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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Club Penguin 2011 Island Adventure Party Cheats!

Woot, woot and woot! The Club Penguin Island Adventure Party is here and it is amazingly awesome!

This year, there is only one member only room. The Battle Ship Room. To get there, click one of the signs in the Town and Plaza:

Members can go to the Hidden Lake and buy this Blue Crab costume:

Now, put on the Blue Crab costume. You will get to play a game with the crab.

You now have the FREE Commander Coat!

Here are the Scavenger Hunt Cream Soda Cheats:

To begin the Scavenger Hunt, Go to the Pizza Parlor. Click the note:

Click Go There.

Go to the Migrator, down the store, and click the note where the cream soda is suppose to be:

You now have the Eye Patch Pin cheat!

Now, go to the Iceberg:

Throw snowball at the squid in the water and it will spit out another note:

You now have the Telescope cheat!

Now, go to the Dock.

Click the ship parts to build the ship. When the ship is build, it will shoot out another note:

You now have the Tropical Feather cheat!

Now, go to the Forest and up to the Tree House.

Click the drums in a pattern until all the lights turn green. An egg will drop in the nest with another note.

And, earn a stamp for playing the drums!

You now have the Old Key cheat!

Now go to the Cove. Drill on the X until the hat pops up.

You now have The Continental cheat!

Saweet! You have now saved Rockhopper's Cream Soda!

Don't forget to check out Rockhopper's Catalog!

Too bad the FREE item is not new! :-(

Club Penguin has put on an awesome party, don't you think? What is your favorite room? 

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President

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Anonymous said...

why cant you get out at sea stamp/

Anonymous said...

Hey Mimo!
Here's something you might like. If you have Herbert's Revenge and you've given coins to your penguin, you get the unlocked items you got from the game! And if you're a non-member you can wear your crab costume (Misson 8) to the Hidden lake and play the game!I figured all this myself.

pengiimen said...

yeah this party is pretty good! I guess CP had to make up for all the glitches and ok parties. Its cool too because this is the most pins ever given out at a party!


Anonymous said...

Oh nooooo!
That was rare.... :(
I think it was last given out 2007 or 2008? Now everyone has it!

Daisy said...

The "X" is not showing up for me. Anyone know why?

Cheeseburgers said...

I wish club penguin would give free items to non members that are not hats. It's always pins, backgrounds or hats. :( But, AWESOME PARTY!

Anonymous said...

I have a normal crab costume I unlocked and it works as a blue crab costume too! Really cool! I'm not a member!

- Pandaiscool2

Jared62008 said...

im so mad that they are pins and not items i need the eye patch!

Kattelyn said...

I love all of this new pins!

Cheeseburgers(CPG MOD) said...

The "X" is not showing up for me. Anyone know why?
Have you completed the Scavenger Hunt yet? You must collect the key pin in order to get the free hat item. Once you finish the hunt and have the key pin, you can go to the Cove to drill up the hat. The "X" should be there.

Anonymous said...


Brothercj8 said...

@Daisy If the "X" wont show up at your screen it is consider a BUG and just wait until CP fixes it and you will have your free Continental hat and finish the quest of the Missing Cream soda!!

Hannah said...

omg mimo this morning when i logged on to cp it brought me to the welcome screen! my penguin is just over 1000 days old

Muhammed Faik said...

where is cream soda?

Cheeseburgers(CPG MOD) said...

omg mimo this morning when i logged on to cp it brought me to the welcome screen! my penguin is just over 1000 days old

Hey, me too! IWhen I logged in, I was so surprised! Lolz. It's probably a glitch.

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