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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Club Penguin BAFTA Award Nominee!

Club Penguin's Happy77 has posted some exciting news from the UK!

Here is what she said about it:

Club Penguin is up for the Kids Vote at the Children's BAFTA Awards! That's a really huge deal in the UK, and we're honored to be nominated!

Every year the BAFTA gives kids in the UK the chance to vote for their favorite movie, video game, TV show and website. The Kids Vote is the only award to be voted for by the public, and Club Penguin is one of the lucky few that's been nominated under Websites!

Saweet! I sure hope they win, don't you?

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President

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4545devin said...

Mimo... What's BAFTA. Or what does it stand for?

Pingu1552 said...

Don't worry club penguin!
You will win!
That's what I hope happens.

Dockaboo811 said...

Hey Mimo! I sent you a friend request. If your kind of irked on cheats, find me. ive played since 2006 and have some of the rarest things in Cp, like a red mining helmet from the test servers in 2007, or the yellow swim mask from 2005. So as i said, friend me. -dockaboo811

Anonymous said...

If i would be in UK, i would do everything i could to make CP win! i love CP so much! its soo kool!

pengi05721 (CPG mod) said...

4545devin said...
Mimo... What's BAFTA. Or what does it stand for
BAFTA sands for British accademy of film, televison and arts

Anonymous said...

already voted evil bin weevils gave every one who voted two items so i did it two too cp and shhhhh one too bin weevils but i bet cp will win they always do they done it for the last two years so dont fell scared keep voting

Anonymous said...

I voted for clubpenguin! .. obviously ;D

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