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Monday, July 11, 2011

I haven't posted about Club Penguin in 3 days?! Wha?

Dood. I got super busy, sorry about that.

Ok, here's a test:

Your great, great, great, Grandma Rufus died and left you 28.6 squzillion dollars. So you decided to buy Club Penguin

Name 3 things and only 3 things you would do to make Club Penguin better!

Leave a comment, GO!

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President

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Dsung said...

Make clothes(dress) be available for Non-Members. That's one of 'em!

Autumn Rain said...

1. Lower the membership rates (at least back to normal)

2. Make more items with special dances and return a few older items

3. Make a few things more for non-members

Anonymous said...

Bring back the Mountain Expedition, lower membership prices, and every week, every penguin will get a donut! :D

Arbiter And The Chief said...

One make the whole thing have halo
Two make the puffles talk
Three make rockhopper come every month

pengiimen said...

hmm. Well first I would give non-members a chance to do every thing that only members can do! Even make catalogs available for everyone! Next I would probably update every single room so all of them look new (the dock image is getting old, isn't it?) Finally, I would make more missions to do!


Anonymous said...

1. New places! Maybe access to Rockhopper Island?

2. More clothing for non-members, but not all.


Oh yeah.


Anonymous said...

wow I just reealized that you didnt post for 3 days. guess I was probably to busy too.

mariofanx3 said...

2. Edit your own map
3. Members and non-members can get all puffsles.

Coyote07 said...

1. Let non-members do just a little more.
2. Add more missions, rooms and parties.
3. Update all of the rooms and make them look more modern.


Anonymous said...

1. give back water party and other old parties(Submarine party) 2.Free shirts not hats! 3.A free member ship for a week each 6 months! Ahh... I wish all this was true...Pups2003

Anonymous said...

1.I would let every penguin be a member for one whole month.
2.Id let every penguin find all the mascots easier.
3.Id let all penguins that dont know about the beta team go on it and play them if they haven't played the ones there.

Arbiter And The Chief said...

One make it so you can make your igloo a pirate ship
Two put dogs in it
Three make it so you can fly

Anonymous said...


1. i would give non members a chance to be a member for a whole month .

2. when mascots come (rockhopper,sensei,cadence) every one would get a special time to meet that mascot.

3. give out more free items.


X man2001 said...

1.I would like to make my own items

2.i would stop membership so it would be fair for unmembers to get items.

3.You could get a steed(MEMBER'S ONLY)anythyng else for unmember's

X man2001 said...

1.We could create you own item.

2.(MEMBER ONLY) Beable to buy upgrades sleds like rockets on it

3.Nyon puffle as a pet or a costume


hbk399 said...

1. return the WATER PARTY those were fun!

2. Make more mascots

3. Make coins for change a YEARLY thing!

Anonymous said...

1st i would change the hot pink puffle which might be coming to a grey one
2nd make a game where you design your own games like a platform game where you choose theme EG puzzle or adventure and character EG puffle or penguin
3rd make a rainbow puffle which is every puffle combined so it plays all puffle minigames

Anonymous said...

1.non memeber month where everyone is a memeber for one month no paying
2.Around the world party(Where every room repsents a differnt country pet crabs(differnt color like puffles and diffent natures)

Anonymous said...

1) more non member clothes
2) more rooms
3) another special penguin

Cody Solar said...

I would...

1.Add a football field

2.Improve all the parties

3.Make more items for the Penguin Style and Better Igloos catalogs

Caleb said...

You could sell back items for half as much as you brought them for
More free stuff and more FRIENDS.<3
That was love by the way

coolomancp said...

1.Make every catalog also have a catalog for non-members
2.Make a way for it to have a Teen mode
3.Make everything realistic

Anonymous said...

1. let penguins get jobs
2. food for penguins
3. make puffle translators

Anonymous said...

1. Make more games
2. Make more clothes items
3. Make more rooms

Pottingmix said...

