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Sunday, April 29, 2012

New Free Club Penguin Coin Codes!

I got some new Club Penguin coin codes from the German magazine!

Here is the first one for the UFO Mask: UFOMASKE

Here is the code for the UFO Costume: UFOANZUG

So have a fun time being an alien!

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President

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Anonymous said...

Thx so much 4 da codes! Plz check out my comment i sent u in ur last blog bout herbert.

-Loca 1733

Mario30206 said...

i cant wait until the medieval party!its going to be my first time being a member during the medieval party!

Anonymous said...

Great! Thanks Mimo777!
I was just wondering, if you get these codes from the magazine? Or if you have a source?


DMA0712 said...

Kewl, thanks Mimo :-)

Waddle On!

Unknown said...

How do we put in codes and check the telescope! Rockhopper's ship and a maybe a ruby?

Anonymous said...

i am so mad i unlocked these items in the older treasure book and now their bringing it to everyone i quit

Julia3771 said...


Anonymous said...

Mimo I am Lightonp i followed ur twitter and i saw many penguins wearing a gray delta suit not black and they are not members could u help me get them

Max Oliver said...

You said coin codes, not magazine codes.

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