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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Mission 4 Avalanche Rescue Extra Award

If you have complete Mission 4 Avalanche Rescue, make sure you get the extra award. Here's how.

Step 1. Anytime before you finish the mission, go to the "Winter Sport."
Step 2. Find the penguin with the belt. Take the belt and put it in your inventory.

Step 3. Leave the shop and now click on the ski lift pole.

Step 4. Drag the belt from your inventory onto the ski pole.

LinkStep 5. You must finish the mission in order to get the extra award.

Now you have the extra award!

We missed it the first time. Did you?

If you haven't completed the mission yet, click here to view the SMART CHEAT GUIDE.

- Club Penguin Gang


Anonymous said...

i already knew that :D

Orange42m said...

I didn't know that but a friend told me before you posted it who had looked at another Club Penguin cheat site. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

more things n

Anonymous said...

Thank you ;D
btw, this is the best CP cheat site IN THE UNIVERSE!!!

Anonymous said...

well im still confused though that wer u find the fur and ow u complete it,,......

Shanti said...


Anonymous said...

I'm confused =/

Anonymous said...

I thought you could get a brown belt you can wear...but i guess not... it's just a medal!!!!!!

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