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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Club Penguin: Best Seat in the House Vid!

Club Penguin has uploaded another video to You Tube. Check it out:

I have posted this video before when Club Penguin told us they would be showing this in theatres, but for some reason, Club Penguin is just now adding it to You Tube. And, this time, it is longer.

Did you notice any new deets we should watch for?

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President
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Anonymous said...

This is so cool. I like it how almost all the penguins see Herbert & Klutzy except Jet Pack Guy. So are they on the island?

DMA0712 said...

Wow! 2 in 2 days! Club Penguin's working overtime lol :)

Waddle On!


DMA0712 said...

BTW, what's the point in this vid?

Waddle On!


DMA0712 said...

Finally, let the guy eat his popcorn and enjoy the play in peace! Gee whiz!

Waddle On!

Bobawesome said...

Herbert was covered in snow!
Is he hiding under the snow or trapped in an avalanche?

stub990 said...

I think this probably wont happen and i know its a silly theorie but, maybe cp will replace the stage with a theathre maybe with a bunch of 2 or 5 minute movies or shorts like this one.

daphnie58245 (CPG mod (i hope)) said...

At 0:10 Rockhopper is at the Snow Forts!

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