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Monday, January 14, 2013

Club Penguin Featured Fashions: Retro Styles!

Here are some more Club Penguin Featured Fashions! The theme this month is RETRO STYLES! In honer of the Prehistoric Party! Check 'em out!

First we have Bessiema. This T-shirt from Ultimate Jam is an old favourite of mine! Paired with the blue wig I think the colour scheme is rockin’! 

Dozzie4564 was nominated by Tracey456 in the last Featured Fashions, the ruffle dress from last year with handbag and matching necklace looks so brill! I want to steal her style!

Here’s Rooby Wilson with a classic Team Red outfit! My fave is the punk hair; I spotted that straightaway and I think it looks ace!

I love this outfit! This Butterfly T-shirt from 2007 made a comeback in the latest catalogue and I must say, Kendall A423 is bringing it back with epic style! Thanks Jenny Doe for nominating her. XD

Which outfit looks most RETRO!?

 - Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President
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Anonymous said...

simple as this none are retro

Anonymous said...

I think that Rooby Wilson's red team outfit looks most retro because it is the only outfit that has all old clothes items (not counting Arctic White) xxx

Anonymous said...

Kendall A423 Looks Retro To Me. The Hairstyle Looks 80s! So Cool!

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