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Thursday, December 15, 2011

2011 Club Penguin Coins For Change AND Rockhopper Are Here!

Woot! Rockhopper is here! He has brought Coins for Change and this FREE item! A Globe Hat!

Okay, SAME free item as last year! Kinda a bummer, huh?

Check out Rockhopper's other coolness:

Well, at least the groovy Beanbag Chair is new. :-/

But, there are 2 cheats in Rockhopper's Rare Items! Woot!

Click the work "Rare."

You now have the CFC Paper Chain cheat!

Click the house on the shirt:

You now have the Coins For Change Banner cheat!

Here is Rockhopper's To Do List:

I guess we'll be finding him in the Bakery!

I'm gonna Change The World! Woot!

To give to Coins for Change, go to the Plaza, Ski Village, The Town or The Lighthouse. You can donate your coins back to Club Penguin to help in one of the following ways.

1. Provide Medical Help.
2. Protect the Earth.
3. Building Safe Places.

After you donate, you will get a FREE pin:

And, if you give coins, you earn a Volunteer stamp!

But, if you give 5000 coins, you get a Top Volunteer Stamp! (Note: you have to donate twice to get both stamps. One donation of 5000 coins WILL NOT get you both stamps)

NEW this year, Epic Volunteer Stamp for donating 10,000 coins!

Coins are adding up...

Now, go donate! Let's fill up that Lighthouse!

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President

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95jimmy said...

2 things:
1. If you click on the word rare, there is a hidden items and same with the house on the build safe places Tshirt, so that two hidden items.
2. If you wear any of the coins for change shirts(nothing else) and wave, you hold up a sign that matches the shirt

Grande pie said...

lol! mimo, I have more cheats for you. Click the word 'rare'. Also click on the house in the first t-shirt

Tante Fadila said...

Mimo, CFC Pin is just for MEMBERS !

Trainpower10 said...

CP needs to understand, not everyone can afford a 10,000 coin donation!

Sam0kramer said...

I donated 40,200 :P

dockaboo811 said...

im an epic voulunteer

Anonymous said...

globe hat returns wow this party is lame

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