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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Coins For Change Announcement: More Projects!

Holy moly! Over 23 billion coins have been donated through Coins For Change this year! Club Penguin was so amazed by our generosity that they are going to fund ADDITIONAL projects... over and above the projects you've unlocked!

Thanks to everyone CP in now able to:

  • Help save the home of the Lowland Tapir in Brazil through Lowland Tapir Conservation Initiative
  • Fund a Group Home for homeless kids and a kindergarten for kids in foster care in Ethiopia through Partners in the Horn of Africa
  • Protect the home of the endangered Okapi in the Democratic Republic of Congo through Wildlife Conservation Network
  • Build 3 playgrounds for over 6,000 kids who had no place to play in Afghanistan through Playground Builders
  • Save the forest where the endangered Cotton Top Tamarin lives in Colombia through Wildlife Conservation Network
Awesome job everyone! That is seriously so cool!

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