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Sunday, August 30, 2009

*** NOW CLOSED!*** New Mimo Club Penguin Caption Contest! ***NOW CLOSED!***

Someone thought we should have another Mimo Club Penguin Caption Contest so here it is!

How does it work? Like this...

1. Come up with a funny, weird or warped line for both Mimo and ZoeZoe.

2. Type it like this:
Mimo: funny line
ZoeZoe: funny line

3. Send your captions to me in a comment.

You can enter as many times as you want. We will pick a few of the best ones and let you help us vote on the big wiener.

I haven't decided what the big wiener gets. Any ideas?


Good luck!

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- Mimo777, Club Penguin Gang Cheats President

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Anonymous said...

10douwgs10 here................... mimo: Oh no run for your lives aliens took part of the forest into the pool room! Zoezoe: mimo wake up! Are you ok?

Anonymous said...

Mimo:OMIGOSH! This pool smells like Cheese!
ZoeZoe11:And you didn't notice the huge island in the middle

Rosy 88

Rj2k8 said...

Mimo-Are you sure that should be there?
ZoeZoe-I don't know but what I do know is that I cant swim!!!!

Rj2k8 said...

Mimo-Are you sure that should be there?
ZoeZoe-IDK but I just remembered...I CANT SWIM!!

Dinomike said...

Mimo: Omg a new room!
Zoezoe: You say that everytime club penguin has a glitch!

Pinky46076 said...

Mimo: What the?!
Zoezoe: Look what I did!

pilpulp said...

Mimo "Why is that there" Zoe Zoe " G said that smelly zebra's came into cp and put tree's and snow eveywhere"

not that funny but i tried...

Tackyzacky28 said...

Mimo? One of your biggest fans here! A caption contest? Sweet! I tried to enter but I was on vacation the last time, AWE SWEET!

Royalfluffy said...

Mimo: We wish you a merry Christmas
ZoeZoe: and a happy new year!

Donut Man 5 said...

Mimo: Where are we? forest, pool? forest pool? forest, Pool?
Zoezoe:Don't look at me, I'm just your little sister.

Nymphadora Tonks said...

Zoezoe11:How long are we going to have to stand here?
Mimo777:Until someone finds something witty enough to be in these speech bubble. Or find out what to do with this snow....

WACKYzingoz said...

ZoeZoe: Hehehehehe
Mimo: Shut up

Zo And Zur said...

Mimo: Uh ZoeZoe, do I see bubbles?? Ew.
ZoeZoe: Oh, that. Well umm you see. Oh great....

Zo And Zur

Royalfluffy said...

Mimo: Ah. What a nice day to swim. Aaaah! OW! OW! I just tripped on my own feet and landed on... is that the forest?

Zoezoe: Haha! OW! Stupid feet!

Bookworm7077 said...

Mimo: Yay pool floaty!

ZoeZoe:(looks up) We should go fix that hole in the roof

Anonymous said...

zoe zoe:Ahhhhhh that hill form the forest got in here!!!

mimo: thats a rubber duckie

BreathofWind said...

mimo: where's a place that you go too if you want cheese thrown at your head?
ZoeZoe: Chuck-e-cheese!

Moushui said...

Mimo: I am gonna jump of the rock into the pool!
Zoezoe: Why don't I just punch you off the rock Mimo?

Royalfluffy said...

Zoezoe: Just keep swimming... Mimo what are you eating?

Mimo: Want some?

Twllio said...

mimo: okay, this is definitely cheating.
zoezoe: i'm finally gonna win at hide and seek!

Zxz192 said...

ok here is mine

mimo: Ok I know I said I wanted my own little Island, but i didnt mean in the Pool!

zoezoe: meh, at least the tree looks happy. See, its smiling!

not very good but ill try and do more

samia_rockz said...

mimo: Hey zoezoe,look,whats this island doing here?

zoezoe: Oh thats where i put it!!!

naruto 67 76 said...

