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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Club Penguin: What's New In Dec!?

December is coming up soooo soon, which means it’s almost time for Club Penguin’s Christmas Party. And Cp says they are going to better than ever before!

 See if you can guess what's coming from these picture clues:

What do you think these pic are about!?

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President
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Anonymous said...

i think its the great snow race again!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if it's going to happen. Rumor is that… Operation: Black Out isn't going to end until May or March of 2017!!!!

Anonymous said...

yay! that means parties are allowed so herbert will be defeated by then :)

Anonymous said...

it ends dec 4.

kkkk1112 said...

since club penguin released these pictures i think that will tell us that herbert will be beaten. i just want to meet him before he is gone. haha lol. the last picture looks like antlers, idk about the others

(CPG MOD in training)

Cookie6579 said...

The first looks like a fancy bobsled.

Anonymous said...


You don't wanna know said...

Card jitsu snow

Anonymous said...

OMG! Yes please let Card Jitsu Snow come out soon! I've been waiting for it for ages and the best time for it to come out is definitely none other than the Christmas Party! >.<

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