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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Club Penguin Times and Secret Message From Herbert P. Bear!

Club Penguin has released a new newspaper.

Woot! Puffle Party will be returning next month! Preparations are underway!

There will be puffle inspired fashions at the Gift Shop and also furniture items! Woot!

Here is what else is coming soon:

To see the secret message from Herbert, hover your mouse over the Herbert statue: (Thanks, Penguinx1)

Here is what it says:

Better head to the System Defender now if you are an EPF agent!

Saweet! I love hidden messages in the newspaper, don't you?

Play Scape Ride Zero!

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President
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Anonymous said...

I've never been to a puffle party before! I am really excited!

Anonymous said...

do not worry it will be a blast

Winthrope3456789 said...

Theres a puffle backpack coming out on CP next month!! If u dont believe me then google search puffle backpack!!

Pinklala949 said...

This makes me realize how much I miss the old PSA missions. I wish it was still the PSA and they still made missions. I miss them so much!

penguin 9929 said...

puffle partys are great! i wonder what it will be like this year =D

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