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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Club Penguin Super Hero Party Revengers!

So the Super Hero Party is coming up and I can't wait! But I think there should be a different league of made up super heroes.... The Revengers!

I want you to tell me your made up super heroes and their super powers and I'll post my favorite in a few days! So here is a few to get you started:

Sargent Sword Arms
Madame Ring-worm
Fire Breathing Marshmallow Dude
Justin Bieber
Captain Cardboard
Professor Tube Socks
Captain Cactus Hugger

Let's hear yours, k?

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President

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1m2a3c said...

metal man can take the form of any metal

I'dtrollthat said...

Two things -
First - lol'd at justin beiber.
Second - Ivysir - the power to be sir, and to be epic

Unknown said...

My hero is FLAME!! He has a fiery cape and a pointy hood with it covering his eyes. (He can see somehow). He has a red and yellow tunic and has a big "F" on his shirt and has red pants he also has boots with flames on them. Annnnyyyywwaaayyy..... he has powers to burst into flames and shoot across the sky. He can also shoot jets of flames from his hands. He can also summon a fire dragon! (My favorite creature!)
Dawson X

Godzilla5419 said...

Gas man- releases toxic gas from you know what that puts enemies to sleep.

Maintenance Man- Rubbish man that has one super power... destroying rubbbish

Justin Beiber- Error 404

Chuck Norris- Can do anything except defeat Bruce Lee

Road- Can ifiltrate any thing by building various paths through objects

Mommy- The worlds ultimate Super hero

Me- Can destroy universe.

Anonymous said...

Goo girl ;) bball722

Alex1941 said...

Black Window (Black Widow Parody)
The Inedible Huckleberry (Hulk Parody)
Hawt Eyes (Hawk Eye Parody)
Captain Avocado (Captain America Parody)
"No Habla Englis"-Man
Super Pear
"I Love M&Ms"-Lady
Captain Hobo
Plastic Bag Man
Lookie At Me (Loki Parody)
I Gotta Take A Wiz-Ard! (Lizard Man Parody)
Captain Bejing
Dora The Evil-Loser
RatMan (Batman Parody)

Anonymous said...

Mimo, please look at the Strange Machine Article in the news because the broken machine is the Protobot! He was destroyed remember, Herbert might have rebuilt him! Please check out the news about this!

Loveluna 19

Anonymous said...

hey mimo ive made a hero too its name is dr.octopus it has a big and thick water tank made up of glass its powers are-long tounge,laser eyes,electrical tentacles,teleport,and sheild
its weakness is that if the water tank is broken an not replaced in 3hours dr. octopus will die

skeleton6667 said...

super Cornwell dragon chicken [lol]

Anonymous said...

Hey mimo its Pnksmoothie4 here!
My cool made-up superheros would be the Loops

Heptonic:he can hypnotise all.
Fainter girl:We all faint when we see her.
Morther dude: he can morth into anyone.
Crushon: he throws mega heavy pillows


Thunderlight: he can control the weather and makes earthquakes

Anonymous said...

i think there should be one called the turner and he/she should be able to turn anything we want them to all we have to do is type it in the chat box and press enter and then they just turn into them

Happyblue128 said...

Mimo Guy

peko86511 said...

my one is a guy called supersonic his powers are super speed and wall climbing

Andrew said...

Why is Justin Bieber on that list?

Anonymous said...

lol justin bieber

Stub990 said...

Mimo i spotted a typo. Its Captian not Caption. My hero is the grandma knitter. she can knit nets really fast! and catch bad guys! she can also knit fire proof items.

Anonymous said...

MY mom:)

Like Or No L said...

Iron Meap

bball722 said...

goo gal
by bball722

Anonymous said...

lol Justin Bieber

bhuz55pog said...

AA is logging on w/ no party and undefined BG! Glitch or tip that AA is gonna be on the next party

Anonymous said...

My hero is Chaos! He uses the power of chaos to help. He wears mostly orange and red. Sometimes he causes chaos though.

I'm a robot on cp btw.

BHUZ55POG said...

Substance Sally! Can change water into any substance she wants. She can also bend water! She can even turn into a liquid so she can get through seeled doors! Teleportation can be used through the slaty sea!

~ bhuz55pog

Penigusen said...

Mimo I have two codes for you from the magazine again!

There are 2 codes given, each give you 500 coins, totaling up to 1,000 coins! See the codes below.

The two codes are:

Anonymous said...

I'll never understand why youre such a freak

Anonymous said...

