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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

New Puffle Coming!

So apparently a new puffle species is coming this month to Club Penguin! That is all CP can tell us now but more info will be coming soon!

This sounds so intriguing!
I think they'll be square. Can you just imagine little cubed puffles hopping around your iggy!? XD
What do YOU think?!

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Anonymous said...

Its probably going to be the most requested and obvious Golden Puffle because of its many rumors becoming true, especially after the Medieval Party 2013 or the Hot Pink puffle which hasn't been heard of since 2012.

Anonymous said...

I think its going to be the Golden Puffle.

Anonymous said...

It is probably gonna be member-only.

liby and sam said...

In a way I want it to be gold but I don't. XD I don't want to miss old club penguin but I don't want a boring ol' puffle. So gold XD Or triangle. That'd be cool.

Anonymous said...

Hot pink or golden

xb40 said...

I think they should be hexagonal and they come in that shiny metal color thats on cars in real life!

Anonymous said...

Eww. Cubed puffles will look gross.

Pipbhav said...

It is surely only for members !
Maybe a grey puffle??
Otherwise I go with the others
Golden or Hot Pink!
What do you think?

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