"mimo" OMG LOOK LOOK OMG AHHHHHH."zoe zoe"MIMO what are u talking about. the island."MIMO"WAIT we have an island in the pool

samia_rockz said...

mimo: AAAAAHHHH im being attacked,im being attacked!!!
zoezoe: Thats just a tree you cant get attacked by a tree

Zxz192 said...

ok i did another

Mimo: Hey zoe, did you put this here?

zoezoe: Wha?? ME??? Nooooo, why would I do that? Thats just like the weirdest thing EVER and that is something that somebody who isnt me did (tries to hide crane and truck that used to put the island in the pool by standing in front of them)

himskater12 said...

mimo:omg what is this!!!!
Zoezoe:its a screte island!!!!! :)

samia_rockz said...

mimo: Oh my gosh Oh my gosh Oh my gosh OMG!!!! ZoeZoe zoezoe!!! Check this out i can swim!!!
zoezoe: Mimo you learnt how to swim 3 years ago

Zxz192 said...

ok here is another

(zoezoe walks in from the mine and sees mimo with the isnald in the pool)

mimo: Uhhh, Hi sis. Im just... uhhhh... just doing... ummm...

Zoezoe: you know what, im not sure I even want to know

(zoezoe walks back into mine)

Zxz192 said...

i made another!

mimo: Is it too late for jokes?
zoezoe: YES

himskater12 said...

mimo:thats my litte home
Zoezoe:you little hobo jk

Anonymous said...

Mimo: Ahhh we fell off the iceberg ahh...I NEED MY RUBBER DUCKIE!!!!!
ZoeZoe: Huh what you say???


Anonymous said...

Mimo: When did they put water in the pool?
Zoezoe11:IDK but i noticed there was a talking cheese in the window

-Waddle Dee77

Anonymous said...

ZoeZoe: Run for your lives!

By Bmf7364

samia_rockz said...

mimo: zoezoe why is this island in the middle of the pool?

zoezoe: NO MIMO!! we went to the forest you started crying because you wanted some chocolate and YOU made a pool of tears!!!

Zxz192 said...

i did another one

mimo: Zoezoe, why did you put this island in the middle of the pool! You know Me Santa doesnt like to have his swimming lessons cancelled!

Zoezoe: Well, ya know, me and that tree got talking, and he said he was thirsty. He was really starting to GROW on me!

CjPirate said...


Zoezoe: Um, mimo thats just an inflatable for the Fall Fair

Anonymous said...

mimo: tee hee i can make bubbles

zoe zoe: wow but u didnt notice the crab

thank you

smileyerox said...

mimo:um zoezoe who told you to put that there?

Zoezoe:my imaginary friend

Rico Rodriguez said...

Mimo: Swimming the mountains.......
ZoeZoe11: ......Climbing the water!

Anonymous said...

Mimo: WOAH! Did they put in new pool water?
ZoeZoe: Oh boy. HEEEELLO??? Cant you see that big chunk of the island in the middle!?!?!


Eachares said...

Mimo: I brought your Scarf back from the Forest!!!!

ZoeZoe: Ughhh Mimo you brought the place where it was in the forest and still no SCARF!

samia_rockz said...


smileyerox said...

mimo: hey zoezoe do you want a tour.
zoezoe:sure tell me why part of the forest is here.

Skyhigh11 said...

Mimo: Hey, they water makes my feet look funny
ZoeZoe: You didnt notice anything else?

Nicole said...

Mimo:Why is there an island in the middle of the pool and why am I smelling dirty diapers?
zoezoe:I got some of the forest and now I turned it into a daycare!

Anonymous said...

ok here is my lines

mimo:omg theres a monster over there help me

zoe zoe: dude its just me cant you remeber i got this a few minutes ago


samia_rockz said...

mimo:zoezoe i thought you said you wouldnt try your magic here!!!
zoezoe: SORRY

Anonymous said...

Mimo: OH MY GOSH do you see that!?
Zoezoe: NO, mimo you need to lay off the zebras scent its making your mind go cookoo


Anonymous said...

ZoeZoe: Hey Mimo! The Pool turned yellow!

Mimo: Oh, where's a bathroom down here when you need one?


Random Matthew722 said...

OK! Here i go:

ZoeZoe11: I told you this goes in the FOREST!

Mimo777: We'll, i find it looks perfrect here.

Hehe. :P


Anonymous said...