My super hero is called FATER made out of WATER AND FIRE! He has a scary body made out of water, but you can see his insides are made of FLAMES! He surely is hot! He hides the rest of himself with blue and red (his two favourite colours)but you can still see his bulging eyes poking out at you. Anyway his powers is for to help people who are good, but punish people who are bad. He can fly through the sky at top speed, shoot fire and water and be dreadfully evil, also gratefully thankful!
Thank You so much!
Jasmine xxx ;)

Hunterm6 said...

antifire - instead of breathing fire, they breath water and get fires out.

brain - when he gets angry, he gets small and his brain gets huge! hes stronger than hulk and smarter than einstein when he is angry

aqua - he grows gills and gets scales when he touches water and is able to summon all aquatic animals to fight in his army.

hope you find those interesting.

Anonymous said...

My superhero's name is either Storm ( I know that's taken ) of Amp-Man. Anyways he was a normal man untill he was struck my lightning on him way to work. Then he gained the powers to shoot electricity out of his hands in any way possible! He can also control the weather. Also me and my friend made heroes who work together. the are identical twins with different powers! My hero can control fire in any way imaginable ( He can also make fire ). My friens hero does the same with ice! We have identical awesome suits exept mine has red on it and his has blue.

Rappzo said...

HawkMan-His not a jet, nor an
ordinary penguin, hes Hawk man. The penguin who can swoop down evil villians on the action of crime. Saving penguins 24/7 swooping down villians with eyes like a Hawk.
Rappzo From CP. P.S. Hi Mimo777 Please Add me as Your Friend in CP im ur biggest fan!

Rappzo said...


Anonymous said...

Mount Mind - A guy with weird glasses and uses his mind to
DESTROY the world!

Pee girl - She pretends to be a robber with some people robbing a bank but them pees at them!

Super Mom - the super hero who really embarrasses kids by changing their diapers and puts them in timeout.

Mr. Slappy - He has a huge hand and slaps bad guys

Jack Farts - Well I got this from a boy in my class he farts in everybody's faces and even in the teacher's.

Bone Crusher - Well... His job is pretty much the easiest job in the world! He just touches a person and they are so scared they over react by his name ( bone crusher) and dies.

Iron Pan - A pan with iron and you pretty much know the rest

Glue guy - He uses glue and sticks the bad guys to the walls so they can't move and get caught

The last one... Mimo777! He helps people get to know club penguin, he's a really cool guy! He also is so famous people just faint & die because they can't believe its him!

Please post me Mimo :)

jacob hackman said...

my hero/villan is dark shadow he wears black has a mask and takes out bad guys but if the heros go near him he takes them out 2 his powers r stronger than hulk and iron man combined and he can fly

Grande pie said...

Lokitty - An evil cat that wants to conquer the universe and defeat his brother, Cathor.

Anonymous said...

Mimo777 is my hero he fights evil with his mind and it know them out and he has acid ray to kill them

My villan is Billybob he takes over club penguin with his Ban Ray it ban's ay one who is in their way and he has the dojo card it makes him beat in every Card jusi game.

Anonymous said...

My hero is 'Animal', he has the abilities of the ultimate animal species. He can summon mystical beasts and creatures, and when he is mad enough, he turns into a ferocious savage beast that can't be tamed or stopped.

Yackydo said...

Ripoff movie idea! The Revengers: Cap'n Canada, Metal Man, Hammor, The Bulk, Brown Recluse & FalconGuy must unite 2 save world from aliens.

Anonymous said...

mah hero is I.M. Meen because he traps goodie-goodies in his magic book

Anonymous said...

The turner (he can turn into anything he wants)

The Candy (she shoots candy at bad guys)

Pingywin8 said...

Math:He can make bad guys confuse with his equations(has Einstein like hair)

Mommy007- She can make bad guys cry and make Loki go to their mommy crying.

Bomb:He has gas bombs which can stink the whole world.

Teacher:The heroine which half the world hates and half the world loves(she is on the good side).She is always angry and kicks the bad guys out.She is also a very close friend to math.

Infinity:He has infinite ideas to trick the bad guys.But has equal power to math and always tries his best to beat him.

Mimo777:The coolest,strongest hero in cp.

Me:Even has the same powers of Mimo
but has invisibility and is equal to Mimo.

Altamont said...

KFC Chicken dude
Captain Captain
Ronald McDonald

Godzilla5419 said...

