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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Club Penguin 2011 in a Less Than Minute Video!

Club Penguin's Happy77 has announced the new party... The Underwater Expedition! Woot! And, here is a short video showing some of the fun we had on the island last year!

Whoa! Did you see the Underwater Expedition sneak peek?

More deets will be coming soon! Looks so cool, huh? But, here are some still shots from the vid!

Yikes! Crab!

Doorway to member only room?

Fashion Runway?

Woot! Sailing the Migrator? To where?

Old shipwreck? Cool!

 Fire outside cave?

Dragon cave?

Puffle Spa? How sweet! ;-)

Woot! Box Dimension happenings!

Wow! So cool! I can't wait to hear all you theories on the sneak peek pics!

 - Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President

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KYLE said...

i saw a black & white puffle!!


Grande pie said...

Underwater things: Underwater expedition
Migrator, shipwreck, scary caves: Rockhopper's quest (next month)
Fashion runway, puffle spa: probably Puffle party (march)
Box dimension: April fools party (April)

Anonymous said...

I think we're sailing somewhere with RH and then when we come back to Club Penguin, it's flooded :D That would b awesome >:D

Caitiecat12 said...

Maybe we go to Rockhopper Island? I doubt it, but that would be the best Club Penguin adventure of my life!! And I've been playing CP for 4 years!
I hope we get to.

Anonymous said...

i am really busting to kick off the party. seriously! hurry up rookie i am-*pukes* I HATE CHOCOLATE!

PS i hate chocolate thats true about me i get sick i i eat it.


Grande pie said...

Oh, and mimo, that ISN'T a door for a members only room, that's the entrance of the expedition area!

Woddylan said...

I am in the video!


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