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Monday, November 21, 2011

Club Penguin Tips and Tricks By Happy77!

Since many of you have asked lots of questions this week, Club Penguin's Happy77 has posted some tips and tricks for us!

Club Penguin has been nominated for a BAFTA Award and Wonderchef12 asked, "Where do I vote?"

If you're in the UK, you can vote for Club Penguin here:
Thanks to everyone who's voted and asked their friends to vote! We really appreciate your support! :)
Brookelas asked, "Will you make a Card-Jitsu Party video sneak peek?"
Yep! I'll post one for you tomorrow.
In the meantime, here's another sneak peek for you:

Lauren120 said, "I really want to enter the art challenge, but I don't know how! Please comment back!"
Just go to to send us your digital picture! Try to save your image as a .jpg if you can. I usually use Paint to save as a .jpg on Windows:
Or if you're on a Mac like me, you can use Preview to save as a .jpg:

Cool? Do you like these tips and tricks? Do you want her to post more tips in the future?

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President

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Anonymous said...

did you see that free item?!I wonder what is it..

Azerty15 said...

I already know what items we will get on the party :) the new pin will be a bonsai Tree pin.
Non members will get 5 free items.

Fire Headband
fire Training Plates
Water Headband
Water Training Plates
The amulet ( that amulet that is not already buyable :) )
And the stage items will be :
Snow Monkey
Snow monkey Feet
Ancient Dragon
Ancient Dragon Feet
Sage fish
And ofcourse a new background that we are able to buy at the stage :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I saw that free item at the Town! I'm sure it was the Town. POSITIVE! It must be one of those items you suggested, Azerty15 :) But we will all get those free items because they're free!

Anonymous said...

Azerty15 how do you know all that?

Leon26530 said...


Cindy Yong Jia Ling said...

at which part of club penguin map can i buy the kimono which Happy77 is wearing?

Anonymous said...

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