I would have Coins for Change give out 2000 every week to 10 different charities, let all puffles be bought by non-members and give out items to the kindest penguins every week.

Anonymous said...

1.CANCEL MEMBERSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2.add more games,places,shops,etc.
3.Make puffles even cuter

Anonymous said...

1. The Gift Shop selling Gold Cards that can unlock a special effect such as atom power that makes penguins turn green and Followers that follow you all around Club Penguin

2. Brand new houses, clothes, games, puffles, rooms, and room looks

3. Non-members can do everything a member can do

Anya20879 said...

-Make atleast 1 new room to be added in the map.
-Make a CP social site.
-Have atleast 2 membership days every month.

Jojojo33342 said...

Here is my to three things to do if I bought Club Penguin.

1. First, I would make it so all the non-members can do whatever the members can do.(buy stuff, go to exclucive rooms in parties,etc.)

2. Make a new game and add new stamps every month.

3. Make more items with special dances and make the parties more "exciting."

Dilillili and Pan said...

New places.
Bring back/make new PSA missions.
Change either games, festivals or the play at the theatre (changes are as rare as fairy dust there) more often.

Admin said...

1. make it totally bug free
2. have free membership days
3. give everyone access to the lake room without having to do the tutorial over again

Anonymous said...

1.I'd make you have unlimited friends.
2.You could buy memberships with your Club Penguin money(not real money though).
3.You could bee friends with famous penguins(Gary,Aunt Arctic, Cadence ect.)

tom said...

1. new name island

3.take membership off

Anonymous said...

I would turn everyone into cats.

Then I would force everyone to go to Rockhopper's island to find the magical chicken.

THEN I would turn them back into penguins.

Lisa673/Rhirhi said...

1. Make more things for non members

2. Lower membership prices to like $2.00

3. Make something come out every day

4. New Places

Madblue18 said...

1. Lower Membership prices to $3.50 every month.

2. Non-members have their very own exclusive Non-Members Catalog.

3. Make Mimo777 replace Billybob.

Moniqueishcool said...

Firstly I would get rid of paid membership as the paid members often look down on some non members for not having anything and personally I think getting money out of kids for an online game is silly. CP could make money through merchandise.
Secondly bring back the epic water party because everyone seemed to love it.
Thirdly make EPF missions like the PSA missions and have them come out like once a month regularly.

Eragon.Saphira said...

1. Half the cost of memberships
2. Have Rockhopper and other famous penguins come more often
3. Have old member items become available for non-members at the parties (so the 2011 member only item will be the 2012 non-member item, so that non-members don't miss out)

Mrpingping said...

1. Make non members be able to buy things
2. Make Membership £1.00
3. Make Another Secret Room

Stickers303 said...

Make memberships way cheaper, celebrate all countries holidays e.g Australia Day and make it more cool for teens.


Mikeyw8 said...

i would lower the membership prices and make a new place!

Aaronsuper1 said...

1. Give Free "T-Shirts" more often during parties so we have to look cool in.
2. Make Club Penguin free for a week.
3. Send Terminator to find fail dale and terminate 'im.

Anonymous said...

1) lower the prices of memberships
2) get some new dances in
3) tell where rockhopper and other people are so they get a chance of seeing them.

Cheeky 123987

Puddles 282 said...

1) make the membership rates lower
2)make more things for non members
3) make it easier to find the famous people

Anonymous said...

1. Lower Membership $
2. Bring back old party's(Water Party anyone?)
3. Bring Old Rooms back!(dojo, PetShop, ect.)
P.S.I have MORE!
4. STOP bringing back old items( I am not that rare anymore.)
5.More Things for non-members

Glenn31 said...

1. Spend many sleepless nights fixing all the glitches
2. Give Non-Members the Ability to access Fire Dojo etc. and wear clothes
3. Bring back good parties like the Penguin Play Awards, The Festival of Flight, The Water Party and Winter Fiesta

Anonymous said...

THey only care about Members because they do a lot of stuff for them, they should think on non-Members now!

Anonymous said...

