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Monday, January 24, 2011

Club Penguin Weekly Field Op Number 31 Cheats!

Okay, so the Field Ops are not "weekly" any more, but here is this weeks Club Penguin Field Ops Cheats:

Step 1. Click your Spy Gadget.
Step 2. Click "Go there."
Step 3. Click Field Op board. (or click Field Ops on the Spy Gadget)
Step 4. Click "Accept Field-Op."

Step 5. Click your map. 
Step 6. Go to the Dock!
Step 7. Go to the right, into the Wilderness and up to the tree/rock. Your spy gadget light will turn green.
Step 8. Click your spy gadget and click "Engage."
Step 9. Now you can complete the puzzle!
Step 10. If you are a member you can click "Elite Gear" and get something cool! If you are not a member, you can get the EPF earpiece, and then enjoy collecting your badges... and stamps! ;-)

Saweet! We intercepted an enemy signal! 

Sounds like Herbert, doesn't it? Or, could it be my genius brown puffle? Yikes! Hmmm, Herbert did say his plan would involve puffles, right? Could my brown puffle work for Herbert?

If you have just now completed 25 Field Ops, you can earn the Elite Protector Stamp! Saweet!

I sure wish I knew why Club Penguin doesn't put the Field Ops out weekly any more! What do you think? Do you wish they came out weekly like they used too? At this rate, it will take forever to earn the 50 Field Op stamp!

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President
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Anonymous said...

awww...i think they fixed the "invisible" glitch; its not working for me any more.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think it's the Ultimate Protobot because it mentioned a robot in there...


Anonymous said...

kerrok {CPG MOD}

Chaos6267 said...

It sounds more like Herbert to me. Puffles aren't evil... and the brown one looks even less evil than the rest. I bet Herbert is up to something again, and brown puffles are working for him only because they're enslaved or something. There is a rumor that they built the ultimate protobot... and it makes sense because the robot was lying around in G's lab, (as you see in the missions) and the brown puffles are really smart, so they easily could have assembled it without trying to cause harm. Just a thought.

-Chaos6267 (sometimes chaosc)

Flippy6521 said...

Hey Mimo!
I found this weird glitch! I am not sure if this works for you but it happened to me!I was just about to take my brown puffle, Graham Bell out for a walk for the first time and when I clicked on the puffles player card instead of a pictre of a brown puffle it was a orange puffle!!!

Anabel979 said...

I know this is completely off subject, but the invisible glitch is gone ! I tried doing it like 10 times, but it just didn't work (and yeah I had done it before a lot of times). Aww ! I loved that glitch !! ;(


Anonymous said...

Herbert rebuilt the robot! Or in that matter repaired! He must be working on his own robot or something even more dangerous! Mission here we come!

Anonymous said...

Mimo! Mimo! Stealers or Packers?
I dont like the Stealers because they win all the time so its not cool. And because i like the cowboys, and the packers so yah!

TheToys said...

Mimo i found a weird glitch when your going to the bay on the boat you make. The other penguins that are in that room when you get on the boat skid frozen and basically follow you even if they are not members. it stops when you get to the bay though.

Julie said...

DOOOOD. The 2008 Life Jacket isnt removed from the non-members inventory, I contacted Club Penguin and they said its just a bug! :D

Curly 9 said...

Hey mimo! non members can now wear there life jacket that rockhopper gave them

Fisheater145 said...

mimo just to let you know you can know unlock a code on a new book check it out! cool huh?

~bluehero~ A Cp Nub

liam said...

Curly 9 said...
Hey mimo! non members can now wear there life jacket that rockhopper gave them
well thats cool i bet the non members and also the members are happy webboy11 (cpg mod)

Anonymous said...

Oh Well..Lazy old club penguin..I bet if 1 of us suddenly broke into their company,we'll see the real cp moderators probably sleeping,left over pizza boxes and coffee mugs!!

And I'm NOT Joking!!

The last time we had a field op it was Monday January 10!!! (I checked it from your website) :)

And as for the first comment(Anonymous), Ya they really did fix that glitch! Instead of fixing all the annoying bugs on cp,they fix fun ones that won't hurt! :(


Anonymous said...

its herbert im sure cause he loves to be in the wild

Anonymous said...

its fixed mimo the free life jacket is now nonmember again (the one rockhopper gave out in 2008 that is)hooray

Madblue18 said...

Hey Mimo,
Ya want a secret? Well check it out! When you go to the VR Room, click on the 2010 HQ. Wait and you will see a pile of the popcorn looks like Herbert! Weird, eh?


Madblue18 said...

Hey, I think the Orange Puffle Glitch s a bug or someone hacked into Club Penguin and changed it! What do you think, Mimo?

Madblue18 said...

When are you going to have your STAMPede Party? Come on, I want Clue 3!!!

Dominoz101 said...

Hey Mimo, i know this is off the point but in my stamp book on system defender, you get pictures for earning stamps, you get the last one for getting 16 stamps, there are even 16 stamps available, what up wiv tha

Tom said...

Maybe UP stands for Ultimate Probot?

Gategirl87 said...

Oh, no! Not the BROWN PUFFLES! If it turns out that they are evil, then I might have to get rid of mine! Her name is Fudge Bar! ☻ ☺ ☻

Mimo888 said...

I'm so close. I only need one more medal and I get the stamp.

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