Ipod said...

I would like us to have the same thing next month! But How do you know it was really Maykate that actually got it?

maykate says..

ok so i can answer that cuz im maykate anyway he knew i had it because he had emailed me you see in the contest you had to enter your clubpenguin username and your email he needed the email so i knew that i got it he never found oout that i did cuz i never responded but the other day i sneaked on and responded so i guess you have to be carful lol!

Anonymous said...

i wish i had membership, i think its so great that your giving out membership, the th e kindest girl i ever met.
your sooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jerin113-username for club penguin

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