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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Herbert's Revenge Review #2: Mini Games!

As we go through the game, we are still seeing that the Herbert's Revenge Missions are the same as on Club Penguin. Hmm. They are not exactly the same but very similar.

BUT, the Mini games are REALLY fun! And, you can also play them separately.

Mini games : Amazing maze, Jackhammer, Grapple Gadget & Aqua Rescue! Grapple Gadget is my fav!

Also, there is NO color Aqua! Mimo has to be light blue! But, it's all the same color anyway, huh? ;-)

The game seems to glitch a lot, and I haven't seen much originality yet. :-/

I'll keep you posted...

The Herbert's Revenge Mission walk thru cheats are here.

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Gang Cheats President

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David Louch said...

oh... i hope it gets better!

C 3po886 said...

Nice, Mimo!!! :D

=>C 3po886<=

C 3po886 said...

Also, (First of all, sorry for double posting.) the sign at the Ski Village (the one where the words are scribbled out with paint), the first letter of the first word is W... welcome spys or agents or SOMETHING like that???? Dunno... xD

=>C 3po886, the one that doesn't have a sign out thingy.<=

Spycomic29 said...

Well I have, Mimo! I've almost beat the game and there is so much originality! I like how redoing the missions is in the theme of a virtual simulator! The Snake Tokens are definitely original and all of the minigames are completely original. I love the jackhammer and grappling hook games! Herbert's Revenge is obviously better than EPF 1. The only thing I don't like is that you can't roam around CP and buy stuff. But I think it is cool that you can upload stuff onto the computer! I hope they will make another CP game soon with new missions about the new team! Or maybe, it will all be online!

Ronaldbeach said...

Ya I love it!Theres few problems,but when they come out with a game with falts and glitches,they come out with "New and improved games"(EPF)

Dingeljoe (CPG Mod) said...

Is the Amazing Maze like the one on club penguin?
Hope the game gets better!

-Dingeljoe (CPG MOD)

Puffle 754 said...

Hey guys I have a quick question. Can you transfer items from the DS game to your Club Penguin account? If so what are they?

Thanks for your help!

Puffle 754

Anonymous said...

i already beat the game and after the veggie villian mission it gets alot better

Anonymous said...

heres what the support team said about the game when i asked about my game
Hi there,

I see that you have playing the newest DS game and that you noticed that the Missions are very similar to those on Club Penguin online. While the Missions are very similar there are some new hidden secrets in the DS game that you cannot find in the Missions from the HQ online.

Thanks for writing in, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns and we will be happy to help you out.

Catch you on the flipper side!

Anonymous said...

funny cuz i play the game 24/7 and its never gliched.maybe its your d.s?is it a d.s.i or d.s lite?i have a d.s.i
p.s i luv this game after you make it past the old missions its AMAZING sry for caps i just love it wen u save c.p from sinkig!

Jojojo33342 said...

Puffle 754 said...
Hey guys I have a quick question. Can you transfer items from the DS game to your Club Penguin account? If so what are they?

Thanks for your help!

Puffle 754
Jojojo33342 said...

I don't think so. But you can transfer coins to your online acount!


Anonymous said...

HI what is the target thing that u throw a snowball on

Boospengi said...

My favorite mini game is the one you get for collecting snake tokens (it was pretty obvious what the secret feature was because they were cartridges) because of the sound track. Anyways, I liked epf 1 better because you could download missions, roam freely, buy items, and all missions were original.

CPLover said...

I Thought The Game Was Great, And It Was Brilliant To Be Able To Upload Coins And Stuff From The Game, The Grappling One Was My Fave Aswel!

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