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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Club Penguin Motion Comic and Holiday Sneak Peek!

Club Penguin has a new "Motion Comic" book. And, the coolest part about it is all the new stuff that may be at this year's Christmas Party!

Here is the Plaza:

With a NEW play, "A Humbug Holiday!"

The Town:

Ski Village:

Advent Calendar at the Forest:

The Night Club:

The Dojo:

The Book Room:

The Coffee Shop:

The Stadium:

Santa's Work Station: (Dood! Notice the Bakery?)

Here is the inside of the Bakery: (Cool FREE Uniform!)

 And, here are a couple of cool costumes:

Of course, you have to have a giant floating penguin in a Motion Comic! ;-)

If you want to make your own Club Penguin Motion Comic, click here!

Do you think the Christmas Party will really look like this? I bet it will! Let me know how you like this smoove new comic. (Thanks, Marybell)

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President

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mario30206 said...

did you notice the picture of the dojo? theres pictures of the elements above the ninja hideout

Josh26088 said...

This is so awesome i hope ots at the holiday party

Chrisgeorge(CPG mod) said...

OOhh on the picture of the dojo if u look at the ninja hideout it has the pictures of the fir water and snow elements!

Buddytoe said...

Yeah! There are pictures of elements above the Ninja Hideout! Possibly a shortcut to each element dojo! Which means....

CJ Snow will come out before this party and they're saying it's not coming soon because it's going to be a surprise!

I love these pictures! The Holiday Party is gonna be sweet!

Anonymous said...

jokes on theme! My advent calendar starts the first and gives me real chocolate!

Chrisgeorge(CPG mod) said...

Mimo the card jitsu party just started i logged on to find my best friend and i saw the party was on plz post about the cheats and stuff.

-chrisgeorge(cpg mod)

4545devin said...

looks fun! I hate when they do the same thing every year. Doing something new is how their gonna get more penguins.

Fully Wully said...

Hey, did you notice the volcano flaring in the background of the picture of the dojo?

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