Ok enough of heroes, how about villains?
-Ninja Nightmare: a furious martial legend. An ancient warrior from Martian martial law.
-Bob: Blue Omninet bezerk. A living form able to transfer his molecular denstiy into any electrical current. He can also summon a maximum of infinite voltage upon Earth.
-Bad Boy Johhny: A classic villain from the 1980's who wants the world to fear his name once again.
-Boy from Below: Just dont mess with this guy.
-Justin Beiber: The terror of the universe. His voice= destruction.
-Bedsheet Brawler: Unlike a villain who uses physical powers, this can guy can send heroes to the depths of the ocean of faer by infiltarting thierr heads in dreams.
Teacher X- Think your teacher is acting suspicious? Well, you may have Teacher X. Dont mess with him.
Darkness- It is a force which only one force can stop- light

Anonymous said...

also has anyone thought of one named:

Mimo guy. he is able to get a cheat whatsoever on any website, IS THE COOLEST GUY ON THE WORLD and is a BIG computer genius.

XD i dunno this is part of Nicki, Mariah and Katie as well. from Shadow25256

Penigusen said...

The Anonymous's comment down me, did you say that to me? If then why? :/

Anonymous said...


Coobreedan said...


Frying Pan- Shoots bacon and eggs

Captain Mexico- Shoots taco boomerangs

Bob the Builder- He has a powerful hammer

Butterfly Man- Shoots flowers and can fly

Incy Wincy- Excellent at spying but rubbish at climbing up water spouts

Fluffy Fist- Does cuddly punches

Lightbulb- Comes up with ideas

Nick Sleepy- ZzzzZZZZzzzzzZZZZzzzz

Pidgeon Eye- Fires poo out of his bow

Green Giant- Sweetcorn...

Draco said...

Draco: half man with dragon dna from when his ancestor battled with a dragon that blew flames that enveloped his ancestor then entered his body. he uses the raw DNA to create a suit out of a rare metal called macanian which is skin tight and can morph into any shape or form. he uses this metal in his weapon also which is usually a staff but like his suit can change into a liquid and become any weapon. he is super stong as super agility, can breath fire and can summon scales onto his body which make him invulnerable

Samurai Boss said...

The Incredible Dusty! He can become dust in just a matter of seconds! (He can also cause streptococcus but that's another story).

Hockeyboy540 said...

Lord Punch-a-lot

Anonymous said...

Galactus, devourer of planets.

A villain, never a hero.

Anonymous said...

Mom - making things that people can't find magically appear.

Yinfin21 and D_Dude3 said...

Frozen Shard
power: ice
Diffrent attachments like
spinna fist, shard saw, frozen sword,x ray vision, night vision, icicle gun, and ice bomb launcher

superdog 94 said...

ULTRA PENGUIN!!!!! ultra penguin has a side kick named ultra puffle and they mostly come out during the april fools day party. when they put out the boxes that say up,that actualy means Ultra Penguin and when you step inside, you end up in ultra penguins secret layer!!!!!! He wares a red and blue suit with his logo in the middle saying UP and red combat boots and a red and blue mask

Anonymous said...

bimbob man he can change into anything with the letters b i m b or o in it lol

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

captain fire phoenix has the power of the phoenix that means he cant die and he has lava magma and fire powers to destroy everything

Anonymous said...

Mine is FRED who can annoy bad guys to death

Dj minty gr33n said...

My super hero is angel she has wings and controls light and dark. And makes them into weapons

Stickers303 said...

You guys are so mean to Justin!! He is my world!!


Anonymous said...

lol i like yackydos idea.

Anonymous said...

justin beiber- he can make girls between the
ages of 6-17 faint by walking in the same room with them.And
also miley cyrus who
can sound like a tone
deaf cat giving birth to a lama....

Anonymous said...

Ms. Autumn has the power to change any season and her hair and eye color can change depending on her mood

jmr908 said...

Sonic the batman: can run and be stealthy at super-sonic speeds hense the name Sonic.

sandy473 said...

Guy with jb hair - kos baddies

Anonymous said...

I'm totally going with J.B. ( Justin Bieber!!! )

Anonymous said...

everyone in the whole wide world ( not villains) and in the galaxy (still no villains)

Anonymous said...

mimo- everything that is random power


Mrwaddel51 said...

Heroes: SunKnight!The opposite of MoonKnight!Black Cat: Can MEOW his enemies to death. Also, king of LitterLand. Thoreo: The godly cookie.
Villains:DEATH. It kinda explains itself, but here: He's a skeletal dude in black robes, he wears a hood, has ruby eyes and wields a scythe...can touch anyone to kill them. Justin Bieber: Kills everyone with his horrible singing.

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