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Monday, February 14, 2011

Club Penguin Facebook Application for Parents?!

Dood! Club Penguin send out another survey for parents. Check it out:

Okay, so yeah, my parent was filling out the survey and this "concept for a new Facebook application" came up:

It says, "As part of its ongoing partnership with parents, Club Penguin is developing an application to provide parents and caregivers with automatic updates on what their child is doing in Club Penguin including game achievements, activities, concepts learned, etc. These updates may be available via a Facebook application so only you could see them. The application allows you to choose how frequently you receive the updates, and may allow you to post them on your wall for others to see.

And here is a summary and some questions about the Facebook application:

LOL! How "appealing" is a Facebook application that would post your child's progress on Club Penguin!

The survey even asks how much you are willing to PAY for this Facebook application! Umm, how 'bout NONE!

Does this change your opinion of Club Penguin? I'm not sure I want my parents to post my Club Penguin progress on their Facebook pages, how 'bout you?

HEY! Check out the Facebook link! Is it fer realz?

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Anonymous said...

wow my parents say they didnt want to pay for the substiction or memberships

Penguin: Carly11208

Green Goldie said...

it doesn't change my perspective of club penguin at all. but it does show how parent-oriented club penguin is becoming for some reason.

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's day Mimo! Have a great day! And thanks for helping me earn the igloo party and party host stamps yesterday!

- Dropthebird

Anonymous said...

Hey Mimo Check out the pool underground. Its dried up!
Plz post this. From Jeserator

Anonymous said...


Now Club Penguin, put a app on Facebook that has to do with games!

Anonymous said...

Thank god neither of my parents have a Facebook! lol

~Karatekel aka Kara

Jojojo33342 said...

Hey Mimo! I am on my iPod touch.LOL

Gategirl87 said...

Hmm, so they're gonna make our parents PAY to do this?! Knowing my parents, they would NOT pay for that! ☻ ☺ ☻

djpancake said...

Mimo can you post some pics from the STAMPede party

Anonymous said...

I know this is off topic but i hope we can be puffles at the party on the 18th! it would be fun

Dot-Com said...

Good you don't want it becuase my parents HATE facebook. :)

Stefan SV VS said...

i am 14-year old and i created my own CP account, and all this facebook paying thing shows me that club penguin is kinda disperate to get MONEY, also i or my parents would not pay for this.
the pool is bone dry, i think they'r making again a skateboard park

sonicpfan said...

Anonymous Said

Happy Valentine's day Mimo! Have a great day! And thanks for helping me earn the igloo party and party host stamps yesterday!

i must have missed the stampede party :(

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