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Friday, July 29, 2011

Club Penguin August Parent Update!

Club Penguin has sent out a new Parent Update! Check out all the saweet stuff happenin' soon:

Elite Penguin Force Secrets!
Penguins who want to help protect the island can become secret agents - and on August 11th play a new level of the System Defender game! Let your child know they can head to the Everyday Phoning Facility and join the Elite Penguin Force. Answer the call!

August Party - Snow Race!
Penguins love parties and the one coming August 26 has more than a few surprises. We can't give away all the secrets, but we WILL say that a lot of agents will be required... Let your child know they can get ready to race by practicing at the Ski Hill!

Be The Change - Think: We
In partnership with international charitable organization Free The Children, Club Penguin is excited to present Think We!, our fourth annual speaking tour and leadership program. It's a fun and motivational tour designed for elementary students that we offer free to schools. Speakers will share stories that inspire kids to take action where they live - and around the world. Nominate your child's school or a school in your area for the Think We! tour before August 8, 2011.

Awesome new Snow Race Party! Woot!

What do you think Secret Agents will need to do at a Snow Race Party? Sounds pretty interesting!

Marvelous Marmoot!

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President

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Anonymous said...

Ive been expecting blackout :-( But this sounds like fun!Pups2003

Sam :D said...

i just want to know when the field ops are coming abck im so close to finishing the stealth class! :(

Clank26 said...

I don't think it's the blackout, the new system defender level is just a test from the diretcor it's difficulty is 99/100.

pingy Ping 1 said...

there is not field ops for 2 weeks but ... the many agents for party ! that means that herbert could be back to the island ! D:

samywrinkle said...

i agree with pingy ping 1 herbert is probably going to ruin maybe enter it in a dumb robot in costume with some super slede and then hell sneack into hq and do something like on the sponge bob great sled race. =)

rookie404 said...

its like the mission where u have 2 save the penguins from the mnt and agents i think they save the penguins or something then earn a medal pin again and some items 4 igloo!! anyway i cant wait see you soon -rookie404

Anonymous said...

i think it may have something to do with herbert invading the lighthouse as the message on the field ops a while ago said they was going to invade the lighthouse on thursday but im not sure how that links with snowboarding :/

Anonymous said...

LISTEN!!! herbert willcome then ruin the party so agents get a ultra snowboard for 50 coins then go down the new track called chase of doom
then we all end up in epf with herbert talking to the director then herbert will say Hah the director is with me and if you want to defeat me first defeat him in systm defender. and then he goes to the lighthouse and blackouts everything so rockhopper cant go back so he is forced to join his side too and the klutzy comes with all of the test robots and the big one and his blue grandpa and the elite puffles and the spy gadgets and... the epf agents who defeated the director then herbert will say oh man and then he brings all his inventions back. he floods the island.. again! he brings back the hydra bots and he does all the stuff from the missions like the drill and the clock and the spy and sneek stuff because he hypotised all the puffles execpt the elite ones and tests them (that was when our puffles vanished) and now he made them his own army! so there is a big fight and if you win you get 5 medels 3 pins 1 background and an igloo and a elite puffle regardless of if you got the code from the game and a pet klutsy any color and we send herbert back to the north pole but the director says ill be back and teleports to a hidout herbert made from the game in the wilderness and then their will be another mission but that will come later

and thats all i think its not true but i hope it is!!!


slidey78356 said...

i think we gonna have to race herbet and stop him!

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