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Thursday, March 15, 2012

2012 Club Penguin Puffle Party!

Woot! The Club Penguin Puffle Party is here!

Do this to get the first FREE item:

1. Go to Town or the Plaza or the Puffle Show.
2. Click on the box of hats.

You now have the Polka Dot Puffle Hat! Whoo hoo, a NEW free item! Thanks, CP!

The Puffle Show which was for member's only last year is now open to ALL penguins! Woot!

If you click the camera you get a FREE background:

 Here is how to get the other FREE item:

1. Go to the Ski Village
2. Go in the Puffle Zone. (Ski Lodge)
3. Click the Puffle Hat.

Here is the first room of the Puffle Zone available to all penguins:

This room offers a Puffle Costume catalog!

Here is what the Member only room looks like:

When you enter this room, you are asked to choose a puffle:

I'll choose to be Patty:

If you wave, you will take a nap!

If you dance, you will play with your puffles favorite toy: (so phun!)

When ever you are ready to be a penguin again, all you have to do is click your player card and Trasform back into your penguin":

This is what the other member's only room, the Rooftop, of the Night Club looks like:

There is even a Box Portal at the Beach so it will be easier to get the the Box Dimension and watch those Orange Puffles eat cookies! Yum!

Don't forget to walk your puffles and keep an eye on the balloon colors from room to room! ;-)

Saweet! Lots o' fun at the Party, huh? Let me know what your favorite part is!


Anonymous said...

U forgot something in the right hand corner at the puffle spa there is a book. U can buy big puffle costumes. So check it out

Arim Erty

Anonymous said...

One more thing at the puffle contest at the ski village u can take your pic and its a back ground. so check it out

Arim Erty

Maverick2626 said...

There is also a St. Patrick's day party at the mine with a free Giant Green hat! :]

Unknown said...

can you add me mimo my cp name is chudpa

9enguinguide said...

Mimo and also you can get a free stamp called food fight on top of the lighthouse near the telescope when you shoot the target of the big green puffles mouth :)

Forest292 said...

@ Arim Erty. He just said that.

Isit2001 said...

To Mimo777: Last Nights Puffle Party was just a sham. They haven't finished every upload as the Stage script is still Viking Opera,the Puffle Play Zone Book doesn't work and neither the Puffle Feeding room.

simi583 said...

also at the beacon top (green puffle's room) you can get a stamp for throwing a snowball that turns into food

Petpet77 said...

I luv reading your cheats and stuff. Puffles are my favorite things in the whole world

Anonymous said...

Mimo! you can get as many mini puffle hats as you want so all your puffles can wear them!

Anonymous said...

hey mimo have you meet any famous penguins?

Boogle 118 said...

Mimo have you met ph yet?

That guy. said...

MIMO clubpenguin has changed somthing! and its good! if you go into the members only room "underwater room" in the cave thing...the key pin is GONE! so thats means members dont have to complete the game to go into it! woot!


Anonymous said...

The hat at the town and ski village (puffle party)are the same even if u say mini or not because i could only get 1.

Anonymous said...

Mimo take a look at the Telescope.


Unknown said...

when are you going to post a comment tracker for PH?

Turk Ois said...

I'm glad they had the little St. Patrick's Day display and hat at the mine shack.
I wish they would make it so we could buy the green igloo with the shamrocks again. It was gone before I joined but I've seen some people with it.

4545devin said...

Looks fun :) Too bad I lost membership. These cheats make me feel like i'm experiencing the members only stuff.

Anonymous said...

The Puffle Party is great! :) too bad non-members can't be turned into Puffles... :/ and it's pretty cool we can get lots of Puffle hats for our beloved Puffles! :) now, each of my Puffles look styling~! ;)

djf said...

there is a new spy phone message

Trueblue3280 said...

Bunchinqueen told me this...
You can get unlimited a puffle's party hat(up to 20 in inventory ,but more with puffles wearing them)

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