1. Make more games.
2. More things for non-members.
3. Create an island connected to clubepnguin?


Cuddlepots said...

1)Rename it "Penguin Club".
(I think it's a better name).

2)Base it on agents and ninja.
(Ninja and agents are epic!)

3)Sell it to Artix Entertainment on the condition they would make a sequel named "Penguin Club Worlds".

(They did well with DragonFable, Mechquest, AdventureQuest, EpicDuel, HeroSmash, AdventureQuest Worlds and their minigames, why wouldn't they do well with PC (Penguin Club)?

Tommy88696 said...

1.bring back old cp.

2.ban all babys.

extend music jam forever xD.

Pancakes8876 said...


2. Give non-members a special "Non-Members Only!" room in parties or make some items in the catalog available for them.

3. Being able to walk two puffles at the same time.

Alec Warper said...

1. Contests and Giveaways.
2. Ninja Missions
3. Mission 12

Braceface27 said...

1. Parties, parties, parties!

2. More special Items

3. Missions (like the old days)and field ops in between.


P.S. Where does squillion fall on the number line? Is it after a bazillion? Or before?

Anonymous said...

1. give everyone spartan armor
2. give them supplies also
3. turn cp into a real war zone

Rippie192 said...

I uhh don't really get this post XD anyways waddle on!

Swim Rocket said...

Tell club penguin that there is no such number as squidzillion. It should change to quintoquadagintillion.
Then the other two would be give me the lighthouse pin that they took from me and won't give me back. And last make age exclusive parties.

Bobawesome said...

1. More stuff for non members
2. Make more rooms (even though that takes forever to write the java out)

Anonymous said...

1.make non member may buy 5 clothing from the catalog every month wigs are not counted

2.move all the wigs to the wig catalog

3.make a baby shop which they can live there but people with puffles cant enter

Anonymous said...

make things for non-members
lower membership prices
make more party(new every year)

Doopliss677 said...

1. Fire Disney.
2. Not bringing back old items.
3. Making the old Club Penguin be the same.

webkinzboy8 said...

I think you should be able to sell clothes, furniture, etc. This would make Club Penguin better!!

Mingming667 said...

1)No members, non-members can buy igloo furniture and clothes

2)More Places and being able to tip the iceburg (and get exclusive free stuff)

3)More ways to get codes!!! Like if you solve a field opp or mission you get a free code and unlock something!


Anonymous said...

Hey,Mimo Post The Party Puzzle Stamp Yesterday, Party Puzzle Stamp Was For Non Members !

Piplup J said...

1: Give penguins body items, member or not (I hate naked penguins(Unless there actual penguins)
2: Bring back the sport shop but make the stadium better.
3: Create rockhopper island and the have a 2 day trip for penguins who chose to go so they can do jobs around the migrator for Rockhopper whilst they travel. There would be a speacil group of items with dances to do the different jobs

Handel4 said...

1.I would make free membership day(Where all penguins can do everything members can do) Every 3 months
2. Hire many people due to the lay off
3. Hard to explain

Royalpengu22 said...

Make trousers and hats different catagories

More non-member stuff

Old newspaper but with graphics of new one

Aw yeah!

King Mookie said...

make it so special dances can be done while other, non-dancing items are on.

no such thing as non-members (free membership)

you can buy coins and certain super special items. ($1 for 500 coins and 1 special item per month_

Abdul54 said...

1.squashing all the bugs like stamp bug
2. make old parties back
3. make lot more stuff for non-member etc. parties clothg's (edit that mimo) and funiture.

Charguy said...

1 Give every new penguin a 1 month trial membership.

2. Make all famous penguins never leave (They just are always on CP)

3.The penguin band plays at the iceberg one everyday

Underwear Gaming said...

1. Make Rockhoppers Island and JOE's Island xD

2. Make Membership FREE

3. Fire Billybob and Make Mimo777 take his PLACE! ;)

~Joe CPG

daphnie58245 (CPG mod (i hope)) said...

