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Monday, January 21, 2013

This Months Featured Igloos Are Here!

Here are this monts Featured Iggys! Check them out!

Reuben7862 said: “You should check out my friend, GuitarMan 9’s iggy. His iggy is a tiki’s hut built on an island filled with lava pools and native animals.”
Liberty1111 said: “I think you should really check out Troyella’s Tiki Playground igloo. It is so cool and really creative! Tiki penguins should really check it out. Waddle On!”

Hippykid24 said: “Awesome igloos! I was looking for something to do when I found Peace6179’s igloo. It looks REALLY good and is perfect for the prehistoric party theme.”

Those igloos sure are dino-tastic! Ok, get this! Cp wants to see some Theme Park inspired igloos! Whaaa!? I know! So you get to try to make a roller coaster rolling and all kinds of Theme Park stuff! Woop!

 If you know a friend that has a Theme Park igloo, be sure you let Cp know their penguin name in the comments for a chance to have their igloo appear on the next featured igloos blog.

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President
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1 comment:

Ethan said...

Hey Troyella was the winner of the holiday igloo contest too !

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