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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rockhopper's Quest Reviewed By You and Puffle Party Sneak Peek!

In the last Reviewed By You, Club Penguin asked us what our favorite part of Rockhopper's Quest has been and Skittlez527 said:

Hello, Rockhopper's Quest was really fun. My favorite part of it was when all the penguins worked together to make the Migrator sail on the water. We got to throw our snowballs at the targets to work different parts of the ship like the fan or the rockets. We can all accomplish anything with teamwork. Good job penguins!
Now, check out this awesome Sneak Peek from the upcoming Puffle Party:

Saweet! A puffle spa! Still kinda girly like the fashion show, eh? But, wait!! That's not a puffle, that's Happy77! Woot! Penguins WILL become puffles!

With the Puffle Party coming next week, Club Penguin wants to know your favorite puffle color for the next Reviewed By You!

Of course, you all know, my favorite puffle color is Aqua! How 'bout you? I know lots of you hate my color choice, but what is YOUR fav?

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President

Mimo's on Twitter Puffle Launch - Disney


Conor Chobots said...

my fav color is blue =P

Anonymous said...

i hate aqua. it looks like blue. lavender should of won :P

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