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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Club Penguin Brown Puffle Cave Shortcut!

Saweet! Are you getting tired of having to complete all the Club Penguin puzzles just to get to the Brown Puffle Cave?

Well, now you don't have to! Just go to the Cove and hop on the boat! NO lifejacket even needed this time!

Now, you have to have done the puzzles before. Non members can not even see the boat at the Cove. Soz!

Are you glad Club Penguin has given us this short cut? Sure makes it easier, doesn't it? (Thanks, alisufi48)

UPDATE: Here is another short cut. If you don't mind going through the Wilderness, when you get to the Cliff, you can click the red button and then throw a snowball at the target. This is definitely not as quick as going to the Cove, but it is a bit of a short cut.

Cool, huh? Which short cut do you use? (Thanks, Anonymous)

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- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President
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Citrus Peal said...

Yeah once you go through the front way you can go backward.
Those who haven't traveled down the cliff and nonmembers can't even see the boat at the Cove.

Anonymous said...

i found it on accident, i was playing a game and i hid on the ship in the puffle cave


alisufi48 said...

yes yes your well come mimo i got soooo tired going into the forest
and doing that long puzzle

Unknown said...

Hey this is random, I found a new sever on CP. I think its new. Its called Pine Needles.

Anonymous said...

now im not a member, but can I still go on the boat even though I cant see it? Thanks Mimo777!!

Anonymous said...

i already new that. It's pretty hard to miss lol HoresesGoBaa

Anonymous said...

I can't see the boat. :(


liam said...

I can't see the boat. :(

well if your not a member you cant and if you are you need to build it
webboy11 (cpg mod)

------------ said...

i cant find the boat i have solve all the puzzles plz help

Gategirl87 said...

Thanks a bunch. ☻ ☺ ☻

Curly 9 said...

red button is not there for me :(

Dj Wazzer said...

blueebeel said...
Hey this is random, I found a new sever on CP. I think its new. Its called Pine Needles.

This server has been out for a while, but good spotting :)

- Dj Wazzer (cpg mod)

Anonymous said...

Nonmembers can't see the button to put up the target shortcut.

Anonymous said...

If you do it that way the invisible glitch doesn't work, it shows you that your invisible but on other penguin's screen you are not invisible.
-Mega Fluffy4

Anonymous said...

i think that they should keep the new rooms as a getaway.

Anonymous said...

I am soooo tired of the members getting everything! Why couldn't the non-members at least get a life-jacket, sail across and just not get a puffle. They never get to see anything anymore :P

Sonicrider3 said...

i saw a non member get on the boat and cant even see the botat or the button and nuthings ther

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