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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Will You Save or Destroy the City?

Club Penguin has updated the Membership page once again. Check out what coming:

Hmm, "in June: Will you save or destroy the city?" Sounds awesome, doesn't it?

-Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President

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Anonymous said...

i think it'll be the superhero mission 2012

Anonymous said...

the will you save or destroy the city: probably squidzoid play again.

Phineas99 said...

Yo Mimo777
I think i know whats coming in June, we may have "Super Hero Mission" and also, where it says: "Coming in June, will you save or destroy the city" it could be a clue about that!
Although i heard card jitsu snow is coming in June but also i heard Music Jam is coming in June, lets hope Music Jam AND the Super Hero thingy comes this June since Music Jam its my favorite party, if its not in June, then better release it on July and card jitsu snow could be in June replacing Music Jam and making Music Jam in July or making card jitsu snow in July and Music Jam in June, lets hope that since i love every Music Jam Party, its my favorite party :-(


P.S. I hope the Super Hero Mission isnt a bad party like the April Fools and the Earth Day Party because if it is, its not WORTH replacing Music Jam for a bad party, lets hope the Super Hero Mission is a good party, dont ya think?

Phineas99 said...

And the comment i posted earlier from the Super Hero Mission was by me, Phineas99 ;)


DMA0712 said...

Hmm, I will probably do whichever one has cooler costumes xD

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