Thursday, December 13, 2007

New December Furniture Catalog Sweet Cheats!

Awesome hidden cheats in the new Better Igloo's furniture catalog. Same as last months? Check it out.

To find the first hidden item in the new Better Igloos Catalog do this.

Step 1. Click on your "Home icon in the lower right of the chat bar.
Step 2. Click on the "Edit Room" icon in the lower right.
Step 3. Click on the "Buy Items" icon.
Step 4. Click on page 4.
Step 5. Click on the Cash Register.

Now you have found the Moosehead!

To find the next hidden item.

Step 6. Click to page 6 in the catalog.
Step 7. Click on the stem of the Ficus Plant.

Now you have found the Mullet!

To find the next item do this.

Step 8. Click to the 7th page.
Step 9. Click on the piano.

Now you have found the Pipe Organ!

To find the next item do this.

Step 8. Click to the 10th page.
Step 9. Click on the Home Stereo.

Now you have found the Concert Lights!

To find the next item do this.

Step 8. Click to the 12th page.
Step 9. Click on the Fire Pit.

Now you have found the Candelabra!

Make sure you check out the new Igloo Upgrades as well. The Secret Deluxe and the Secret Stone igloos are here.

Did I miss anything?

Now get back to the cool new play!

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Gang President


Nick said...

You didnt miss anything but I had already found them. You didnt miss anything.

james said...

lol thanks

Hxdf said...

Mimo777 you are the coolest

Anniebug4582 said...

Hey Mimo! I bought the Nutcrackers and the wreath for my igloo door and even bought them again and still they don't show in my storage box to use. Can you help me please........Anniebug4582

marakpa said...

Second coment!!! no, u didnt miss anything, ure cool!!!!!

Anonymous said...

dude u forgot the pin!

peeves123 said...

hi im yghujlhg can we link our websites to make a mega website

KiD said...

cool thanks mimo :D

pink starzzz said...

Oh cool things!
Especially helping coins for change!=)
Thanks Mimo
~Pink Starzzz

Clarie-Anne Teal Kidd said...

cool things!
is there a new pin?
& I hope u have a great time, Merry Christmas every1!
When it said Christmas Party, I thought there was goin' be lights and decorations or a huge Christmas tree in the plaza or somewhere else. Thanx Mimo, u rox!=)
~Clarie-Anne Teal Kidd

lalynnia adene said...

Thank you ever so much!

Anonymous said...

i tried to buy d nutcracker n alsod presents... y doesn't it show on my items? wat a rip off!
d christmas tree is so lame, no balls or even christmas lights or even d star....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Mimo!

I wish I was a member!! :(

Why are you giving out member ship when you can just get it for yourself?

- The Jay Dude

hi pip said...

This wierd thing happend on club penguin! I bought the concert lights today and i got two for the price of 1

kzariar said...

hehehe,thanks a lot!but,anybuddy nows how to get muth money???

Anonymous said...

mimo you are so cool!!!!!but i am not a member,so i cannot buy the item.

4ppb said...

you didnt miss anything

but when you say that you can buy 'the mullet' you are wrong

the fish's name is mullet

proof: tour guide quiz

Pin Dojo said...

Mimo I just saw the coolest igloo!!!! It was Mista Swiss!!! Even Santa was there!!! HE showed me where to get a friendship braclet. IT was so cool. Mista Swiss said he would always be in Ice Pond and he will be there on December 16th at 12 pm club penguin time. Thanks Mimo you should check it out!!!

primprim said...

thanks alot mimo!
hey do u kno where evry1 gets those teddy bears? it driving me nuts!!!

dinz said...

i also bought the 3 concert lights n 8 christmas lights....
den after a while wen i went back to my igloo... i only had 2 concert lights and seven christmas lights... why did that happen?
please answer...

Anonymous said...

when u click up on the dining table a cooked mullet appears

Anonymous said...

how do u get mullet(fish) on the table?

Anonymous said...

i hav a prob i cant find out how to get the ornaments for the christmas tree its driving me nuts hhheeelllppp

Anonymous said...

you click on the tree when ur editing and us the up and down keys.

Anonymous said...

Hello my penguin is Discdude

You did miss one thing the snow globe igloo What u must do is clik on evry word that says snow once uve dun that clik on the small blu igloos window!!

Anonymous said...

how u get lights on tree pls help M-E... MMMEEE

oh my penguin is ccnenee

Anonymous said...



autumn said...

if you have more cheats or anything email me at thanks bye

Senge said...

Here are a couple cool cheats:
If you wrap the fish, then bring it into an area that you can not place it in, then it's eyes will open!
If you take off all your items, then put s mining hat but DON'T CLOSE YOUR PLAYER CARD, then you will drill with no drill! This works with a bunch of dancing items. :)

Harmoni said...

Hey Mimo777!

On the igloo upgrde catalogue, put your mouse on the igloo doors (it can be any one) and it swings open!

From Harmoni Mose
Penguin name:

xpeachpearlx said...

Hey mimo please can you give some more cheats Thanks

Izzy said...

You didn't miss anything!

I don't know how to post it but about the Mullet...
To catch the mullet you have to catch it with a fish, not a worm. Everyone probably knows this but it is the only thing I can think of.


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