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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Marvel Super Hero Takeover: Breaking News Video!

Club Penguin has uploaded a new video! 
Check it out:

Sweet! The party has been extended for another week! So everyone put your costumes back on! This party isn't going anywhere.... Until next week. ;-)

What do you think about this new party? Are you happy it's being extended? Superhero or villain?

 - Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President

Mimo's on Twitter Puffle Launch - Disney


flamex123456 said...

The video is not posted, and Aunt Arctic is scheduled to appear on the 29th

Anonymous said...

Noooooo please no its soooo boring! I want it to end :(

savanna789 said...

Oh, Disney.... O_O

Anonymous said...

alot of people cant be happy about the extended party.... but i reckon it could be fun =D

Anonymous said...

no codes?NOOOO plz end for music jam!

Trainpower10 said...

This can't happen!! Nooo! I already got sick of this party fast!

Bingo1059 said...

Oh, no... Looks like another week at the cove for me.

I went into this party with high expectations, but, it just ended up boring me. There's not much to do after you see it. I've been waiting for it to end.

Oh well. I'll try to catch Aunt Arctic.

Anyone know which room she generally hangs out in?


Turk Ois said...


Anonymous said...

No! The party is so boring and it slows the whole site down! I wish they extended the Medieval Party instead!

Unknown said...

is there a specific place to go to start lookin 4 a.a?

Anonymous said...

Is there a specific area on c.p. to meet a.a.?

Anonymous said...

We could meet AA 3 times here are the time for US time zones.
4pm AEST-Friday 11:00PM PST, Saturday 12:00AM MST, Saturday 1:00AM CST, Saturday 2:00AM EST.
4pm PDT-Friday 4:00PM PST, Friday 5:00PM MST, Friday 6:00PM CST, Friday 7:00PM EST.
4pm BST-Friday 8:00AM PST, Friday 9:00AM MST, Friday 10:00AM CST, Friday 11:00AM EST

flamex123456 said...

Aunt Arctic to appear on server Deep Freeze at 4pm AEST, PST, and BST on the 29th of June!

CupcakeCouture said...

Am I the only Australian that got excited when I discovered he was an Aussie?

Nathan said...

It's getting boring.....

Anonymous said...

I just got a membership, so I'm very happy it's being extended.

Anonymous said...

I've converted the three times in the video to Penguin Standard Time.
8:00 AM PST
4:00 PM PST
11:00 PM PST
So, you can meet Aunt Arctic three times on the same server in one day!

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