Thursday, December 27, 2007

Mega Muscle Glitch & Other Stuff!

Ok, I know you might have seen this one before too. So what? It's cool, right? I had to post it. ;-)

So, while all of you were opening presents and eating, U Fride was lifting weights! Look at all his muscles! LOL!

If you want to flex your major muscles you don't even have to break a sweat. Next time a penguin picks on you, show them your guns! Here's how.

Step 1. Turn blue
Step 2. Put on your blue Water Wings.

If you don't have the Water Wings then maybe you can ask U Fride to help you next time you need to move some around your igloo.

Someone left this glitch for me but didn't leave their name!

I am having another Mimo party soon! I have a super cool new idea for a party! Watch the site. I might be giving hints soon!

Also, many of you ask me to meet you. I wish I could meet all of you but I can't. So come to my party instead!

Many, many of you give me tips, cheats and glitches. That's great! I need more! However, most of the time I have already posted some of these. Just search first to see if I have already posted it.

Also, remember, I will ALWAYS do my best to give you credit if you leave cheat I use. Make sure to leave your name! I try but even Mimo makes mistakes sometimes. Thanks for being understanding. I think you are all great!

I am so far behind in posting my Ultimate Buddies and my Ultimate Links! I am so sorry! Please be patient. I'll try to catch up. In the mean time, keep linking to! That's what keeps me going!

Thanks for all your very nice comments. Glad to hear you all had a great Christmas.

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Gang President


pink starzzz said...

LOL. It look so like kewl! I don't like have the Water Wings however, I could ask someone with Water Wings help me to lift things(especially the piano lol!!)<3
-Pink Starzzz

kendreaa said...


Anonymous said...

Mimo, I have a REALLY cool glitch that has not been posted, and every time I try to post the comment, won't let me. I want to tell you it, but I can't. Please help me.


Kendreaa said...

Hey mimo, heres a glitch. go to the ice berg, and turn light blue, go to the edge, then put on a scarf. Now it looks like the scarf's floating in the water! lol. -kendreaa

Club Penguin Fanatic said...

Have the Party Soon!

Make it even harder to find because last time it was OVER FLOWING with people!!

Anyway, great website Mimo!

Anonymous said...

In the pool the snow ball you throw in the pool sinks.When you throw it in the whater at the ice berg it dosent sink.Weird.

pakchat2005 said...

but i dont have that blue wings.. where do u buy it?

J0ej0e10 said...

I can't wait for the party!I have given a link to this site on my web page on neopets!And I advertised on clubpenguin and talked about the givaway on my guild!And I really want to be a member on clubpenguingang!

Anonymous said...

yay new party!

Anonymous said...

cool do something like you did last time it was really awesome!:)

Trackn Field

Koco563 said...

Hi Mimo thanks for those things u said, but I don't have those floaties. I hope u have me in the ultimate buddy list if u do YAY!!!! I can't wait for ur party.

mirples said...

I sooooo can't wait for the next mimo party!!!!

Floppy009 said...

I tryed it its sooo cool thanz Mimo! (ps cant wait till the party!) (that will be my first mimo party!)

Kendreaa said...

buddy list glitch- have 99 buddies. Ask 2-10 penguins to be a buddy. if at leas 2 of them say yes, you have over 100 buddies! ~*~*~Kendreaa~*~*~

Anonymous said...

Mimo can you do like an autobiagraphy on your website because when I always post a comment I see people asking if your a boy or girl,if your 10 years old or 30 years old or if you live in Chicago or Tampa Bay so please can you do it, it's really starting to get annoying?
Trackn field

star zone said...

you can do it if you have the orange water wings too.

Anonymous said...

mimo, can you please give us a clue again.....u know for your party!?!?
and i got a glitch when u go to the plaza go if u see the stage click the thign that saya "now playing" and see wat happens its relly cool!

Dr.Lilster said...

Hey Mimo, What server are you gonna have the party on? And what time will this party be? (In Pacific Time please!) And by the way, heres a glitch! Its called:The snowball glitch! Ok, heres how it goes. If a penguin is throwing a bunch of snowballs at you, and making you mad, would you want to give them a peice of your snowball talent? Then do this! Press T on the keyboard (When your curser is not focused on the chat tube,) then keep on aiming at your culpret! And CABOOM! Your bully is running to his mommy! Be sure to enjoy this glitch Mimo!


