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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

2012 Club Penguin Christmas Party Cheats & FREE items!

The Club Penguin Christmas Party is here!

This will pop up as soon as you log on.  

Collect your first NON members FREE item by clicking the green gift!

You now have the The Holiday Teddy cheat!

And if you are a member you can also click the red gift for a FREE item!

You now have the Festive Chair cheat!

So here's where the party starts! Go to the Bakery!


Do that! And make sure you check out the Christmas items (the pink present in the botton right corner) for members and non members!

And there is a red present in the botton right corner at the Dock and Forest that has more MEMBER items.

Now go to the Cookie Shop! Click the cookie jar by the cash register. Pick wich cookie you want.

And which cause you want to donate to.

And now you're the cookie you picked for 10 minutes! Pretty cool!

 And now go on over to the Ski Lodge AKA Santas Office. Take a pic in Santas chair!

And you get a Big Cozy Chair background! 

Step 1. Go to the upstairs of the Ski Lounge! 
Step 2. Go into the Santa Sled.

Step 3. When the Sled takes off click on the button when you go over the chimneys.

Step 4. After you put 15 gifts in the chimneys, then you will get your reward!

And here is your reward! A Pink Lightbulb...

Or a Blue Lightbulb...

Or a Yellow Lightbulb...

Keep delivering gifts and you can collect all lightbulbs!

Yep, that's all! Pretty cool, huh?

Let me know what other awesomeness you find! What's your fav part of the party?

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President

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Anonymous said...

If you do the sled again you will get different colored bulbs.

Anonymous said...

Mimo there's more than one light bulb!

Anonymous said...

keep playing the present drop game and you'll get light bulbs of other colors

Anonymous said...

please tell me where to get the bear

Anonymous said...

PLZ tell me where to get that teddy bear thks

Anonymous said...

There are other colors of lightbulbs as a reward for delivering the presents.

curly 9 said...

You also get a blue one and a yellow one.

Anonymous said...

If you keep playing the santa sled game after you have won the pink light bulb, you can also win a blue and yellow light bulb

Ariana said...

You can also get a blue and yellow lightbulb too if you play the sleigh game three times. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mimo!
I noticed that if you play the "Santa minigame" 3 times in a row, you will get 3 different colorful bulbs (pink,green and blue)
Thank you, hope it will help, Teo1001

Anonymous said...

if you keep playing the sleigh game you get different coloured light bulbs.


Anonymous said...

if you carry on going to get 2 more prizes -slippey10

Anonymous said...

Wow, thank you Mimo for all your cheats! It's helped me out alot, so thank you! The Christmas Party is awesome! There are so many things non-members can get!

Fuzzy Bird13

Grande pie said...

Mimo! The special gift is the Arctic White Colour!

daphnie58245 (CPG mod (i hope)) said...


Anonymous said...

I wish non-members would be able to eat the reindeer puffle cookies and the blue frosty cookie! It would mean there would lots more of coins for coins for change because non-members really like being cool member stuff! Also more people would be playing CP too.

Turk Ois said...

Does it give anyone else the creeps, seeing people wear those lightbulbs?
They have no faces, looks like they can't breathe.

Anonymous said...

Theres a free background in the ski lodge click the camera

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