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Friday, August 3, 2007

SECRETS: New August Catalog hidden items cheats

To find the newest secret Club Penguin hidden catalog items do this following.

Step 1. Click on the Map icon in the lower left.
Step 2. Click on "Town."
Step 3. Go into the "Gift Shop."
Step 4. Click on the blue catalog icon in the lower right.

To find the secret hidden swim goggles.

Click to the fouth page.
Click on the wetsuit.

To find the secret hidden RED guitar

Click to the seventh page.
Click on the buttons on the black guitar.

To find the red viking helmets.
Click to the ninth page.
Click the headpones once to find the red Viking Helmet.

To find the blue Viking Helmet.
Click on the headphones.
Then close the Viking Helmet.
Do that again four times to find the blue Viking Helmet.

Have you ever seen the pizza fish?
Click to the tenth page.
Click the pizza.


Unknown said...

i already knew some of this, but i know one more... if you press the flashlight.. it will light up... what you tought abbout that ? :)

Anonymous said...

New pin is on forest behind the rock!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your pages they are AWESOME!!! But what I love the most is that you find things asap! I have a super cool outfit now!

Anonymous said...

WOW! The new catelog is awsome!!!! Do you guys know when the new mission will be out?

Anonymous said...

Hey! New missions not out and its Monday! I was so dissapointed when I found out! Whens the real date!?

Anonymous said...

Pleez if anyone has cheats how to get free stuff post it!

Anonymous said...

when is the fourth msision going to be released

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

i already knew some of this, but i know one more... me too.

Anonymous said...

i dont know anyways! but half of me doesnt want to. because my friend got cuaght and got banned. my openguins has only one more time it can get banned or it will be banned forever. so if anyone who has something that concerns this please share. i will check back here tomorrow

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