CJ said...

Hey Mimo777!

Sorry I didn't leave my name for the Mega muscle Glitch!

Bye, Chris14b

PS: How do U post comments?

Anonymous said...

lol i have done that before!

Anonymous said...

cool clich mimo.

i know thats the coolest everyone is gonna like it i have tose to guns.

The Jay Dude said...

Hey Mimo,


What a funny glitch!

I got anther version:

You can do the same thing if you have orange water wings

Heres how you do it


Step 1: Turn orange

Step 2: Put on orange water wings

I got anther cool one:


Step 1: Press E T on the key board

Step 2: Walk any were you should be walking faster than normal

NOTE: You can be anywhere in club penguin

Pretty cool right?

- The Jay Dude

Anonymous said...

Cool! I know a glitch that you throw a snowball, move before you finish throwing it and the floor throws a snowball!

Icicle900 said...

U Fride! Help me push some stuff! 00:00 Saturday PST AT my Igloo! The server is Outback!

PS: You don't have too help me!

winterfan said...

mimo are you ever gonna add a funny pics page or something to your site!?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mino,

Hope you had a Merry Christmas too and have a wonderful new year! I have orange water wings so ill have to turn orange!

Princess Haz

Naturejoke said...

LOLZ I know that glitch already anyway you and U fride and good friedns always hang up together.

cpsecret : Naturejoke said...

The iceberg is a good place for camoflague . Especially blue colour blends with the water.

Anonymous said...

I found that glitch about 3 months ago. its not really lol anymore.

Anonymous said...

Mimo! Today is Thursday Why isnt the new newspaper out today?

pink starzzz said...

Me too! I like can't like wait for your party!(Your party Mimo it's gonna be great,I just know <3)
The New Years Party is like tomorrow right?
~*♥Pink Starzzz♥*~

Anonymous said...

Dear mimo
there is a cool new glitch i found! if you go to the iceberg and throw a snowball at the sky it stays so there is a floting snowball in the sky! so cool! and also you can hide in the puffle boxes in the puffle shop you hardely see your name! :-> please give me credit if you post this and when is your next party!
Aeriell87 Cp name

0sugarpixie said...

i haven't been to even one of your parties before and i realyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, realyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy want to go to it.

Anonymous said...

lol..awesome// mimo
why is that u hav a tour hat alwayz?

hey uh yeah mimo said...

hey mimo heres on go to club penguin
press += look diaganol and your eyes will be just white

Alexandar said...

Hey mimo how did you get the blue ring around you AND U frides penguin?

PS: are u a boy or girl?



Anonymous said...

LOL! I have done that before!

origi22 said...

fireworks at mountain and ice berg!!!

Anonymous said...

how old are you guys at "club penguin gang" like twelve?

Kool Girlyz said...

I dont have any water wings i need help U Fride.

Anonymous said...

hi i'm banhanna i use that 1 alot i've bin usin it since i got my water wings at the water party and loads of people want to be my friend cause i look cool!-banhanna

droidman said...

Mimo and U Fride are awesome
and so are all their glitches


You can do it if you have orange wings and turn orange



Skalai said...

I hope your party would be great and the best wishes to your party.And please let me to be in your ultimate list.

Anonymous said...

hey it's me banhanna i've got a glitch! u can go up to the ski hill and if u click on the edge of the mountain next to rridgrun press no when it asks u wether u want to play and then sit down it looks like ur sittin right on the edge of the hill and ur gona fall off!-banhanna PS:i come on ur site everyday!

Dblackyh said...

Hey Mimo! The iceberg's melting! Take a look through the telescope at the lighthouse! Please post this comment.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mimo
When i came to your last party i added you like 400 times but you didnt reply
If i add you next time will you please say YES

My penguin is Pengypop247


Anonymous said...

Hi Mimo
This is Pengypop247 again
Have you seen the fireworks at the mountain cuz they are the special adddition for new Year so i hope everyone pays off from this glitch or cheat or whatever and also i really hope there is a new mission
Because i have gotten really bored with the other ones beacause i have dome them all like a hundred times each and i also want to find out more about this white fur!!!!!!
Mimo I will be sure to cum to your next party!!!

- Pengypop247

Anonymous said...