1 i would let penguins send stuff to each other
2 i would lower the membership price to $1.00 a month, $5.00 for 6 months, and $10.00 for 12 months
3 give the employes that got laid off their jobs back

Piper said...

1. A puffle that is made of bacon.Oh and its a BABY so its like a little bacon crumb.:)
2. Non-Memebers can do everything but buy the puffle made of bacon, so that you don't pay for a membership that gets you nothing.
3. RULE CLUB PENGUIN. No, wait, if I bought CP, I'd already be ruling it. So.... I'D HAVE UNLIMITED COINS!!!!!

Mario30206 said...

I have the blue screen of death! i try to log in but when it gets to **load_undefined** it just stays there. whats going on?

phillies kid said...

buy clubpenguin and diss disney!
~Phillies kid OLD CP RULES!

dannystorm1 said...

have a custom background maker so you can show your stye

new rooms

some non-members clothes

Bin58 said...

non members get more stuff.

Lower membership prices

buy everyone a hamster to play with carl....

meyada said...

1. get disney un-involved
2. make every room in a good mood
3. have every one have either a lottery thing or everyone gets 20000 coins every 2 months

Anonymous said...

1. Card Jitsu for everyone
2. Cheaper membership (like $10 for a year)
3. Make rockhopper island accessible to penguins

Anonymous said...


2. Make club penugin the way is used to be.

3. Some new places

For Armes

Anonymous said...

1) Make it possible to hide your puffles in your igloo so they dont annoy u wen u hav penguins round for a party

2 multiplayer game where you jump off
tallest moutain (Like in the online game Base Jumping)

3 Access to Rockhoppper island and tallest mountain

██▓▒Yoto345▒▓██ said...

1 All Puffles can be used in a game

2 Bring back all items and all partys (not including beta party)

3 You can do special dances with other items on.

4 Most items available for non members.

pilpup said...

1. Lower member ship cost
2. Bring back epic parties (Water party, Camping party) + Items
3. Better catalogs, THEY ARE ALL THEMED AS THE UP COMING PARTY! In this case hoodies will NEVER come back..

Flafy said...

1.Low the membership price

2.Make a party room in which you can go back in time and see the parties (they will be upgraded each certain time)

3.Make more items for non-members

Anonymous said...

I Would...
-Make Only Member Things To Become Non-Member And Member Things
-Find Famous Penguins Easier
And Lastly...
-Have The Old Club Penguin Back

Anonymous said...

1) Lower the membership prices maybe to free :D and more stuff for non- members

2) Make more useful items for igloos

3) Make toilets for penguins or somthing? New rooms like male and femle items sepret? Im not sure :D

Jubjub123 said...

Guys stop saying things like "make clothes be avaible for non-members", MEMBERS PAY FOR IT!! if they didnt have memberships, they wouldnt have money to pay to keep club penguin going.


Cinderilie7 said...

Hey Mimo! If u ever get a bug with the room u enter first with a new penguin but on ur main account, use the spy phone and teleport anywhere, the map will b gone, but the arrow and big orange penguin will be there and wherever u go.

Cinderilie7 said...

Hey Mimo! If u ever get a bug with the room u enter first with a new penguin but on ur main account, use the spy phone and teleport anywhere, the map will b gone, but the arrow and big orange penguin will be there and wherever u go.

Iexplor8 said...

1. Let Non-Members Buy 3 items from each catalog.

2. Non-Members Can play levels in games that only members can play.

3. Easier to find famous penguins

Myles said...

Bring Back Some Old Items (Headphones etc.)And more mascots, but less parties. Some people may disagree, but i'll love it! I agree with Dsungaripterus too

Citrus Peal said...

1. Make item moves work when you look like a girl too, not just when looking like a boy. (Thanks for the map working with any clothes!)
2. Make everyone able to throw away items in inventory when they don't want them any more, or bought them by mistake.
3. Go back to the fun PSA missions.

Your Friend Kyle said...

