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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Club Penguin Parties and EPF Coolness!

I was snooping around on Disney's UK website. And I found lots of cool Club Penguin stuff!

Party news: 
The Medieval Party is May 16-30. No Card-Jitsu Snow, but in June 13-27 is an exiting new party!  Woot! 

The 3rd Issue of the Club Penguin Magazine:

And if you click the "Free Download" button you can take a free EPF Agent Test 2.0!

I tried to do the quiz but I came up with better answers:

1: Ummm... Penguins can swim... How would they be stranded?
2: Who cares!? Just click the sign and change it to Tea and Scones for the day!
3: It's the LIGHT house, it better have power! Besides, I keep my computer muted so I wouldn't even notice! 
4: Maybe if there is leftover pizza... And if Herbie is melting the island... POOL PARTY!!!
5: Cotton candy! LET'S EAT!!!
6: Herbert is in the forest!? Let's go get him!   

What did you get on the quiz? Did you come up with some better answers?

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President

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Anonymous said...

i dont get it

DMA0712 said...

The party in June is gonna be either the Celebration of Snow 2012 or the Disco Bash 2012. I want the first one :-)

Waddle On!

DMA0712 said...

BTW, they're pretty cool answers.

Waddle On!

Ikk200 said...

Love your answers :D

Anonymous said...


AliandaOnCp said...

Website? :3

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