Mimo: Oh wow Zoe Zoe, I just noticed how pretty the bottom of the pool is!

Zoe Zoe: Me too!


Unknown said...

Mimo: I'm a fat muffin! WOOHOO!!!! I'M A FAT MUFFIN!! WOOOOHOOOO!!!
ZoeZoe11: and I'm a (stupid) fat muffin's sister......woohoo......


Random Matthew722 said...

Here's another.

Mimo777: I told you dreams can come true!

ZoeZoe11: .... what kind of dream is putting Trees in water?

Tee hee.


Octuple said...

Mimo: hey whatsup, ZoeZoe? Anything weird lately?

ZoeZoe: Oh, nothing, just the usual, typical day at the underground pool...


malav said...

Mimo: Wow!! you call these trees! I'm as tall as this thing! And you call this an island! i can make a sand castle bigger than this!

Zoezoe: Now Mimo, don't be so mean.
And you know what... your bing too picky! awesome!!

PrimeStriker said...

Mimo: What's this?
ZoeZoe11: I have no idea, but lets get outta here before it eats us!

Random Matthew722 said...

Lol, here's ANOTHER! :D

Mimo777: Do you find something is different here?

ZoeZoe11: Besides a part of the forest in the pool & an upside-down crab, not really.


Sora1121 said...

ZoeZoe:Is this For Real?They Didnt make any Cheats For the Snow and Sports Catalog?????
Mimo777:What?This is The Weirdest thing Thats Ever Happened!We must Invesagate!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
10douwgs10 here................... mimo: Oh no run for your lives aliens took part of the forest into the pool room! Zoezoe: mimo wake up! Are you ok?

LOLZ. OK, then!! Weird idea.... anyway! ;-)

-Birdygurl (cpg mod)

Random Matthew722 said...

Here are some kool prizes you can do Mimo:

1. Membership
2. Coin Code
3. Secret party with the Clubpenguin Gang

Hope ya like! ;D

Random Matthew722 said...

Here are some kool prizes you can do Mimo:

1. Membership
2. Coin Code
3. Secret party with the Clubpenguin Gang

Hope ya like! ;D

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Mimo:OMIGOSH! This pool smells like Cheese!
ZoeZoe11:And you didn't notice the huge island in the middle

Rosy 88


-Birdygurl (cpg mod)

General WolfPack and Captian Wildcat said...

Mimo- Look what Disney has done with club penguin!

Zoezoe- I like it!

Anonymous said...

Tackyzacky28 said...
Mimo? One of your biggest fans here! A caption contest? Sweet! I tried to enter but I was on vacation the last time, AWE SWEET!

kool! Oh well, at least this time you've got a good chance!! ;-)

-Birdygurl (cpg mod)

Gem said...

Hola This is partygirl809.
mimo:Oh no Someone took my Skateboard!
Zoezoe:Uh mimo,Thats the least of your worrys!

coolerthanu said...

mimo : i call getting to play on the island

zoezoe: dude it came out of nowhere it could be a trap!

Anonymous said...

Zo And Zur said...
Mimo: Uh ZoeZoe, do I see bubbles?? Ew.
ZoeZoe: Oh, that. Well umm you see. Oh great....

Zo And Zur


-Birdygurl (cpg mod)

Gem said...


Mimo:Lets go swimming!

Zoezoe:Ok Race ya to the new island.

Pryma said...

Mimo:Do you see somthing new?
Zoezoe:Yes this crab!

Anonymous said...

Mimo777: Hey look I can blend in with the water now that I'm Aqua.

Zoezoe11:.......I cant.....:( also there's a giant island in the pool...

-Chilzo z17e

Chazzdrwho38 said...

Mimo: Hey Zoezoe have you been to the forest lately?
Zoezoe: BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! CHRISTMAS!!! Halloween...or something...

Splash744 (CPG MOD) said...

Mimo: Who put this pool here?

ZoeZoe: I dunno I mean why put a pool in the forest? Or is it the forest in the pool? I'M SO CONFUSED.

- Lollypop5465 (CPG Mod)

cool guy7414 said...