July 11, 2011 8:17 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bring back the Mountain Expedition, lower membership prices, and every week, every penguin will get a donut! :D


LOL! What Kind?

Anonymous said...

how about three words,BRING BACK ROCKETSNAIL.

Anonymous said...

1, Make some clothes, hair ect avialable for non-members.

2, Make chat better. Other people can't see some of the things you say sometimes.

3,Make clubpenguin weather. So when you come on it might be raining ect. :]


My pengy2011 said...

Fire Billybob Because He Makes all these Useless questions

Get the Club penguin Band to come play in my Rockin Igloo.

Make Mimo And My Igloo Famous Places

Coobreedan said...

1. Be able to change your penguin's face expression like in Game Day!

2. Let Non-Members be able to have a one day membership to see what it's like

3. Build-A-Sled game where you can create a cool sled with Gary

Oh btw I sent Club Penguin some fan mail saying it would be cool if we could get X-Treme Surf Cartz as a surfboard in Catchin' Waves and I got a reply saying that they will give my idea to the penguin in charge!

Anonymous said...

1. anyone can be a member
2. make MORE fun games
3. cooler dance moves

Aw Cheer said...

1. Make Club Penguin memberships free
2. Lower the price of Club Penguin merchandise
3. Make Club Penguin playable on the iPhone and other mobile phones

Floppy pt (Natasha) ;) said...

1) Make more things for non-members aka. more puffle's available, buying some items etc.

2) More chances to see Famous Penguins

3) Make a query page so I can look at each penguins preferences and...

4)Ok I know this is 4 but let all penguins get a new igloo item every month - but only if they log in on that month ;)

Floppy pt (Natasha) ;) said...

PS: I know this is 5 but I caant help it!!!

5) Why you buy a puffle it is a baby and you have to raise it til its an adult - but it never dies! ;D

Blue said...

1.More missions and Parties
2.New adventuresand rooms! Like maybe rockhopper island, cool ice caves.
3. Parties! Lots and lots of them and don't keep them too long so they don't get boring.
4. If I could add another I would Make cool plays for the stage and make the stage so much better and not boring.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
...3.Make puffles even cuter

is that even possible?

lvg1028 said...

1. i would lower membership rates
2. do more things for non-members
3.change the epf back to the psa
there is so much more things i would do. i mean you have a ton of money you can do anything!

Braceface27 said...

Anonymous said...
1.non memeber month where everyone is a memeber for one month no paying
2.Around the world party(Where every room repsents a differnt country pet crabs(differnt color like puffles and diffent natures)

Those are some awesome ideas!

Great job


Anonymous said...

1. lower membership price

2.bring back old parties (aka like the campsite party, water party and pirate party and sport party :D
3. make more items and room for non members (i fell bad for them that they dont get to party with us)

Anonymous said...

In answer to the bell, a sweet faced lady opened the door, greeted the.

Lightbluebat said...

1). No membership
2). Be able to layer cloths
3). More puffles

Anonymous said...

Beta Hats for all!!!!

awesomeguy said...

(1)i would make the tallest Mountain a room.
(2)i would make it so that every penguin had an island for their house.
(3)give every penguin a bazillion coins.:)

Anonymous said...

Make the entire game free. Make it so if you're over 13. You can go on certain servers that are made for more mature kids. And improve the EPF by bringing them guns and bringing back Missions/

Aidan Calhoun said...

One of the things if i buy club penguin is make a remembrance day party in November and make all items free to everyone. the 2nd thing i would do is extend the famous penguin visits to about a week. The 3rd thing is Lower the memberships 1 cent- $2.25. The final thing is MAke puffles talk and let penguins play their own puffle toys!


Aidan Calhoun said...

sorry, don't read the 4th thing.

Anonymous said...

1. No memberships, but have an admission fee of five dollars to start, or else how would you make money?
2. Be able to design your own furniture, but not just the design... the whole look of it
3. have more interactive furniture

Anonymous said...

