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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

2013: Club Penguin Halloween Party!

The 2013 Club Penguin Halloween Party is here! YAY!

First thing, this should pop up when you log on.

Awesome! Now click the candy bag in the top right corner!

I already got some candy! Hehe! Anyways, here's how it works! So you go around the island, to peoples houses and stuff looking for this... (this one is in the town)

You click it to get candy! 

You click 3 pieces! You're looking for these ones that will make you transform into awesome things! All others give you coins! Which is still pretty awesome! 

Once you get all nine of those you get this sweet hat/mask!

So all these coins/candy you earn go towards these awesome costumes! Some old. But there is a free prize too!

This party is pretty cool! And different! Has this turned out to be all you hoped!?

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President
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Marth2187 said...

I think that the Halloween party for this is Awsome! But there a few stuff i dont too much like 1st off its the music some rooms you can barly listen to it and some rooms have delays and some dont have anything going on. 2nd the light decorations rooms are all great but its missing a haunted house for members or for anyone to enter or even a secret room. 3rd and final the one that i have been wishing for years is a Night of the Living Sled 4 like its cool of seeing all 3 of them but where is the 4th one?

Anyway Happy Halloween Everyone

Anonymous said...

Hi, i think my thing is glitched, i cant click in to any cauldrons or on the tombstone on the right of the screen, :(

Pipbhav said...

I don't feel this as a 'good' party..
no shouting and howling for non-members and not even a quest like thing.I mean they can keep some sort of storyline for it.But the party is simply to go and visit other igloos!Lame!We do that every other days!!
Though it's still better than all this year's parties.(I mean those 'takeovers')
I expected a full classical party but it's my fault doing it
I am happy but not fully satisfied
Anyway , are they going to celebrate the Annivesary Party of cp or...have they forgotten(due to Disney)??I hope not!
Sorry for the long comment Mimo,but you asked about how this has turned out
My reply?Like An overflowing and smelly cauldron!

Anonymous said...

Do YOU like it????

Anonymous said...

I think the Halloween Party is my most favorite parties on CP! xD Haha. Welp, time for me to get membership for this party! :3 xD

redrose72 said...

Hi, I like the Halloween Party and all, but I miss the scavenger hunts we used to be able to do. Figuring out what the riddle means, and then finding all the candies to claim a prize. Oh well, I guess those days are behind us.

Anonymous said...

I think that all these new parties are awful. The CP, in my opinion, has lost its soul, that magic it used to have before disney took it over. I really miss the old CP

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