Mimo: zoezoe... i think I've been smelling too many zebras 0_0
ZoeZoe: ya think??

mimo is AWESOME said...

mimo: im gonna eat that tree!

zoezoe11: well im gonna eat that rock!

kealy said...

mimo:i rather have a pet zebra then this! zoezoe:does your zebra fart?!

Gem said...


Mimo:Ahhh!My home is in the pool!

Zoezoe:Just move to a real igloo!

Sora1121 said...

Mimo777:At Last!A place where I can call Home!Its just What I Wanted!
ZoeZoe11:All You Ever Wanted Was A Couple of Trees and a Rock?Im Dissapointed In you Mimo!I thought You Wanted Something Crazy!

samia_rockz said...

mimo: Hey!!! zoezoe what you upto?
zoezoe: What does it look like?Im planting mini islands

Gem said...


Mimo:My computer broke!

zoezoe:Um Then how come you put the island in the pool.

thevideogamemaster said...

ZoeZoe: ME TOO!!!!

I DON'T KNOW.........

Dɛll77 said...

mimo:o my god what is wrong with people these days putting parts of islands in the pool.

zoezoe:mimo what do you mean, i think you're illusinating, your really strange mimo.

Master44444 said...

Mimo: i'm in the ocean and ive found an island(in singing tone)

ZoeZoe : no we are just in the pool but how do i explain this island!

Anonymous said...

mimo:i bet you cant lift THAT up!
zoezoe: thats how it got there!

Gem said...


Mimo:Oh no now we can't swim!

Zoezoe:Im going to the cove.

Anonymous said...

Mimo: Wa wa waa! I dont think thats suppost to be there

ZoeZoe: Really! You just noticed!

Anonymous said...

Zoezoe11:I'm hungry are you?

Mimo777:Yeah lets go this is a silly place

- Chilzo z17e

Unknown said...

Mimo: Wa Wa Waaaa! I don't think that suppost to be there.

ZoeZoe: Really! You just noticed!

- 02 Hailey 01

Sora1121 said...

Mimo777:Hey Guys!Anything is possable When you use your Randomness!Look Im Blue Instead Of Orange!
Zoezoe11:Um Mimo?Do you notice anything eles?

Anonymous said...

ZoeZoe: So mimo, how do you like the new pool?
Mimo: This is the pool? I thought this was rockhoppers boat.

Wadell8 said...

Mimo: I told you you could plant those seeds to make another Club Penguin!
Zoezoe: I never said you couldn't, I said you SHOULDN'T.

Anonymous said...

mimo: Cheese!!!!

Zoezoe:I like turtles!

- Chilzo z17e (CPG Mod)

NMacadaan said...

mimo:theres a weird tree
zoezoe:ya wats the big point of a wird tree in the pool
zoezoe:i still dont know wats funny?
mimo:omg its a fat penguin in the pool aaaaa!
zoezoe; hahaha a costume miimo youve been TRICKED hahaha!

Anonymous said...

Mimo: I Like Pie
ZoeZoe11:What is Pie
Mimo: OMG The world is coming to an end


Anonymous said...

Mimo: Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming swimming swimming, Hey! Whats with the forest in here.

ZoeZoe: MIMO! that's not the forest thats a zeebra who looks like a zeebra.

Mimo: UH OH! :o


Ladylolly22 said...

mimo:i told you i am a real magician.I have made a spell next up i will tuen you into a rubber duck.

zoe zoe:But that wont help you make rock hopper comee faster

Club Penguin said...

Mimo: This is cause by the galapolis of the earths atmosphere.

Zoezoe: Why do you have to be so warped it was because of the simultaneous rotation of zebras playing beach volleyball in the snow.

-Ray Toolbear

Chonchi8856 said...

Mimo: What is this? Snow and the pool? What good does that do?

ZoeZoe11: It can make an icerink...


Anonymous said...

Mimo: Hey I think the crab wants to play in the mini forest.

Zoezoe: don't let him he just wants to eat my life preserver!


Cayghost321 said...

Mimo777: Haha our new secret taco army base is now complete.No one will ever find us
ZoeZoe:Haha yes finally it's complete, but i think there IS a small chance that they'll find us,but just a little one.