I dont have the water wings... but I know a glitch it works like the lift the spaceship glitch but u do it on the light house or your puffle or another penguin!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mimo,I saw a floating ice on the telescope of the beacon where we play jet pack adventure and also the fireworks I saw it in the mountain and in the iceberg.Thank you for reading please post.


owen said...

wot server will the party be on and if you know about penguin time plz tell me the time with that

Anonymous said...

wat kind of puzzle do u haf to do? is it a crossword like last time or wat?

shruti.mahendar said...



alannah said...

hey mimo
there isd a glitch at the xmas party if u type in santa clause is coming to club penguin in capitals it flashes like iceberg tipping party now thanks Horseysdoggi
ps i love

shruti.mahendar said...


Christian said...

MIMO I found out a glitch myself called the snowball throwing chrismas get behind the chrismas tree at the top of the lighthouse and throw snowballs simple and penguins dont now about it. trevs pengy

Jai Utd said...

Look! Mimo and U fride have blue rings around their player!!!

Anonymous said...

Woah, I used that muscle glitch and it worked! I jsut scared off some bullies! :D

lego40001 said...

hey mimo i found a glitch, because at my house, if u go into the lighthouse, u hear fall fair music


Anonymous said...

hi mimo777,

i'm wondering how to get water wings. can you email me @



~*~*Cutie14*~*~ said...

hi mimo! I am new to this whole thing and i like your glitches and cheats. So how do you find out about your partys and stuff?


Hearts3846 said...

Mimo I know you aren't going to listen to me because Im not popular or anything like you but I really wish you would make it easier to figure out when your parties are. Please! Just a little easier. Please. By the way I am Hearts3846.

Anonymous said...

You can hide behind the tree at the top of the light house if you go all the way around!
-Zar Rocks

Anonymous said...

Mimo,hi, I have discover something, I called:Ï dont have eyes, it is easy to do, change to black, put out all your cloth and use the spy sunglsses and it will appear you dont have eyes, i prove it, and it is fun Mimo!

Anonymous said...

Mimo!! I want your party be soon! I ever want to meet you, because you for me are same like the boss of Club Penguin, you are a very good friend, i want to say you thanks for tips, pins, secrets, codes....
I hope you will be continue like that, Thanks
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Thats what I thought you said about "way behind"!

Jai Utd said...

you can sit on the coffee shop window.

glamgirl101 said...


The newspaper was a special edition and it was out a day early!! They knew that penguins would want t hear the news a little early, so waa-laa!! There is a new newspaper so go and look!!

PS Mimo i love ur site it is so awesome!


esato123 said...

I know hacking is bad but i know ROCKHOPPER'S password it's 'clubpenguin'

Anonymous said...

oh come on thats an old trick i can do the same thing with the orange ones,

duhpenguin said...

mimo please make you party in the afternoon i have to go to curch sunday morning

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hey mimo i forgot how to move other ppls furniture could yu post how to do it again?

Ice Muncherr said...

i found i pretty cool cheat, hers wat u do:
1. put on the blue hula flower necklace thing
2.put on the blue water wings your penguin and take the hula necklace thing off BUT do NOT close the player card
4. make you penguin dance
Your penguin will be swimming with the hula flower necklace going all over their face =)

Hope i helped,
Ice Muncherr (thats my penguin name) please add my to your ultamate buddy list =)

12lagled said...

If you also wear the snow flake tee-shirt, with the Water Wings, it looks like your wearing a muscle shirt, and this makes it look more like you have muscles and less like strange blobs on your arms (or should i say wings).

fjhgfdc said...

please add me to your ultimate boddy list my name is kbk diego

Crysatal97 said...

I think the Ice Berg is melting because of Global Warming.
Also when u have your party PLZ don't make it 1 in the Moring in Austrlia!

Anonymous said...

do u guys have a cheat guide for mission 1 thats the last one left on my check list and i can never figure it out!!! p.s. ur website totally rox!

~*~*Daisy 9898~*~* said...

Hi Mimo, I've been looking at your website at most 10 times a day. I do love your website since I figured it out when I thought one day that Club Penguin would be so dull without cheats, and I look forward to your party!My names Daisy 9898!

nectarine said...

1. undress
2. put on pizza aperen and close player card player card
4.put on fire coat and helmet
ps.try adding the pizza hat on step 2.
Mimo, if u use this, put it under Nectarine100

Aquagirl598 said...

