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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Club Penguin Christmas Party FREE item... Sweet Treat Background!

The December 21st new Club Penguin FREE item from the 12 Days of Free Gifts in the Forest is here!

Now this is a sweet background! Am I right?

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President

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Anonymous said...

actually,what is cpg moderator?

Cian Roche said...

CPG moderator is the penguins who watch over this site and who answer questions. And they sometimes go on Club Penguin and get the latest cheats for mimo.

isit 2001 said...

theres a New Glitch! For all non members and members,it shows them as a Yearly Membership User! Sadly though,none of us Non-Members can use it :( But,its still a cool glitch! -Isit2001

Anonymous said...

wow so this party is more about the backgrounds :(

Club328 said...

this is how u get all the christmas iteams before 25 december u change the date on your computer to 25 december there you go to the forest and have it all.

I is your dream said...

I love all of the new pins and hats penguins are getting my non member penguin looks great with all the stuff she's getting :) and my member looks good as well

Anonymous said...

mimo the lighthouse is full of coins and yet none on the beacon violet95426

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