1. Stop being so stingy and give out 10 items of their choice to everyone.

2. Make everyone feel the same, and ask if we want this party before they make parties.

3.Remove bugs

Anonymous said...

1) No More Member Only Rooms, pins and items, availible for EVERYONE

2) Add more Games

3) Remove so many speech filters (I mean, it's hard to just talk to people now on CP so I would remove like ALOT of the blocked words)

And if you're worrying that deleting memberships would make me loose money, well I have all that money Grandma Rufus left me so it's all ok!


Pizzaman126 said...

1. Make every penguin a moderator.

2. Make memberships free.

3. Give all the items since 2005, to penguins when they sign up.

Anonymous said...

1. BETTER CHAT FILTER!! (more things to say)

yelowin said...

1.I would make non-members have more privileges,like playing all levels of all games (including card jitsu), and they could go in the all party rooms too, and have some more clothes, like the simple ones or the party ones (ones you buy in stalls, but not gift shop things).
2.I'd make it so that when your not a member anymore, you would still be able to wear the things you bought when you were one, and have the same igloo.
3.I'd change the mods from robots and hire actually people so that you'll get banned even if you say simple words, because they were with the intention of swearing. (oh crab, go to well, oh ship ect.)and just in case they didn't mean it, they can fight their case in "trial" via e-mail.

hopefully club penguin actually uses these ideas, to make it a more fun and safe environment for kids.

The Cp News said...

1. Buy Club Penguin
2. Make A Few Things For Non-Members
3. Lower Membership Prices!

Dashbond1 said...

No More Glitches No High Membership Prices And Add More Rooms!

Anonymous said...

Wow Mimo, how did you think of a random number like squzillion? :D

Dude2217 said... should get stuff for when its your cp birthday like a party hat or igloo items.

2. you should be able to trade most items and sell things back to the shops for half the price.

3.Stop bringing back so many items because every catolog a rare part of me dies... JUST MAKE NE STUFF!!!

Anonymous said...

1. I would bring back the old cp in a newer updated version
2. I would make add a personal chat service for your friends
3. I would improve some of the games so that EVERYONE cam play
extra!!! it would seem almost like I would have to lower the membership prices as a new owner, so thats the bonus answer

Anonymous said...

How many zeros are in one squzillion?

1. I would bring back all the old parties(like the Christmas party)and the fireworks.
2. I would update a whole lot of stuff(All throughout winter it would snow! yay!)
3. I would make different igloo styles and a more customized playing experience(ie: beach igloos, forest igloo, a smart house igloo just for agents that were part of the PSA and have completed more than 50 field ops and all missions)
4. a WHOLE lot more


Anonymous said...

here's one thing
Be able to ride on Rockhopper's shit to see Rockhopper island!!

Anonymous said...

I would make every penguin uncontrollably famous, bring back ALL old items, and last I would make it so you didn't have to be a stupid member.

Anonymous said...

Only three? Well I guess I'll just have to choose three things off of my list of 100 things that'll make CP better, kk here I go!

1. Lower the member ship prices and make a three month membership, all the time (not just sometimes)

2. Make clothing items and all puffles for non-members too.

3. Water party an anual event again. (that was my fave party!)

Anonymous said...

1. change the membership prices back to the way they were

2. return some old items to the clothing catalog

3. more clothes for non members

Cuddlesnowy said...

1. Make Igloos saveable (so you can keep old designs). That would be so cool!

2. Reintroduce proper Agent missions (instead of Field Ops). I miss them :(

3. Make all of the games that Non-members could play until the end in the past until they changed it (like Jet Pack Adventure) back to normal again :D

Anonymous said...

1. update the dock and forest

2. make the town center room

3. make a clothing catalog for non-members with clothes and wigs not as cool as members stuff, butstill cool

Anonymous said...

Add a "time machine" so you could go to all the old party's and rooms.
Make more mods.

Anonymous said...

next summer, when were all bored of card jitsu snow, have the expedition party and we discover the other half of the island,beyond the mountains

make a custom map like custom shirts and furniture

make penguins able to move to a new igloo up in the mountains(like on a cliff where theres a little village

Buddytoe said...