Anonymous said...

Mimo: Finally! Now we can play pirates!
ZoeZoe: Mimo I think you went a little over-board on the decorations...

Chonchi8856 said...

Mimo: Wow! Look at this! It's a floating forest!

ZoeZoe11: I wonder what it looks like under the water!

Chonchi8856 said...

Mimo: Two great rooms in one! All we need is the puffle shop in the window!

ZoeZoe11:Poor puffles...

Unknown said...

mimo:i knew that tree i planted would grow!
zoezoe:actually that the neww zebra island room

Chonchi8856 said...

Mimo: Wow! What an amazing thing to look at!

ZoeZoe11: Please don't say you're making a song out of this, too...

Unknown said...

zoezoe:the pool stole a part from the forest!
mimo:it also stole my swimming trunks!

Hover bot said...

here it goes...
Mimo:Zoezoe, what did you do?
Zoezoe11: What?The water was too hot.

penguinjunkie said...

my club penguin name is poefred9999
Mimo:ahhh the smelly zebras are having their revenge!

Zoe Zoe: uhhhh mimo...i thought the giant chicken did it..

Unknown said...

Mimo:see,snow beats water
Zoezoe: awww man

75piggy said...

Mimo:umm did u notice someone planted part of the forest into the pool?
ZoeZoe11:umm where i cant see it because of the big part of the forest someone planted there in the middle of the pool.

Ubpenguin said...

mimo: the fishie goes moo!
zoezoe: i lost my flarga!

pufflelover321 said...

Mimo: Tours here!!! Tour the newly renovated pool!!!
Zoezoe: Newly renovated as in, THERE'S AN ISLAND IN THE POOL!?!?

dogo229 said...

ZoeZoe:what do you think heh?

mr icefin said...

mimo:saweet an island!Wait ive never seen an island.
zoe zoe:mimo we are already on an island.

Spiguy23 said...

ZoeZoe: :O

aMazInDud70 said...

Mimo777: What's that smell?..
ZoeZoe11: I thought it was you, so I didn't want to say anything!

aMazInDud70 said...

Mimo77: What's that smell?..
ZoeZoe11: smell that too?

Annette 10 said...

Mimo: Uhhh, do u think this is left over from the earthquake?
Zoezoe: Idk....but they should keep it there!!! :D

75piggy said...

look i got another one!

Mimo:cool look sis i caught a noodle.(walks under island)hmm look its a worm crawling out of the roof.

ZoeZoe11:(shakes head) its not crawling out of the roof. its crawling out of the bottom of a big part of the forest!RUN!we r being taken over by giant little islands all over our big island. run for ur life!

Mimo:that made no sense wat so ever.

Alari said...

Zoezoe11- Mimo, i think your warped mind leaked into clubpenguin
Mimo777: And whats wrong with that?


My blog said...

ok here is mine

Mimo I need to go to the island but I need some snacks maybe pizza Zoezooe .

Zoezoe What?

Mimo buy me some pizza

Zoezoe where

Mimo At my house

Zoezoe ok but

Mimo But what?

Zoezoe give me some candy

bluelaserbeam said...

mimo:hey ZoeZoe11 wanna go to the forest after we're done swimming?

ZoeZoe11:We're already here silly

Annette 10 said...

Mimo: Wheres the cast of Gilligan's Island??
Zoezoe: It got cancelled, Mimo!!!!!

olivegl said...

Zoezoe: What in the name of bananas is that!?
mimo: Whoa your right its a heads up penny! oh its shiny! good luck for me!(dances around with penny)

Annette 10 said...

Mimo: Omg, you remember when we dug that HUGE whole in the forest??!!
Zoezoe: We've hit China!!!!!!

Annette 10 said...

Mimo: Looks like we've found our Christmad tree, Zoezoe!
Zoezoe: A little early, Mimo...

Master44444 said...

mimo : where'd that piece of the forest come from!

zoezoe : i used magic!

meanwhile in forest.....

Me Santa: My trees and my rock where did they go!

Annette 10 said...

Mimo: did this tree get here??!!
Zoezoe: That crab and that polar bear are at it again! Look Mimo! He's laughing at us!!!

