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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What's New in November 2013!

So October is just about over and that means November will be bringing LOTS of new exciting thing to the Club Penguin island! Check out this odd sneak peek!

Oooo, ahhh... I don't get it. Haha!
Any guesses of what these pictures are!?

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1 comment:

Pipbhav said...

I think in an underground of club penguin(the first picture looks like it) a black puffle with black square eyes(the third pic)was spotted on the window of a house!(the 2nd pic looks like the edge of a window sill)
A wild silly guess....
Maybe a square shaped puffle !
I could only find out the third pic
the other two were wild guesses!
Waah!Driving me mad!!
forgive me for this LONG comment! :P

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