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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Club Penguin Sensei-tional News!

Club Penguin Time Issue #316 is here and it is all about Sensei and Card-Jitsu! Big changes will be coming to the game on November 24th!

Some changes are:
We won't have to have Sensei choose our opponents.
We will just play on the mats.
We will have mats in our igloos. Woot!
We will be able to learn faster. Woot, woot!

And, we can find Sensei! Triple Woot!!

But, ever wonder what will happen when we complete our amulet?

Sensei still says it is not yet time for Card-Jitsu Snow, but he did say the amulet is a symbol of great power and that once more ninjas master the elements, something "grand" may happen:

"Many Amulets may become a storm." Saweet! A storm is just what we have been looking for!!

And, here are a few Sensei secrets:

Ok, enough about Sensie, Pufflescape has drawn lots of penguins to the Pet Shop to earn lots of stamps!

Do you have all the Pufflescape stamps?

Here are the upcoming events:

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President

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Anonymous said...

I think the grand thing will be having Card-Jitsu Shadow/ Dark.

Anonymous said...

hey, where it says fire vs water, wont it be obvious that water beats fire?!

Frosty Cool7

Ethan80561 said...

I'm going for team water, beause it's blue and I'n on team blue.

mario30206 said...

wait mimo! remember when happy77 was wearing this gray ninja suit? well sensei said that something grand may happen when everybody masters card jitsu. IT HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH A NEW TYPE OF CARD JITSU!

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