1. Parties and free items are for EVERYONE.

2. Half the catalog for members, half the catalog for non-members.

3. Adding a "time machine" where you could choose any date and you could look at how Club Penguin looked that day (including newspapers, pins and items [I don't know if I'd make them available], parties, rooms, etc.)

Anonymous said...

1.Make everything for members
2.Raise the membership prices again
(1 month=180$,6 monthes=390$,
1 year=700$))
4.Have no parties,no games,no puffles,and you have to be a member for a year to decorate your igloo even though you may already be a member :)I would make club penguin such a happier place :D

Anonymous said...

Brock O Lee:

1. I would hav less things for members. I mean, over half of CP is members only, including the games! I would make it more 'nonmember' friendly.

2. I would lower the prices of membership bak to the original price.

3. I would bring bak and make a lot of basic items. Most penguins today wear more of the basic things that CP used to offer. Basic wigs and outfits that generally looked good on penguins. Not hats with hair and bad looking outfits.

Anonymous said...

get rid of membership have more updates and faster add food (your penguin needs to eat to but the snacks are free)

Anonymous said...

1. Make a favorites map so you can mark your favorite room and it would be easier to get to.
2. Have a suggestion box added to CP.
3. Add things for non - members

Anonymous said...

1.Cheaper membership

2.More pet stuff

3.Make another penguin style catolog for non-members and an igloo catolog for non-members

4. More rooms with games in them

5. More new parties and more old parties

Graypaw said...

More missions
Able to wear clothes when youre member ship expires
Longer caterlogs

Marth2187 said...

Hey i was thinking of that i would make a room jsust for non members members are not aloud to go in there are going to a catalog and a free items


Mario30206 said...

1.make all penguins able to get all puflles.

2.make nonmembers able to buy items from the catalog.

3.every new penguin able to get a free membership for a month

i wish club penguin would do this!

Anonymous said...

6 MONTH-3500
12 MONTH- 5000

Tabikiti said...

1:i would let non members buy clothes and puffles
2:let non members go into ANY room when there is a party even the rooftop and stuff
3:let non members play card jitsu fire and water!

Anonymous said...

1. I would make clothes avalible for nomn-members.
2. Make it so non-members can get member coloured puffles.
3. Have alot more fun parties! (:

Anonymous said...

1. There will be no such thing as non members every penguin will be a member and u dont have to pay.

2. Build sky scrapers.

3. Penguins can buy cars and drive them around cp!

Anonymous said...

1. Lower membership prices

2. bring back the old PSA and get rid of rooms that old cp had that no one uses or needs( eg stage, underwater room, games included, ect.).

3. on cps birthday new people that have joined or arent a member would have a membership for three months!

Anonymous said...

1. make more missions

2. make non members be able to buy furniture

3.make it more exciting

oicbc said...

1. two normal clothes items
for nonmembers in every catalog

2. fix the bugs

3. bring back st. patricks day party

(Spearmint) upper pom said...

Ok so...

-I would fire Disney because they made A LOT of things worst.

-I would lower the price for the Memberships.

-Make the club penguin toys world-wide!

Xand said...

1.Fix all bugs.
2. Make a non-membership day and let non mems see what they're missing out of and...
3.Every day when you log in you get a login bonus and get 100 coins!

Anonymous said...

bring back old items.

Anonymous said...

1. Make membership prices $4 or £3.

2.Give EVERYONE (member or not) 5items of their choice.

3. Remove all bugs, glitches and shut down all trainers.

Anonymous said...

1. i will make clubpenguin chocolate bars
2. mimo will work at clubpenguin and be AWESOME
3. every one gets......1,000,000,000 coins

Icy139 said...

NO MEMBERSHIP AT ALL. Or $10.00 membership fro a year. :D

Old clothing items come back.

Get the old Club Penguin back.

Anonymous said...

Only one thing:
sorry for caps

boo7277 said...