Master44444 said...

Mimo: isn't the snow supposed to turn into slush.

ZoeZoe: yah , wait i think i see inflatable stuff holding it up

Farmer Dan said...

Mimo777: ZoeZoe! I think theres a hole in the Roof!!!
ZoeZoe: Mimo777 you are like so right there is a hole in the room!!! HELP US

Anonymous said...

Club penguin account name:superfreexa4

Mimo: Hey ZoeZoe look what Santa gave us for christmas!

ZoeZoe: Yay! A swimming pool-erm with a forest in? Mimo what was on your Christmas list?!

Annette 10 said...

Mimo: WHERE'S MY PET DRAGON??!! I was hiding him here!!!!
Zoezoe: Umm, Mimo...he ran away like a year ago, remember?

Neeko 24 said...

Zoezoe11: OMG! Mimo do you see that! Mimo: Yeah! The pool has a stain in the corner!!!

Best Regards,
Neeko 24

iceman25596 said...

Mimo: what's this then?
ZoeZoe: Looks like a mini clubpenguin to me.

Anonymous said...

mimo: where the heck are we forest of pool?

zoezoe:were in the fool or the porest


Peachy53084 said...

Zoe Zoe:Hey!How the heck did that get there!
Mimo:he he he...

Hope you like it Mimo!

Waddle5197 said...

mimo: woa ! wen did that get there ?! i think ive smelled too many zebras.... zoezoe: LOOK ! Floating square bubbles !!!

Unknown said...

Mimo: Omg the forest is in th pool sweet

ZoeZoe11: Not that sweet when we have creppy cruwleys in the pool ....

Vamprah Fan2 Club Penguin Gang Mod said...

Mimo: Hey, if the trees are here, then whats in the Forest? Oh, just Herbert P. Bear.
ZoeZoe: Mimo, don't you remember cutting and pasting this last night?

Neeko 24 said...

ZoeZoe11: Do you see anything..suspicious about this pool..?

Mimo777: Hrmmm Nope it looks perfectly normal!

Master44444 said...

mimo : hey isn't that herbert's crab!

zoezoe : IT IS! to the mimo-mobile.

mimo : penguins don't know how to drive.

zoezoe : ok uhhhh let's make a trap on this island!

mimo : you really think that that crab will teleport from outside to inside!!!

Jedipingu said...

Zoezoe: The forest is taking over the pool run Mimo


Vam prah Fan2 Club Penguin gang Mod said...

Mimo: Hey , why didn't the snow melt?
ZoeZoe: Um, you know that this shouldn't be here, right?

Crapguy100 said...

Mimo:Who did this? Zoezoe:I dont know and i dont care now we can take a bath with a little bit of nature and no this this is wrong, arrrrr now its leaves in the water!

Anonymous said...

Mimo: Have we grown or something because those trees are nearly the same size as me.
ZoeZoe: Okay, well lets think about this rationally... RUN THERE'S A GIANT IN THE POOL!

Milly :) said...

Mimo: Is this suppose to be here?

Zoe: No, someone must of turned the thermostat WAY down!


Anonymous said...

Mimo- ummmmm...

Zoezoe-this is why i dont make puzzles with you


Kyroid said...

Mimo : It worked! I have changed Water to Snow.
Zoezoe : Ya, Its called a Freezer.

... said...

Mimo: this the pool or forest?
ZoeZoe: I know! It's the poost!


... said...

Mimo: What the...???
ZoeZoe: I know what you're thinking...but I didn't do it!!


Sugashooz said...

Mimo: Dude, whats this island doing in the middle of the pool?

ZoeZoe: It would seem that Club Penguin Island has shrunk...dude.

Chicken58 said...

Mimo:what a nice day for a swim....BANG!!!

Not that funny I know

Sugashooz said...

Mimo: Why in the world has the Forest moved to the pool?

ZoeZoe: Oh! THATS where it hid! I found you Forest! That was one good hiding place!

FLUFFY BOY12 said...



issibb said...

mimo:i don't remember this here!
zoezoe:well you don't ever remember anything, you only remember zebras smell funny

Pengi 2 said...

