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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Club Penguin Puffle Color Reviewed By You!

Last week, Club Penguin asked us what puffle color we would be and why. Many penguins said that they would be a rainbow puffle because they were a mix of all the colors.

Here is a good review from Alex123:
I would want to be an undiscovered rainbow puffle because it is a mix of all of the puffles and because it is undiscovered!!! waddle on CP!!!

Gotta love the rainbow puffle, right?

The Club Penguin team said they really enjoyed reading all your different color choices. Great job, everyone!

Since today is Safer Internet Day, Club Penguin would like to hear what you are doing to help keep the island a safe place for all penguins? Do you help give tours, protect the island as a secret agent, or report players who break the rules? Let them know your best safety tip in the comments and if your review is chose, you will get 10,000 coins! Saweet?

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- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President
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Anonymous said...

Cool! I want that many coins!

DMA0712 said...

Wow! Seems cool!

Waddle On!


Anonymous said...

First off, did you see that Epf agent in the backround. Cp is doing a awful job keeping this a secret.
Next, maybe the brown puffle is changing for a reason. (color changing theme and brown puffle changing)See? Put two and two together. Maybe they are planning something!!! ~Penguino370

scarlet525 said...

I Think it will be a hot pink puffle because if you look at the puffle party banner ot show the colors in order that the puffles were released in and after brown comes hot pink. Even though rainbow plush puffles may be realesed as toys we mat not get it in the game too soon

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