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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Club Penguin Marvel Super Hero Takeover Cheats!

Woot! The first ever Club Penguin Marvel Super Hero Takeover is here!

Choose your side:

Check out the Town:

Here's the Gift Shop where you can get all your hero and villain goods:

There is a catalog for ALL penguins to get their costumes:

And the "Marvel-ous" Members catalog:

Here is the Police Station... formerly the Stage:

Click the camera to get a FREE Mug Shot Background:

Super Hero HQ:

Super Villain Lair:

Check out the sweet Iceberg: (Thanks, Penguinwalker807)

And, check out the Snow Forts:

Members can go inside the burning building for the Downtown Showdown and a battle awaits!

That is one big bot!

Member's throw snow balls or super-charged snow balls (with Super Gloves in Super Hero Catalog) at all the targets if they are a Super Hero or in the bucket if they are a Super Villain to destroy Destructobot!

It's pretty simple. The hardest part is having to wait until the next battle begins!

FREE money in the Bank (Pizza Parlor)! Woot!

FREE Press Conference Background in the Coffee Shop!

Don't forget to look for Aunt Arctic! She has a cool new office in the Book Room and new background to give you! Sweet?

Whoa! "Super" cool party, don't you think? Be sure to let me know what your favorite thing to do at this party, okay?

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President

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veryfunny said...

thx! Quick Blogger xD

greitasis said...

mimo777 i wanna to meet you in club penguin right now... please tell me what server are you...?

Grande pie said...

Mimo, if you go to the Coffee Shop and click on the camera, you get a free background! That also happens in the BANK! Click on the camera to get the Mug Shot background.

- Grande Pie

sandman60 said...

Wow, I love this new party, I'm dressed up as Hawk-Eye, with the purple gloves! Thanks for the cheats!

Anonymous said...

there is a small model of cp in the Iceberg ^^
go and see it now!

Anonymous said...

Wow you guys wake up so early unless u stayed up

Jeremy Jung said...

So many people try to arrest me.......

Anonymous said...

mimo if you go to the room between the mine and hidden lake ,you know the one with the thow snowballs for power, there is a glitch i plays music from music jam

-waddles jr55

Grande pie said...

Mimo, you didn't give me credit for the free background cheat :(

I told you before you mentioned them in the post. :|

Chardy said...

Hey Mimo.

It is such an awesome party! CP really did a good job :D

I was wondering if you hae noticed the little red dot on the horizon through the telescope at the lighthouse? I don't know what it is, its just next to the bottom of the clouds on the right :)

Waddle on!

Anonymous said...

This party rocks!!! Too bad not all the rooms are decorated :( . So cool!

Anonymous said...

I can't find Hawkeye's Bow & Arrow

Anonymous said...

Mimo! There's music for the fair on the beacon!

Ghump Two said...

Well non-members can have fun playing "Cops n' Robbers", but I was hoping that we could at least have the chance to be ONE superhero/villain. :/

Turk Ois said...

It's definitely a party for boys.
Even the music is depressing except in a few rooms where there is a glitch.
I like the press room though. Would be nice to keep it in the Book Room after the 'party' is over..

Feathergreen said...

Hey, Mimo. I want to tell you some important news. You know the Paint by Letters books in the Book Room? THEY ARE GONE. I don't know what happened, but chances are that the Club Penguin Staff has removed the books due to the lack of popularity of the game due to the fact that it takes almost ten minutes to complete to get 800 coins, when it only takes three minutes to get 900 coins in Cart Surfer if you are really good at it. Please post this, as this is a loss to a true Club Penguin timepiece.

Also, there is a glitch where the controls do not work once you play Cart Surfer. I don't know if this is a glitch on my end, or Club Penguin's end. I think it might be my end, I am not sure, or Club Penguin disabled this due to the Marvel Superhero Takeover, as they do not want penguins being cheap, doing Cart Surfer, and blowing all the money they earned on the costumes. That is what I was going to do due to the fact that these costumes will become rare pieces of clothing because it is a promotional item, and this is the first time a third-party advertiser has made its way throughout Club Penguin.

I know this is a very long comment, but I think it is worth mentioning.

Anonymous said...

hey mimo, there is a superhero pin at the mine shack.


Anonymous said...

Can you get a prize for showdown?

Punky41 said...

Mimo, when you go top of the lighthouse, it plays the carnival music.

Anonymous said...

there is a superhero pin at the mine shack, on the tree. hope you've noticed.

Anonymous said...

i was kinda disappointed, dont get me wrong it's a great party and i love it, but i thought there'd be, you know, real missions.

Anonymous said...

at the iceberg, they forgot to add the secret lake. the lake where you learn how to play if your a new penguin.

Anonymous said...

what is the weird red shiny thing in the distance of the telescope? does it have something to do with the marvel take over?

Anonymous said...

hey mimo i have a secret.
If you dress as a villian you have a black circle under your penguin, Instead of blue.
And if you dress as a superhero you get a yellow ring!

Anonymous said...

When you go to the lighthouse beacon, it plays Puffle Party music, lol.

Anonymous said...

I think they should keep the CP Times office in the bookroom after the party.

Anonymous said...

im on cp too im Myron15 a member black widow and awesome at puffle roundup my fav server is zipline and bigsnow so look for me there for cp cheats and famous people.

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