Hi this is Pengi 2:
Mimo-The sky pooped the Forest's Property!
Zoezoe-Strange, Is the forest taking over the pool?!?

Prize should be: Either a meet you on Club Penguin, Coin Code, Membership, or a Congratulations from you and free pie :D

Forn2 said...

Mimo: Why does this pool smell like asparagus?
ZoeZoe: Don't you know that there is an island... you wet yourself again?

Sugashooz said...

Mimo: Why is part of the Forest in the middle of the pool? This is too freaky!

ZoeZoe: Dude! Shut up! We could be getting Punk'd! So act normal and don't sound like you're afraid! They think they can mess with us?! PAH!

perry 111 said...

Mimo: Hey, get that weird looking thing out of here!

ZoeZoe: Tree's A crowd, ya know!!!

Anonymous said...

i thought of another 1

mimo: i cant swim in the pool never mind the island!
zoezoe:that wasn't a good joke.

Anonymous said...

Iglo20 here.........Mimo:If i were a penguin,this would be paradise!
Zoezoe:Uh Mimo we are penguin's and this is weird!

samia_rockz said...

mimo:ZoeZoe look at this!!! I TOLD U HA
zoezoe: WOW funny smelling zebras do live on this island and do have baths in the pool. You were right all along

Anonymous said...

Mimo: I want to go swimming!
ZoeZoe: Fine you can go but if you trip on a thorn, don't say i didn't warn you!

slinky59402 said...

Ok heres what I got:

Mimo: OMG! whats this doing in the pool?

ZoeZoe: Oh mimo! I guess you did'nt know that I have magic powers!

~slinky59402(cpg mod)

issibb said...

my 3rd 1

mimo: hey,zoezoe how did this island get here?>>

zoezoe:i think it might have got abducted by aliens but im not sure!

Anonymous said...

My penguin name is Sa123789

Mimo:Hey ZoeZoe lets go for a swim! WAIT WHATS THAT?
ZoeZoe: maybe the forest is taking a vacation?

Anonymous said...

Mimo777: Hey! Look At the Crab OVA in the corner Of The Window!
ZoeZoe:Yet, You Didn't notice the snow and trees in the middle of the pool MIMO! REALLY... WOW!


Anonymous said...

Mimo: Whoa is it just me.. or did the underground pool get colder?

ZoeZoe11: Look's like Gary thought he could do more than just fix the pool.. he added a snow island in the middle!


Jaden Joey said...

Mimo:Zebras Smell Funny!
Zoezoe11:You smell funny!

Jaden Joey

Saavy (CPG Mod) said...

mimo: hey zoe, i need a we, where should i do it? in the pool or forest?
Zoe Zoe11: gross!


Saavy (CPG Mod) said...

mimo777: hey Zoe! Look At What Happened When U Left 2 Get Me A Donut!
Zoe Zoe11: ummm.... Mimo... That Is The Donut!


twistedandhippy said...

Hey Mimo and ZoeZoe! Here's my caption:

Mimo: Christmas time is here, time for joy and cheer...
ZoeZoe: Time for all, that penguins call, every season of the year!

I got it off of the Charlie Brown Christmas Song!

Fondly, Linds171 8)

Saavy (CPG Mod) said...

Mimo: Just what i needed, another island for me 2 hide away from!

Zoe: BOO!


Anonymous said...

Mimo: ZoeZoe do Zebras Smell Funny?
ZoeZoe: Mimo's been at the communion wine again!

Saavy (CPG Mod) said...

Mimo: finally i have some time 2 relax! but whats the forest doing here? ZOE!

Zoe Zoe@ HEY dont look at me! it was china!


Sissyc97 said...

mimo: swimming forest! or is it forest pool?!
zoezoe: potatos......(voice fades)

Saavy (CPG Mod) said...

mimo: o just what i need a forest in the pool with me and my sister, can things get any stranger!!

zoe: yea, can i have some time with my brother in a pool for once!


Saavy (CPG Mod) said...

Mimo: wow the forest if even after me! i knew i was not crazy!

Zoe: mimo? what are you saying?


Saavy (CPG Mod) said...

Mimo: why is there a forest in the pool?