1: make herbert build the PSA so its back
2:make the catolog longer and more rooms.partys
3: make a member party every year for a week so every penguin is is a member for a week

funnyface112 said...

Cuddlepots said...

1)Rename it "Penguin Club".
(I think it's a better name).

2)Base it on agents and ninja.
(Ninja and agents are epic!)

3)Sell it to Artix Entertainment on the condition they would make a sequel named "Penguin Club Worlds".

(They did well with DragonFable, Mechquest, AdventureQuest, EpicDuel, HeroSmash, AdventureQuest Worlds and their minigames, why wouldn't they do well with PC (Penguin Club)?


hey funnyface112 here

i play aq ( adventure quest)

level 46 wizard master ah um i mean funnyface112 out PEACE

SassyOnCp(: said...

I would make it more interactive..

1. Be able to buy food to feed your penguin

2. Actually work at the pizza parlor/coffee shop and earn coins

3. Go to a salon and create your penguins hairstyle (choose color & length and braid, put in a pony tail, add beads, etc.)

P29 said...

well for memberships i wouldnt make the game free, because CP does need the money, so just lessen the price.

Make all free items available for nonmembers.

Make Rockhopper Island

Anonymous said...

1.make everything available for everyone
2.make everyday some sort of special day (but that would be hard
3.make more quests, missions, those ops thingys for secret agents ect. to make it more fun

Garfield1406 said...

1. I would make the prices for membership lower
2. Make all catalogues longer (more stuff in each one of them) and reduce the prices for clothing.3.Update the places(make them more modern), map(change it according to the new buildings)and club penguin might have a 3D version if wanted. ;D

waddleswithfun said...

#1. I would make new secret agent missions.

#2. I would make a rainbow puffle

#3. I would make herbert and klutzy our friends. Yay Club Penguin word peace! Yay! lol.

Anonymous said...

1. bring back the p.s.a 2.make a new kinda party like the festival of flight 3. make a prom party and you can get a tuxedo

NicXD said...

1.Take away memberships.

2.Make parties DIFFERENT every year. (sometimes in cp they are the same each year)

3.Make new catalogs, that have old and new items, but way cooler than what CP has now!

Moniqueishcool said...

When will Club Penguin listen? People are mostly saying things like more for non-members,lower membership rates and bring back the Water party? Please club penguin bring back the water was the most fun in my opinion and there were 3 free items!

Anonymous said...

1.Add non member clothes every month in the catalog.
2.Let non members play all the games to the finish.
3.Lower the membership to the old price.
4.More parties

Anonymous said...

1. Make membership cost a little less (maybe $4.00 a month?)
2. Catalogs for non-members
3. Make old items and parties return

Pizzaboxz said...

1. I would make finding famous penguins easier.

2. i would make memberships cheaper

3. i would make it so that there would be some things that non-memebers could buy.

Jared62008 said...

GUYS GUYS Guys! your getting carried away! club penguin cant let non members do everything and make new things every day and cancel memberships! then they would be tired,and they would have no money by creating things every day and doing all this for nothing!!!!! here are more reasonable ones least add the old items and igloo musics back
2.sell some cool free items! not like head phones and stuff! least stop making updates that make rooms look more lame!
P.S when you guys say stuff like NEVER HAVE BUGS,MAKE NEW THINGS EVERY DAY!,and MAKE MORE PARTIES EVERY YEAR answer to 1 they dont control it when their computers have bugs!!! answer to 2 they cant they would loose money fast and get tired of drawing,and moving and typing all day!!! and answer to 3 they cant make parties all day because when parties are there you should be excited not forcing them to make more every year! enjoy the ones now before they make new ones and break other ones!
(like the festival of flight!)
rock on mimo!!!!!
please please post!!!!!

Anonymous said...

1. bring back old parties(water party,etc.)
2.let penguins design their own items(clothes, igloos,igloo items, etc.)
3.add new rooms with games(rockhopper island, aunt artics igloo, etc.)

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