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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Club Penguin March Parents Update!

Club Penguin emailed parents this update for March:

Share Stories

The success of Coins For Change shows how passionate our players are about changing the world. We asked what they'd say to kids who benefited from their generosity. Their responses inspired us to publish some in a book we'll send to libraries and schools we support around the globe. The finished book will also be available online for everyone to read in the coming months. 

Party with Pets

From March 15-27 we'll celebrate the special love a child has for their pets with the Puffle Party! There are uniquely decorated areas for each color of puffle, and fun opportunities for kids to care for and play with their pets! And every penguin and puffle can get free matching hats! Suggest your child hunt around at Club Penguin's Town Center, Plaza, Ski Village and Ski Lodge to find their prizes.

Create Connections

If you and your child have some time and are looking for fun things to do together, check out our offline activities. From cooking and crafts to outdoor activities, there are lots of ways to connect and get creative. It's also a great place to get ideas on how to keep the kids busy offline while they're on school holidays!

Cool update for parents, eh? What are you most looking forward to?

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President

Mimo's on Twitter Puffle Launch - Disney


daphnie58245 (CPG mod (i hope)) said...

Mimo!!!! When the screen loads there is a penguin shoveling snow, a penguin throwing a pizza in the air, or a penguin cart surfing. Please give me credit!

nayab112233 said...

Hey Mimo777, did you see clubpenguins new way of loading a page, with the differnet penguins doing smething different. Pretty cool huh.

Anonymous said...

mimo, theres a new glitch. its sliding. idk how to do it but i saw a couple people do it at sled. you gotta check it out!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mimo777! I noticed something you may want to post. In the new CP Times Edition it said to look for places with stormy weather for secrets. So I did. Funny thing, on Shipwreck Island, if you wait for the lightning in the far right, you'll see the dark form of an Island! I don't know what it means, but it might mean something.

From, Crazy Guy472

Anonymous said...

like load skreen is like NEW with like a penguin like shovelin like SNOW (like dont read the likes


leaderxtreme said...

HEY GUYS! Club penguin made a new update! when you login your penguin or go to a server they put new animations while its loading!

leaderxtreme said...

Guys! when you log in check your screen- there's an animation!

Anonymous said...

If you click on the orange triangular thing which appears and moves at the extreme right center of the rockhopper scene before the logging screen you can see a short clip animation of an orange penguin shoveling snow, while the log in screen is loading!

Anonymous said...

new log in clips!


Nimfbieber said...

There's a new loading-screen.

Feathergreen said...

Dude, I have several new updates for you:

1. There is a new loading page. Instead of the white arrows, you will get one out of three animations. You will get:

a. A penguin shoveling snow
b. A penguin cart surfing
c. A penguin throwing pizza in the air

2. You know the Crew Caps being a free item to everybody at the Beach? Well, they were replaced with Life Vests from 2007. Pretty neat, huh?

mario30206 said...

Crazy guy472, i just went to shipwrek island to look at that shadow and i noticed trees on it that didnt look like ones we have on cp.they looked like ones with coconuts on them,the kinds i would imagine rockhopper island to i guess you know where im going with this.WE GET TO VISIT ROCKHOPPER ISLAND!

JayMan93 said...

MIMO!!!!!!!!! New RHQ Free Item - Life Vest! CP repleaced the Sailor's cap with a life vest. That, & new loading screens!

Darcey002 said...

Mimo777 when you go to the beach their is a life vest plz give me credit

Anonymous said...

i'm actually looking foward another color vote 2012 and i hope another new color lavender or maroon

Anonymous said...

anyone else bin havin problems with cp loadin 2day

mario30206 said...

this comment is going to all of those people who keep posting comments about the new loading screens and the life vest at the beach.MIMO ALREADY POSTED ABOUT THESE SO WHY WOULD HE GIVE YOU CREDIT!

Anonymous said...

i want hair but im not a member:( what do i do??

Pingywin8 said...

Mimo there is a cool new glitch.
If you walk while changing your items you will slide.

club penguin cheats said...

Hey Mimo!
At the Beach there Is A New Free Item
Gotta Check it Out!
-Paint Boy332

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