Zoe: i think it was thirsty!


Splashy6335 said...

Mimo: ZoeZoe, why is there a island in the middle of the pool?

ZoeZoe: I don't know, Mimo. I came here to swim, not to hunt for an island in my local pool!

By Splashy6335

Anonymous said...

Mimo:OMG run zebras are taking over the world!ZoeZoe:OMG mimo run!


Splashy6335 said...

Mimo: To get some muscles, my personal trainer told me to practise moving things, which is why i did this.

ZoeZoe: Well I don't think he ment moving an island to a swimming pool!!!

From Splashy6335

Saavy (CPG Mod) said...

Mimo: this is wayyyyyy better then a pet zebra isent it zoe!

Zoe: u sure got that right!


Sissyc97 said...

i made another one... ya see im not very funny unless im with my friends......

mimo: hey zoezoe! look i built a island to live in and take over CP! mwa ha ha ha ha!!!
zoezoe: how do u plan to take over cp when ur on a little island? (while zoezoe talks mimo is taking a life boat to island.) mimo! mimo?! (mimo pushes life boat to zoezoe) um whats this for? (mimo dies because he ate a bad poptart) zoezoe lives. (cheese falls from the sky)

lol.... my bro helped me =/. lol

Master44444 said...

Mimo: Im so popular the forest comes after me.

ZoeZoe: no its running to Gary over there

Island : can I have your autograph Gary!

Kyroid said...

Mimo: Hmm. Nothing seems to be wrong here.
Zoe-Zoe: Mimo you should really get your green glasses fixed

Saavy (CPG Mod) said...

Mimo, hmmmmm, zoe im still bored can u get something else for us to play with?

Zoe: MIMO! isent the forest enough for u 2 play in?!?!


Saavy (CPG Mod) said...

few! i nearly broke the forest by dropping it! ( flexes biceps)

Zoe Zoe11: Show Off! :P


Master44444 said...

Mimo: How do I get to that island I CAN'T SWIM!! (sees zoezoe using a motor boat) (gets an idea)

ZoeZoe: I know you saw me on a motor boat but come on why are you using a submarine!!!

oreo5penguin said...

Mimo: Zoezoe, are we in the right room?

Zoezoe: Of course, we were supposed to meet in the forest, and we're here aren't we?

E said...

Mimo777: Ooooh Water Fungus

Zoezoe11: Doesn't our zebra have that?

Like my caption?


Chazzdrwho38 said...

Mimo hi zoezoe! Want to go and smell some zebras?

Zoezoe ummmmm...ok but haven't you noticed a giant island in the middle of the pool?

Mimo yeah but don't worry i think club penguin is renovating! Yaaaaaaay!!!

Anonymous said...

Mimo-Ready GO!

ZoeZoe-How am i supposed to swim Do you NOT see the island right there!

like it -Frozen Boxy is my penguin name

Louisacg said...

Mimo: Phew I've been swimming for so long and I've finally found rockhopper island, oh wait that's just part of the forest... WHAT?! the forest?
Zoezoe: Mimo, stay back, the tribe of penguin-eating puffles is behind that rock AND THEY CAN SWIM!!!

Blue21711 said...

Mimo:Well I guess i brought a forest here.
Zoe Zoe: HellO? how can u even brigh one..By the way your sleepwalking.

Anonymous said...

Mimo: I've snuck into another secret room!

ZoeZoe: No there was just a few too many puffles in puffle roundup!


Jack in da Box said...

Mimo: ZoeZoe, you know we can't afford an island, is it going to fall out of the sky?
(island falls into the pool)
ZoeZoe: Hehe

Anonymous said...

Mimo: Hobo and chichen eating monkeys make popcorn with penut butter

ZoeZoe: No it's chichens eat popcat with hobos when you are eating ice crean on sunday.

user: Spideysome
and Girlysings12

Anonymous said...

Mimo: OMG how did that get here?
ZoeZoe: Woah that is one huge hole in the roof!

Anonymous said...

Mimo:whats that smell in the pool?

ZoeZoe:Mimo! did you cut the chease again?

Manrehs said...

ZoeZoe: Watchout TITANIC!

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