LOL! I"ll try it! It is is really cool and funny!!!!


Aquagirl598(offical penguin name)

Ya said...

I love this Cheat site and that muscle trick is awesome!

Anonymous said...

hey guys im new here but i have a kewl glitch. when you want to play sledding with four players, dosent it get fustrating how hard that hill is? i have a solution! this is a glitch which enables you to do buny hill with four players!( only for you. other four players have the hard hill.) ok first you go to four player hill and when it asks you if you want to join sled game, click yes 2+ times fast. if done right, you should walk over with the players list up. move the list of how many players to the side and walk over to bunny hill. when it asks you to join the game click yes. after you have all 4 players, you should have bunny hill while they heave the hard one!! it's funny because you see so many penguins tripping over nothing.

by the way, can you simplify when the next party will be? (give me credit please)

from sock542.

sock542 said...

okay to edit other people igloos, first you go to you igloo open up a buddy and open their player card. then, click edit your igloos. after thats done, click on go to your friend's home. Now you should be able to move his/her furniture around!!!

by the way, HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVE!!!!


Anonymous said...

I have a new cheat! First put on your drumsticks. Next put on any guitar but don't close your player card. Then dance. My username on clubpenguin is Digital Guy.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I have been looking for a website that updates, just to tell me where the pins are each week can you help me maybe you could post it to my blog every week!

bailey said...

i wanna go 2 da party ull b when. that cool glitch is funny!

mr spy619 said...

me and my couse made that when it came out

bestpl8er said...

Mimo777, I have an odd glitch.I call it "clothes falling off glitch" To do it,

1 put any hat on
2 put the western bandana on
3 put anything else on
4 click to your player card
5 take everything off
6 keep your player card on
7 put the tour guide hat on
8 keep your player card on
9 press the "W" key

Try it out, Mimo!

Anonymous said...

who is LOL???

Senge said...

I know almost everyone knows this glitch, but here it is anyways:
If you go on to the Ice Berg, there is a little mountain. Next to the mountain there is a part of the ice berg that comes in and then out again on the side. If you walk over there, and click on it you are floating!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mimo
have you seen the tree on the iceberg? Wonder what is means?

Lemmy24 said...

hello mimo!I like your website more than any other cheat web for cp.i got a couple of cheats but i dont no iff 1 of them woks.[ill tell you it.#1:go in the pizza parlor for 30 minites.#2:after you were in the pizza parlor for 30 minites,there should be a little lock.3 click on it and there should be answers.rite them down on paper.then go to the dojo.there shoould be 2 doors and go into the 1 that does not show the take a test and you wrote down the answers so you will get an A or a B.and if you get an A or a B you should get some prize.tou keep the prize until you come on again.then u should be able to make your own island. [and if it works plz let me be on your buddy list cause oonly your buddies can go the island. Lemmy24

Anonymous said...

i was wondering do share your cheats/glitches with your fans cause you like so rock!!!

Lemmy24 said...

its Lemmy24.i no how to tip the ice burg.[i saw it on youtube].you have to be on it also have to use the mining trie to be in the middle.then you drill.then you say special words.[i could not see the words it was to blurry].

Anonymous said...

I found a really cool glitch! Now you can have wings!!! First, put on the blue swimming rings, and turn light blue. close the player card. Then, open it again and take off and put on the tour guide hat but dont close the player card this time. Then, while the player card is still open, press W to wave and it will look like your wings are flapping.

Anonymous said...

the one that sent the wings glitch was me, musikstar95.

Anonymous said...

mimo777 can you ask U fride wt username hes on runescape

Tell him that mine is Liefdrag

Dalek Ad

Anonymous said...

I have a glitch.Ok first,You go to the HQ and go to the side.(Next to the counter on the right)And click the table and it should look like your on the table.Thanks dude for trying it.Oh and tell U Fride I said hi.My name on Club Penguin is McLovin 701 and Ill see you at your party!(hopefully)Well,that word scramble was hard but I got it.And the place I got too.Thanks for reading my glitch.

McLovin 701 ;)

Anonymous said...

how do u get the water wings? mimo777


Anonymous said...

ohhh i want to try it with my orange (or yellow) water wings

Anonymous said...

cool!r u and u fried best friends?

Shadow said...


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