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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Club Penguin Field Op Number 79 Cheats!

The Club Penguin Field Op Number 79 Cheats are here!

Step 1. Click your Spy Gadget.
Step 2. Click "Go there."  
Step 3. Click Field Op board. (or click Field Ops on the Spy Gadget)
Step 4. Click "Accept Field-Op."

Step 5. Click your map and go to the Plaza. 
Step 6. Go into the Pizza Parlor.

Step 7. Click your spy gadget and click "Engage."
Step 8. Now you can complete the puzzle!

Once the Field Op is complete, you will get this message from Rookie:

Really Rookie... I can "bearly" believe that. ;-)

Step 9. If you are a member you can click "Elite Gear" and get something cool! If you are not a member, you can get the EPF earpiece, and then enjoy collecting your badges... and stamps! ;-)

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President
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Anonymous said...

Sounds like Herbert's back. But why is he disguising himself as Rookie?

DMA0712 said...

Yay! Herbert's finally showed up! He was gone for so long I thought he'd gone to annoy some other people.

Waddle On!

Anonymous said...

I am Penguinarmy2
You see it is not Rookie but it is Herbert.Only he likes seaweed pizza
and he has a Esquire thingy after his name. He does not like non-veg

Grande pie said...

It's not Rooki, it's Herbert! Rookie is not vegetarian

Space Turtle said...

I agree. I think it is Herbert pretending to be Rookie so he can try brain-wash us so we will turn vegetarian!

Anonymous said...

Herbert's back! It was pretty obvious actually. But, really, without Herbert, Club Penguin wouldn't be as fun!

owen10989 said...

Its Herbert because Rookie dosent talk like that and also Rookie gave the spy phone and herbert is a vegitarion (I think thats how you spell it -.-)

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